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Wa$abi | 13 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 703MB
Syntorial is synthesizer training software that will teach you how to program synths and design sound. Way more than just another tutorial, Syntorial will allow you to:




Please note: If the program does crash upon opening later on and you can't get it to come back up, download wise program uninstaller and uninstall Syntorial. Make sure all files that are found to be related to Syntorial are removed by wise uninstaller not windows uninstaller. Then go through install process again. Your lesson progresses will not be effected as the lessons are saved in location C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Syntorial. I could not find what was causing the program to crash. I think this is a bug on their end. This is the only work around I know of. However, program functions 100% once it fully loads

Reuploaded. PiRAT

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/Syntorial v1.1.3
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.
audioz mirror
http://http://peeplink.in/497608aa4461 Peeplink password: 4~F3XhaG


  Contributor 3.05.2011 471 3120
really good upload for newbies! wink
  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
Great upload!

Many thanks, wasabi! yes
  Member 26.06.2013 2 40
  Releaser 4.11.2010 6064 1415
I can add a few mirrors later if it helps
Greetz..ASSiGN, AudioP2P, ST3REO, 0TH3Rside, CHAOS, R2R.
  Member 11.01.2013 11
pleaasse upload it on hulkshare!!! uploading doesn't work in italy!!! ;( THANKSSSSS
  Releaser 4.11.2010 6064 1415


I hope you mean hulkfile
Greetz..ASSiGN, AudioP2P, ST3REO, 0TH3Rside, CHAOS, R2R.
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1264

try hidemyass.com
  Member 11.05.2013 27
Does anybody know if there is a cracked version for mac?
  Resident 31.05.2010 1604
Does anybody know if there is a cracked version for mac?

How about do a google??
  guest -- 0
Seems the MAC version is not findable except for the demo on synthorial.com for sure
  Resident 31.05.2010 1604
System Requirements: Mac (Intel, 10.6 or later) or Windows (8, 7, Vista)

Mac plz :D

This is NOT the request section i reported to Saint to keep the site clean
  guest -- 0
mac users can use crossover 12.5.0 and install it in a windows7 bottle as other application!
then go to the syntorial bottle folder and copy crack file to this destination

for me it works
  Member 2.09.2013 2 16
Thanks bro, this will really help with my productions! keys
  Member 2.08.2013 8
Hi guys,
is there a way to install the programm to another drive than C: ? Because I don`t have much space left on my system drive.
  Member 16.08.2013 6
Amazing! Thank you
  Resident 15.07.2013 1 330
Syntorial will allow you to: STOP RELYING ON PRESETS

Oh Lord, what will be next?
Will people try to create original beats and melodies without using sample and loop packs?
What is this world coming to?
  Member 29.04.2013 27
Cool prog!
Миллионы могут ошибаться.
  Member 10.12.2011 5

here's a link to the full version of syntorial for mac if anyone wants to crack it.

  Member 1.11.2008 347
thisis theend
Will people try to create original beats and melodies without using sample and loop packs?

well, people who have knowledge do exactly that. beside that i think you even dont know that this is a tutorial for subtractive synth design. nothing bad, great kickstarter idea. worth the money.
  Resident 15.05.2011 1 73
link not found. Do you have the full (not cracked) version?
  Resident 25.04.2012 72 7000
First thoughts: this could be really useful for beginners to subtractive synthesis. I wish I had this when I was starting out. Instead I spent much time reading lengthy books and experimenting which is also good but it's nice to get a targeted approach like this to bring all that knowledge together into a practical learning environment.

Great weekend to everyone. mates
ACTIONS speak louder than words, much less private words. A cacophony of hypocrisy showing clearly your villainy.
  Member 9.04.2012 33
its finally here!
  Resident 8.09.2013 1 7
If anyone can get me the full version for mac, I'd love to take a crack at that one as well. Just PM me.
  guest -- 0
The program is nice but you need to pass each section with at least one star on amount of 3 (which is perfect)... at the beginning, it's easy but when you arrived to Filter + amp env and filter env (last stage) or delay (last stage), you can find (at your ears) you're very close to the sound and if you miss a bit of release you failed... you need sometimes to retry the exercice to pass and go to the next. Honestly i'm not a beginner, i assume my hears should be not the baby one (for sure)... but if you failed + retry section a lot + the SIMMON bad effect you really find it's boring, annoying... and pass your way because you can't unlock the next section if you're not have One Star (minimum)... (you can't force to)

I don't know if it's good or wrong to boring you to train your ears like that... but the idea of this software is amazing except this side effect. REGRETTABLE ! dont think to kill this tutorial in one day you will be tired before... i recommend to do one lesson by day slowly... hehehe

THANKS by the way for the share
NB: and people who think to kidding me :) go to to the middle of the tutorial and we talk about it at this point ;)

Also if you're beginners i can give some advice (so you don't spend too much of money for that... but i don't talk about time because if you really want to produce, you have no choice to spend a high amount of time behind your home studio... also inversement pay attention to take breath and see the sun sometimes, holliday etc... can really boost your creativity...)

Don't take all of your days to download all synth and effect, that's time you don't spend for Music and you need to learn, experiment and make music (finally that's the goal or not ?) JUST FIND a few synth you like to work with, you understand well etc... take time to listening the history of your music style/kind, analyse them in different axis (rhythm, chords, sound design, which fx to build the track, how it's arrange and drop the mastering out of your skill... let the pro (labels, sound ingineers) to do their job ! if you want to play your tracks, if you're dj a bit of maximise should help if your mix sound great ;)

Listen some presets, find the one you like and reverse engineering to learn how it's built. At this point except for texture and very special sounds you will find it's not so difficult... because the presets you love will probably the chords one... (attention FM is really different...)
So how to build something interesting at this point... if the preset you like is chord, you have a first reply to what you have in mind ! learn harmony, go with a teacher, learn a bit of keyboard and you really kick because you will make some advance chords and finally your synth find another step higher (because honestly the chords in synth is SO BASIC ;)

if the presets is strange, rhythmic, and evolving a lot... see what's the common modulations, take notes on the presets you like, describe them... and then EXPERIMENT ! take attention to EQ and EFFECTS when you cut all this modules and reset modulations you will say huh that's it, seriously ? and yes it's all about that, and experimentation ;) take a look at granular synthesis, spectral things etc... (Alchemy, Iris, Omnisphere, Sampler tweaks...) don't forget the random point and pay attention to it's ok with the rhythm of your tracks... sometimes it will be sometimes not... depend of the sounds... if you can use Synth effects you can also bypass them and use outside effects (sequencer's one or third parties FX)

Pay attention to your informatic ressources sometimes it's nice to bounce (more or less long format depend of it's a bass or a pad with a lot of movement...) and keep the sound synthesis (in or outside of your projects)

STAY ORGANIZE !!! you can't imagine how is important when your working with a computer ;)

Hope it's help ;) when you learn the basics parameters, it's always the same on all synth, doesn't sound the same but that's what is make a SYNTH different from another one... At my point i find different synths nice (FOR ME) for different sound territories ;) i find DIVA, MONARK, STROBE etc... very nice for BASS, i love Massive, Synthmaster, my Virus Snow for Stab, Pluck, Pads/Soundscapes etc... i also find complex experiment with IRIS, ALCHEMY, OMNISPHERE for texture/atmosphere, crazy voice treatment, MASSIVE also because of the amount of wavetables and the easily way to modulate things and how, with stepper, sequencer, LFO etc....... Don't forget sounds was also often layering so with that in mind you can layering in 2, 3 or more tracks in KORE, Maschine, omnisphere or Kontakt everything which is nice for layering... For drum layering you will find sonic transfer rack nice or battery4, Geist... Nice... For Drum synthesis : Tremor is really nice, Drumspillage, don't forget Reason with KONG... for sure a real TR808/909 or Elektron Machinedrum, Tempest, Jomox should be nice, that will be a joke to not say that but pay attention to the record and treatment with analog because you need a really great soudcard :) Don't forget Shuffle and a small amount of Sidechain on the drum bus (or if you're a psycopath different amount of sidechain on each sounds) that's what it make the drums grooves, the feeling against a straight and boring beat, FILTER also on hats etc... Have YOUR SOUNDS, design, sculpt them to not have the drums everyone have ;) And STAY in KEY ! (Hardware and Synth is nice for that... you can find conversion in Amount/Hz/Note or use a Spectrum analyser, maybe CELEMONY... ;) Don't Try Mixed in key on samples ;) ahahaha

After ALL THAT (hahaha) it's all about the MELODY, the ARRANGEMENT, and the MIX

That's why i say go outside, breath and have SUN to have FUN and open mind when you close yourself in the studio ;)
TAKE HOLLIDAY ! Spend less in Hardware or software ! because if you have all ! you're not the king if you not have idea, inspiration !!!
TAKE PLEASURE, the day your not take pleasure have a break or change JOB ;)
PROTECT your ears !!! Have nice MONITORS... Don't use too much headphones !

Hope it's help
  Resident 5.02.2012 77
thisis theend,

So true...
  Resident 25.04.2012 72 7000
Thanks for that thorough analysis of the product and tips for producers. I was actually wondering how Syntorial dealt with answers such as envelope times and I was hoping it would accept anything close to what the creator had in mind but apparently answers have to be exact (and frustratingly so).
ACTIONS speak louder than words, much less private words. A cacophony of hypocrisy showing clearly your villainy.
  Resident 30.07.2012 304
thanks wasabi yes

@thewildwilliams, thank you keys
  guest -- 0
@Cataly5t : it's like SIMMON, in fact you have a real synth in front of you with just the parameters you learning to, more you take step further more parameters you need to deal with at the same time... at some point you should have Filter Cutof + Amp volume + Filter Env amount + Filter attack and Release + Amp attack and release + Osc 1 type + Osc 2 type + PW + Osc 2 Tuning = so it can be very difficult to reproduce what you hear exactly, as i told before a few ms of release missed is a failed patch (in a lesson step you have 6-7 different patch to reproduce in different octave... so it can be very difficult... because sometimes 2 differents knobs should sound close that what you hear but you failed because it's not how was design the trainer ;) and it's only the 5th chapter there's a lot more...

i find the Echo section difficult when you have spread and feedback... really need monitors to listening well...

@VST Mama : de nada ;)
  Member 16.09.2013 1

you can jump over to the more advanced lessons by modifying the file in

the $USER.syn file is a simple XML file. You have to replace every
to enable all lessons. Tested and works for me.

  guest -- 0

THANKS a lot... just a xml file... i don't thank to that, very nice idea ;)

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