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Windows, Mac OSX
Phil Speiser THE_STRIP v1.3.6 WIN/MAC (UNCRACKED) screenshot
Win/Mac | 29Mb/108Mb

I have to admit, for the first years of my musical career the mixing stage was always the part of my production process I felt most insecure about.

Is my kick loud enough?
Is my mix too muddy?
Will it sound good on a big system?
Does it sound professional and compete with other releases?

I’m sure you also found yourself building endless signal chains, tweaking for hours just to realize you completely got lost in the process and have to start all over again.
It makes sense, of course, because mix and mastering is the last stage before you get your new creation out into the world.
But over many years, I learned and realized a lot about mixing, what the actual purpose is, and finally, how I effortlessly get every mix right without even really thinking too much about it.
And once I was there, mixing suddenly became a fun creative thing.

I’m more than excited to present you my brand new intelligent mixing plugin, THE_STRIP!
From now on, thanks to THE_STRIP, you will effortlessly get your mixes spot-on – 100% of the time.
THE_STRIP is all my knowledge and all my breakthrough moments about mixing distilled into one smart all-in-one mixing plugin. It’s my personal channel strip on steroids.
The plugin will take care of the technical parts, leaving you with the creative decision.

Always Remember: Whenever you need guidance, simply turn to the integrated AI Chatbot, equipped with my knowledge and expertise.

It’s not about “does it sound right?” anymore.
It’s about “how do I want my mix to sound?”

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Crack this peas
Thank you Audioz uploaders & reuploaders for making our lives easier.
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quote by PluginintomyheartCrack this peas

Phil sucks black a55, waste of time even trying this garbage.
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aww that's not nice of you little girl
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
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would be awsme to try this!!!

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