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[dead] Finale 2010 Tutorials screenshot Finale 2010 Tutorials | 439.6MB
Genre: eLearning

Finale provides easy access to everything you need to compose, arrange, play, and print music. Whether you’re creating orchestra film scores or .MP3 files for your iPod, your music comes alive with Finale.
[dead] - Adobe SoundBooth CS5 screenshot - Adobe SoundBooth CS5 | 552 MB
Genre: eLearning

Adobe Soundbooth CS5 is a simple, yet powerful update to Adobe CS4. This course takes you through Soundbooth in an organized manner, with a practical hands-on and project based approach. It doesn’t matter if you are a web designer, a video editor, or an audio engineer because this course makes no assumptions about what you do, or do not ,know. Experienced audio engineer Sam McGuire explains the basic features of Soundbooth and provides the information you will need to effectively use Soundbooth in a variety of situations. Work files are provided so that you can work side-by-side with Sam and solidify the skills being taught. Work files are included.
Education, Magazines
[dead] SPIN - August 2010 screenshot
SPIN - August 2010
English | PDF | 101 pages | 34.9 MB

From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape with authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear. Whether covering what's new or what's next, SPIN is your monthly VIP pass to all that rocks. related internet activity and retail updates.
Education, Magazines
[dead] Metal Hammer - Summer 2010 screenshot
Metal Hammer - Summer 2010
English | PDF | 134 pages | 59.3 MB

Metal Hammer is the UK's only monthly hardcore metal mag. It covers both traditional and contemporary metal bands, hardcore, gothic rock, punk and alternative, reporting on the burgeoning British scene as well as all the latest bands Stateside and around the world. It’s loud, it’s rude and it makes no apologies.
Total Training Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Essentials DVD-iNKiSO
English | Released: 7/26/2010 | 282 kbps | 48 kbps 44100 Hz | 1.59 GB
Genre: Elearning

With Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 you'll learn how to edit to deliver your most professional productions--on time and on budget. See why this truly ground-breaking toolset makes it easier than ever for you to transform your video into compelling stories that will stand out ahead of your competition.
Education GarageBand '08 Essential Training
English | MOV | 880×660 | 455MB
Genre: eLearning

GarageBand '08 allows users to create and edit music on the Mac, whether for podcasts or professional movie soundtracks. Musician and expert instructor Garrick Chow demonstrates how to create a song entirely from scratch using loops, software instruments, and real instruments. Even non-musicians can get in on the game with the new Magic GarageBand feature. In addition, Garrick explains how to perform multi-track recording, automate effects, export sound files to iTunes, and much more.
[dead] - GarageBand 09 Essential Training screenshot - GarageBand 09 Essential Training
English | H264 960x600 | MP3 96 Kbps | 2.88 GB
Genre: eLearning

Amateurs and professionals alike can use GarageBand to produce and share great music. In GarageBand '09 Essential Training, composer Damian Allen shows how GarageBand has broadened the spectrum of musical possibilities and made composing more accessible, even for beginners. He explains the basics of how GarageBand's tracks work with the loops provided, then discusses recording live instruments, working with the new virtual guitar rigs, creating custom loops, and playing GarageBand's built-in software instruments. He also demonstrates how to apply processor effects and use the application's audio editing tools to mix and master a final song. Exercise files accompany the course.
[dead] Pro Tools 8 Mixing and Mastering DVD PROPER screenshot Pro Tools 8 Mixing and Mastering DVD PROPER | 1.22GB
Genre: eLearning

Once recording and editing are finished, audio engineers can take advantage of the training in Pro Tools 8: Mixing and Mastering to punch up the final output. Digidesign Certified Expert Brian White covers all the basic mixing tools that every producer and engineer should know, from using EQ to add clarity and focus to using compression and limiting to maximize track levels within a mix. Brian stresses the importance of setting up a solid mixing plan prior to any work in Pro Tools, and gives advice on the best plug-ins for each stage of the process. Exercise files accompany the course.
[dead] Premier Guitar - July 2010 screenshot
Premier Guitar - July 2010
English | True PDF | 238 Pages | 45 Mb

Premier Guitar is published monthly by Gearhead Communications, LLC, a privately owned company headquartered in Marion, Iowa. It is considered to be the definitive gear-centric magazine written for serious, accomplished players by serious, accomplished players. The magazine is your multimedia source for guitar news, in-depth gear coverage and instructional material and lessons.

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