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Truefire Guitar Lab Creative Comping TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 12 September 2018 | 788.95 MB
Welcome to Guitar Lab: Creative Comping. We'll be exploring various rhythm guitar approaches over each of the four jam tracks that are included in this course. You'll be presented with theoretical guidelines for systematically organizing your harmonic and melodic options. Grab your guitar, and let's get started!

11 Total Video Lessons:

-Guitar Lab: Creative Comping Introduction
-Snappy Shoes Scalar Options Pt. 1
-Snappy Shoes Scalar Options Pt. 2
-Snappy Shoes Scalar Options Pt. 3
-Snappy Shoes Scalar Options Pt. 4
-Snappy Shoes Scalar Options Pt. 5
-Be Mine Or Scalar Options Pt. 1
-Be Mine Or Scalar Options Pt. 2
-Be Mine Or Scalar Options Pt. 3
-Groove #87 Scalar Options
-All Day Scalar Options

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