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Phil Speiser THE_PATTERN v1.1.2 WIN (UNCRACKED) screenshot
Win | 49Mb
The perfect drums for your song are now always just a few clicks away.

It took me many years to understand what really makes the drums in my productions not only sound professional but also exciting and inspiring.
You can easily get lost in the process and kill your creative flow.
Is the kick sample the right one? Is the snare too loud? Why does it sound so static and boring?

THE_PATTERN combines hundreds of Drum Samples and Drum Patterns in an extremely smart and intuitive workflow providing instant release ready results that can be easily tweaked and modified until they are exactly as you want them to be.

Or you start completely from scratch and build your own kit in no time.

THE_PATTERN is all my experience tuned into the drum sequencer I could only dream of…
And trust me – now that I finished it I can’t even believe myself what it can do…


Too often I found myself tweaking for hours until I finally had to admit that the the samples I used were just not good enough. Each single sample I make for THE_PATTERN needs to be of the highest quality. I know.. release ready sounds feels like a stupid marketing claim… but there’s not a single sound included, I wouldn’t use in any of my productions. THE_PATTERN comes with hundreds of samples for all popular genres and will get free instant sound, kits and pattern updates all the time to always stay ahead of the game.


Great Samples without the right grooves will not get you very far… So I created countless rhythm patterns for Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion… that you can combine with a click. Using THE_SEQUENCER you can easily edit them or create your own patterns from scratch. You can also load one of the many full Kits that I made as a perfect starting point.


Prepare yourself to make awesome music for hours! Easier and more intuitive than ever.A smart self mixing algorithm that will make sure everything you do always sounds great, sample pitch detection that will get your kick and percussions always in tune with your song or a Kick cut feature that will match your baseline with a click are some of the countless crazy features under the hood that make sure you can focus on one single thing: Being creative!


With THE_PATTERN you’ll get an additional Audio Effect Plugin called THE_PATTERN SHAPER. Depending on the current Kick Drum Pattern selected in THE_PATTERN it will automate the volume on any track of your production. In other words: “SideChain” as many tracks you like to your Kick Pattern in just one click. Clean low-end guaranteed.

900+ high quality samples and rhythm patterns
A smart automatic mixing algorithm will make sure everything you do always sounds great. Just adjust it to taste if you want to.
Drag and drop your own samples. The plugin will automatically mix them into your kit.
Combine rhythms from the extensive pattern library, modify them using the built in sequencer or create your own from scratch.
Multi Output Mode – Each Track of THE_PATTERN as separate Audio Track in your DAW
Export Audio and Midi Stems with one click
Audio FX custom built for drum sounds

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