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ConcreteFX Vectrik VSTi v1.1 screenshot

ConcreteFX Vectrik VSTi v1.1
Team: ASSiGN | Date: 28 MAY 2011 | Size: 45,51 MB

Vectrik is our PC VSTi vector sample synth, which can create a variety of sounds, from rhythmical sequences to rich dynamics pads to thick leads and basses, plus lots other type of sounds as well.


• Two vector paths using up to 32 points in each. These allows you to set up vector paths which smoothly (or not) shift between 4 samples so creating dynamic changing sounds which have looping and non-loop parts. You can also automate the vector position using MIDI controls to create real-time alteration of sounds.

• Vectrik uses 4 samples to create sound, hundreds of samples are provided with Vectrik and you can use your own samples as well. Each sample has two loop pointing for loop modulation and delay & retrigger settings which allows you to set up sequences of samples. Each sample has its own tuning and can be passed into the two different filters.

• Two multi-mode filters, with 12/24 db low/high/band pass/notch filters plus ring modulation, comb filter and formant filter for vocal sounds.

• 8 ADSFR envelopes with variable curvature and 8 LFOs. These can control all the major parameters, using a simple to use modulation matrix. Plus full MIDI control of all the controls using MIDI learning.

• Step Sequencer with up to 64 steps which also can be used in the modulation matrix to complex trance-gate sounds and sequences.

• Keysplit mapping, so different keys can produce different mixes of the vector paths.

• Built in over-sampling and unison modes to create thicker and more crisp sounds.

• Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, Stereo delay, EQ & Stereo Widener effects.

• 200 presets including a bank from Tim Conrardy.

Product homepage: Click HERE

ConcreteFX Vectrik VSTi v1.1 screenshot
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  Resident 6.12.2012 140
Crashes on reaper - useless.
  Member 23.09.2013 9
Almost the same here : crashes Cubase 5 during plugin scanning.
  Resident 6.01.2011 556 2633

I tested it just now in Nuendo.
It crashes only first time during plugin scanning.
Next time you run a DAW it works without any problems. wink

It has a lot of really good sounds.
  Member 23.09.2013 9
Thanks a lot ! I'm gonna try it again then. :)
  Resident 6.01.2011 556 2633

Inform me if you got it working.
  Member 23.09.2013 9
You were right, crashed at first, but loaded then. But... crashed Cubase during presets browsing. I remember hearing a curiously tuned flute, then on the next preset Cubase disappeared.
  Resident 6.01.2011 556 2633

I have not any problems with presets browsing in Nuendo...
  Member 23.09.2013 9
Weird... I hope that users will give some more feedback about it.
Well, thanks anyway, I copied the samples provided, some JD800 samples must never be lost !
  Resident 16.04.2013 26 277

some JD800 samples must never be lost !

gotta love the classics!

thanks KRock for the feedback and troubleshooting, i will try in FLSTudio later tonight
anti-music for a lost generation
  Resident 28.05.2013 675 2805
ConcreteFX Vectrik VSTi v1.1 PLUGINS

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