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Windows, Mac
Audio Damage RatSchack Reverb v2.1.0  HAPPY NEW YEAR [WiN/MAC] screenshot
Audio Damage RatSchack Reverb v2.1.0 HAPPY NEW YEAR [WiN/MAC]
ASSiGN | 10.1.2012 | WiN: 8.45 MB | MAC: 4.79 MB

Ratshack Reverb is a detailed model of that classic of classics, the Realistic Electronic Reverb. Now, you can have the sound of everyone's first analog delay unit, without ever having to change batteries!

As anyone who has owned this unit (which is just about everyone...) knows, it was actually an analog delay, and we've done our best to exactly replicate the sound and quirks of the original. We've even modeled the distortion that occurs by running a line signal in to the mic inputs.

Ratshack Reverb v2.0 features a completely re-written delay engine, which more accurately recreates the suck of the original. Never before has a vintage effect of such low quality been as painstakingly modeled as Ratshack Reverb v2.0. All kidding aside, this effect is quite capable of providing everything from that classic analog slap-back to howling self-oscillating feedback.

Ratshack Reverb v2.0 is available as a VST effect for Windows, and as a Universal Binary AU/VST for OSX. Note that you must have OSX 10.3.9 or greater to use the PPC version.

Ratshack Reverb v2.0 Features:
-Accurate analog delay model. Change the delay time, and the signal pitches accordingly.
-Both mic and line inputs modeled, for overdriving the delay section if desired.
-Low CPU usage.
-Full MIDI learn mode, for MIDI CC control of every control (VST only; handled by host in AU version).

download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Cleaner 21.01.2012 3247 2901
Audio Damage RatSchack Reverb v2.1.0 HAPPY NEW YEAR-ASSiGN WiN/MAC | 8.45 MB/4.79 MB



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