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TBProAudio bundle 2021.4 CE-V.R screenshot
V.R | 04.2021 | 54 MB
TBProAudio - Professional Audio Tools.

ABLM v2.1.0 - AB Loudness Match
AMM v2.0.3 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
CS-5501 v2.0.1 - Extended Channel Strip
dEQ6 v4.0.0 - Dynamic Equalizer / Multiband Compressor
dpMeter v5.0.12 - Free Multi Channel Meter
dpMeterXT v3.0.1 - Broadcast Loudness Meter
DSEQ v3.1.0 - Dynamic Spectral Equalizer
DynaRide v2.0.2 - Vocal & Bass Riding Leveller
Euphonia2 v3.0.0 - Spectrum Balancing
FinalLoud v3.0.7 - Loudness & True Peak Finalizer Tool
GainRider v3.0.2 - Vocal Gain Riding Leveller
gEQ12V4 v4.1.4 - 12-Band Graphic Equalizer
Impress v2.0.0 - Compressor
ISOL8 v2.3.1 - Free Mix Monitoring Tool
LA xLimit IV v4.0.2 - Enhanced Limiter
mvMeter2 v2.2.2 - Free Multivariable Meter
SLM2 v2.0.4 - Smart Loudness Maximizer
ST1 v2.0.2 - Spatial Tool
sTilt v2.0.5 - Free Spectrum Tilt Filter

Win64; AAX*, RTAS, VST3, VST

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Knew it. . Thank you V.R
  Resident 26.01.2019 7 381
quote by adsaxxKnew it. . Thank you V.R

You can just upvote and click on Thanks for that.
  Resident 18.08.2018 317
Thanks V.R and Mordi.

quote by Smoove Grooves
quote by adsaxxKnew it. . Thank you V.R

You can just upvote and click on Thanks for that.

Good thinking, people should learn to be less thankful. I know you're a wanna be moderator but I will say thanks when I want to, thanks.
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Even if I never moderate thanks comments, honestly , when there are pages of thanks it brings nothing to the table, while there is a thank button and a + button to thank the uploader. This upvotes stays on the uploader profile, while thanks comments don't.
From the rules:
We really don't like flood in comments, including messages like "Thanks" or - Please use Thanks Button and Post's Rating to show your appreciation;

This is obviously not meant to frustrate members, but it's meant to keep post clear with useful comments about the material being offered, and / or how to use it.
It's also true that Smoove Groove is not a moderator here.
If I take action about thanks, I do it using pm, not to add off topic to the post.
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Ok, I wasn't aware that it was frowned upon to type out a message of gratitude, I feel like sometimes just hitting the upvote and thanks button isn't enough to show my appreciation, sometimes I would like the uploader and the Team to know that they have literally made a difference to my life in some way, and I am not exaggerating, but I understand now, I'll try to limit my gratitude to clicking the buttons. Cheers.
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If I write a post with a thank you, I also tend to comment on whether it works or not, what platforms I tried it on, if I had any issues, what has been changed etc. That way you get to say thanks in a post and also help out other members. Win win.
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DSEQ updated to V3.1.0
TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.1.0:

filterboard, copy filter
improved touch control
preset Drums - hihats
revised manual
small GUI changes/improvements
The update is free for all current DSEQ customers.
  Member 4.08.2017 173
New to VR releases, how do I update from the previous one?
  Resident 18.03.2013 313
Some people just install over the old one (if it is a VR version) as it just overwrites the dll or VST3 file, but I prefer to uninstall and then install the new one. Both methods work. Pretty straightforward.
  Member 2.04.2021 4
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 18.10.2019 1 165
quote by JustwannadownloadTBProAudio bundle 2021.4 CE-V.R

For this TBPro you can just install it right over the old, but this is not the case for all VR releases. So just be cautious of that and know you can screw up your previous install for some releases.

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