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Truefire - Chris Buono's Guitar Gym - String Skipping (2016) screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 864x486 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 1'35 Gb | Length: 02h 39min

In this edition of Guitar Gym, it’s all about mastering String Skipping. Split into four leveled sections, these workouts guide you through a comprehensive, rigorous practice regimen designed to get these essential playing elements solidified and ready to build on. Buono will guide you through 48 Workouts across the 4 levels. The workouts are organized into tempo sets (from slow to fast) each with an accompanying overview video where Buono explains the ins and outs for practicing the workouts. Each Workout is also clearly laid out for you in Guitar Pro, which can further be adjusted to any tempo. Buono will perform each workout on video (in various views) for the prescribed amount of time and so you’ll always have your coach there to play along and sweat it out with in the Guitar Gym.

Each Guitar Gym course focuses on a specific guitar technique by guiding the student through a deliberately prescribed series of optimized workouts, organized across a series of levels with increasing intensity. Buono demonstrates each of the workouts by explaining how the workout is engineered and then showing you how to play the workout correctly.

The workouts are ALL interactive video playalongs -- Buono performs each workout with you, for the correct amount of time, at all of the prescribed tempos. You will not be alone in the shed!

All of the workouts also include text guides, PDF charts, Guitar Pro files and all of the practice metronome tracks, at all of the prescribed tempos. Everything you need to develop monster chops by practicing correctly is included.

Practice does NOT make perfect -- "perfect" practice does. We've heard this time and again from our instructors and we get it; practice the wrong thing, or practice the wrong way, and you'll learn how to play it perfectly wrong. Makes "perfect" sense but what exactly do we practice, and how specifically do we practice it? TrueFire's resident Professor of the Deep, Chris Buono has invested the last couple of decades coming up with the answer.

Developing solid guitar techniques is particularly subject to the quality and intensity of your practice regimens -- you'll only get so far relying on repetition and frequency alone. Chris Buono's Guitar Gym workouts will take you the rest of the way with 12 collections of tried, tested and proven intensive workouts for Triad Arpeggios, Tapping, Hybrid Picking, Alternate Picking, Hammers & Pull-Offs, Power Chords, Scales, Speed Picking,Triads, Harmonic Minor Triad Chord Scales, Major Triad Chord Scales and Melodic Minor Triad Chord Scales

Guitar Gym -- your path to "perfect" chops!

Truefire - Chris Buono's Guitar Gym - String Skipping (2016) screenshot
Truefire - Chris Buono's Guitar Gym - String Skipping (2016) screenshot

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