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Wavesfactory Trackspacer v2.5.7 Incl Patched and Keygen DIRFIX-R2R screenshot
R2R | 09.2020 | 17.3 MB
Trackspacer is an award-nominated plug-in that creates space in a mix by carving the frequencies that the main track needs into another track in real-time.

Trackspacer is no ordinary plug-in, it is similar to a sidechain compressor plug-in but much more powerful, transparent and precise.

TapeOp said: “TrackSpacer is a ridiculously affordable, easy way to get various elements of your mix to interact in useful and musical ways… Final words: buy it! It works!”

The Trackspacer plug-in features a 32 band EQ that reacts to the incoming sidechain signal. It analyses the spectrum of the sidechain and applies a reversed EQ curve to another track. As if by magic, Trackspacer creates space for the primary track by cutting the exact frequencies on other tracks.

No more fighting for space for the vocal in a mix, or any other instrument for that matter. If you have a solo that needs the room to breathe then Trackspacer makes the task easy.
Complicated automation moves on your mix are a thing of the past!

Version 2.5.7 - 16 / 07 / 2020
- Fixed: crash on Logic 10.5.
- Improved: general optimisation.

DIRFIX : Wavesfactory.Trackspacer.v2.5.5.Incl.Patched.and.Keygen-R2R

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Member 22.02.2015 223
  Resident 30.12.2017 1000
directory fix, meaning some file or directory name must have been wrong in the original release, like when they misspelled "tonsturm" as i think it was "tonstrum" or something like that
  guest -- 0
quote by EpicShowdowndirectory fix
no... a dirfix is usually released when there is an inaccuracy in the original release name as, in this case, the version...
  Member 8.03.2016 148
So, basically it means that they wanted to release version 2.5.7 from the beginning and no 2.5.5 but someone made a mistake?
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  Member 6.03.2020 89
so , this is the same as the previous release just a name change ?
  guest -- 0
Yep... it always has been version 2.5.7
  Member 13.10.2019 17
I remember seeing other wavesfactory releases in the last few days, have they been taken down? (so much stuff released at the same time and uploaded/rgator are SO crappy for free download!)
  Member 13.09.2012 23
i cant get it to authorize. i just got a setup no license or keygens/
am i missing something?
  guest -- 0
double check the archive... the keygen is, as always, in the "R2R" directory... if not, chances are that it has been deleted by a security software...
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1310
Yep. Win10 is notorious for quarantining my keygens without alerting me.
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  Member 30.09.2020 1
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 29.05.2020 1
the Comment has been Removed

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