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Windows, Mac OSX
Voxengo CRTIV Shumovick v1.1 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshotTeam R2R | 10 Feb 2020 | WiN: 6.0MB | OSX: 15.2MB
CRTIV Shumovick AU, AAX, and VST plugin for professional music production applications produces a creative dynamic noise-floor padding effect. This effect is most effective on beats and synth sounds used in electronic music production – EDM, hip-hop, and many others. The noise-floor effect created by this plug-in is correlated to the spectral content of the sound being processed.

As a result, on beats, this creates mellow noise bursts that make bassdrum sounds a lot softer, with a bit of stereo-field enhancement effect. On synths, on the other hand, such noise-floor effect may boost the power and density of the sound. Shumovick can be also effective when used on sterile-sounding basslines where it can add a bit of “pillowy” noise background. In practice, Shumovick can be also used on acoustic drum buses adding “vintage” feel and aggression to them. Shumovick is, however, not as effective when used on full mixes, but can be also used on full mixes in some music genres.

CRTIV Shumovick is a relatively CPU-demanding effect plug-in, so it requires a higher-end computer processor for a comfortable use (at least 4 GHz, 4-core processor). However, the CPU requirements can be lowered by adjusting plug-in’s processing band count.

Noise-floor signal envelope controls
Noise-floor signal equalization
Selectable processing band count
64-bit floating point processing
Preset manager
Undo/redo history
A/B comparisons
Contextual hint messages
All sample rates support
Zero processing latency

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  Member 1.11.2018 135
Woot! Saw this on the official release page. Wanted to test this one all day. Thank you R2R and DECiBELLE!
  Member 7.10.2018 3 179
Oh wow voxengo plug-ins
  Resident 24.05.2015 1 154
trying to wrap my head around noise floor, is it like ani-phase correction? theres not alot on youtube about it, but it doesnt seem to be making actual noise?
so im adding an intentional phase imbalance on this track, which i have to correct for on the other track?

so this effect is the government in a box? and thank you as always decibelle and R2R
  Resident 29.12.2013 115
i second that shout.
What's it actually doing?
we are all a unique vibration in a beautiful symphony of infinite creation
  Resident 12.08.2013 103
It does add noise, but naturally it's very quiet. Not meant to distract from the main sound it's processing, that's why it's trying to correlate the noise to the dry sound spectrally. Supposed to give your sound more "feather" and "vinylism" or whatever you want to call it.

Nothing game-changing, it's a try it on your stuff and see if you like the feel of it, type of deal. But could be useful if you like the sound of this ( I do).
  Member 1.03.2014 263
There is a video on YT by a Russian producer, go to 7:45 or check it out yourself. Nice plugin for making those beats less sterile and more analog like, plus many other options for sound design. Superb.
Shum in Russian means noise.

Type in YT;
AV CC 193 - Voxengo CRTIV Shumovick + WIN 2 LICENSE
  Resident 24.05.2015 1 154
nice video clip, thanks for finding it slacker. it does seem to add a spatial effect. i think hes comparing it to RC-20 but obviously different.
that was interesting being in russian, because even though im missing out on what hes trying to explain, im left with only listening to the effect hes getting with it
  Member 1.03.2014 263
Yeah, it can go from subtle to serious sound shaping and imo it is superb, especially for making those dull digital samples into something more powerful and gritty.
  Resident 24.05.2015 1 154
thats one thing i like about learning voxengo's tools. without the fancy GUI im left with understanding what its doing with my ears
  Member 1.03.2014 263
I think this one is one of their best looking plugins though.
  Resident 6.09.2012 497
Interesting concept.
  Member 24.02.2020 1
Hey, I have a problem with this plugin. I can't type in the serials needed to activate it. Whatever I try to type into the text fields, the text disappears when pressing enter or clicking elsewhere, failing to remember the entered text and failing to register.

I'm not a newbie at this yet this is baffling me and can't seem to fix it :/

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