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Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
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Whether you're an experienced guitarist interested in adding classical technique and style to your playing, or a beginner starting from the ground up, this accelerated Beginner Method for Classical Guitar course from Andrew Leonard is the ideal study program for you.
”In this first volume, we’ll cover the most fundamental techniques. I’ll show you right-hand rest and free strokes to play scales and arpeggios, and my unique 4-position approach for the left-hand. Along the way, you'll play several etudes and you’ll wrap up the course with Milan's "Pavan 1", a well-known concert piece.”
Andrew Leonard has taught classical guitar at Wesleyan University and at the University of Kentucky, where he ran the guitar program. He studied at Yale University where he received a Master of Music Degree in Guitar Performance. Andrew has performed solo around the world and as a member of the Leonard-Smith Guitar Duo with Grammy Award winning fingerstyle guitarist Doug Smith.
We’re thrilled to welcome him to the family with his first TrueFire course, the Beginner Method for Classical Guitar!
Andrew designed this course with the TrueFire learning approach in mind and the goal of "demystifying" classical guitar technique. The course is organized into 4 sections, where each section introduces one or more aspects of classical guitar.
Every concept is explained, then broken down into simple exercises that isolates right or left hand movements. All four sections conclude with an etude, passage or piece by a well know classical guitar composer.
In the first section, Andrew guides you through foundational techniques and exercises: Posture, Foot Stools, & Fingernails, Right-Hand I & M Rest Stroke, Right-Hand Alternation Exercises, Left-Hand Parallel Position, Parallel Exercises, Right-Hand String Crossing, String Crossing Exercises, Major Scales, and Tárrega Exercise #7
In the second section, Andrew augments your classical technique with more essential techniques and exercises: Right-Hand Free Strokes, Single Note Free Stroke Exercise, Multiple Fingers with Free Strokes, Multi-Finger Free Stroke Exercise, Finger & Thumb Together Free Stroke, Finger & Thumb Free Stroke Exercise, Transverse Position, Transverse Position Exercise, Angled In and Angled Out Position, Chordal Movements, and Milan Pavan Chordal Passage.
The third section focuses on arpeggios: Playing Arpeggios, Fingers Only Arpeggios Exercise, Arpeggios Adding Thumb, Fingers & Thumb Arpeggio Exercise, and Aguado Arpeggio Etude.
In the fourth and final section, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned in the previous sections to play Luys Milán's "Pavan 1”.
If you already play guitar, learning to play classical guitar will refine your technique, improve your listening skills, and introduce you to a tradition of guitar that is centuries old.
If you're a beginner, you’ll find the step-by-step approach very easy to follow. In addition, you'll be learning the basic principles of proper guitar technique from the very beginning of your studies.
The course videos and accompanying text also contain practice tips and short discussions on the history of classical guitar. You'll learn a bit about the evolution of the guitar, from its Renaissance and Baroque period ancestors to the modern day instrument. You'll also get to know some of the influential classical guitarists from different eras and their most important concert pieces.
All of the key examples and are tabbed and notated. You can also loop or slow down any of the videos down so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.
Grab your guitar, and let’s get classical with Andrew Leonard!

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