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Windows, Mac OSX
Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro v4.1.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R screenshot

Team R2R | Oct 17 2019 | WiN 60 MB | OSX 31 MB
Say hi to the ERA Bundle Pro 4! Multi-patented next-generation audio repair tools that offer both fast and high-quality processing. As a professional in post and music production, you deal with impossible deadlines. Our smart tools will help you save tons of studio time by doing most of the work for you Get access to the fastest repair technology for complex audio issues.

Noise Remover
Reverb Remover
Plosive Remover
Voice Leveler
De-Esser Pro

NOTE : Because we haven't patched the signed binary, AAX works in legit PT.

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  Resident 11.01.2013 1 1105
Thank you Horsemen!
  Member 20.12.2015 187
Thank you R2R & Horsemen

Miles Thank X
  Member 11.09.2019 17
Thank you so much! Is it possible to install this version over version 4.0 (also by R2R)?
  Contributor 11.05.2018 719 76
Version 4.1.00 - 2019/09/18
### New
- Compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Suggestion pop-up window in Voice Leveler

### Fixed
- Offline rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro for De-Clipper AudioUnit

### Known issues
- Nothing new
  Member 22.12.2018 280
The news in v.4.1.0 seems to be of no importance to most users. v4.0,0 is much simpler to install, and the crack is safe from being reset through internet. This newly introduced internet mumble--jumble is pretty annoying.
I'll stick to v.4.0.0 until some major change comes up.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3645
Wow Yes Thank You

The Authorization is Not Sticking With This Also At First it Says it is Authorized But When You Close It and Reopen Goes Back into Demo Mac 10.13.6
  Resident 20.06.2014 2 264
Absolutely same. Windows 10
  Member 20.09.2012 274
Thank you R2R and Horsemen
  Member 29.06.2011 530
Thank you
  Resident 26.06.2017 257
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 10.01.2017 23
Flawless! THANK YOU R2R & Horsemen
  Member 17.04.2014 49
Anybody else having problems with the R2R key generator in this download? I'm on Mac, so I open the .exe in Crossover, which has worked fine with all my previous attempts with R2R's keys. But not this one.

It opens and asks where I should save it. I direct it to my desktop, but then there's no Save button. There is only a Cancel button which stops the whole process.
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 353
If you're having trouble with this release check out cashmeres post on the rythmiq release as he posted a patch which allowed you to patch the actual trial version from accusonus
Live life loud
  Member 2.02.2014 3 188
do you have the link for the patch this release is not working for me thanks
  Member 2.12.2014 20
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 2.12.2014 20
1. Open Plugin
2. Open Key Generator ( Administrator)
3. Select product in key Generator and Copy that Key in you`re plugin activation window.
4. In de Activation window => Push button “ Generate ”
5. Add the file to you’re desktop by pushing the button “open” ( file will be created on you’re desktop)

6. Go back to the key generator and push the button “ Generate “ look for that file you just created.
( a new file will be created = response code)
7. Go back to the activation window from the plugin and look for that response code.
8. Add the response code ( file) with the browse button.

My system Mac ( Catalina ) with Parallels desktop ( windows )

Hope it helps
  Member 17.04.2014 49
"5. Add the file to you’re desktop by pushing the button “open” ( file will be created on you’re desktop)"

That's the step where it falls apart. I highlight my desktop in the menu box and hit Open, but nothing happens, no file is generated on my desktop.

I'm on Mojave, dunno if that matters.
  Member 2.12.2014 20
can't test that... there is no 32 bit program that runs on Catalina .... that's why im using Parallels. Hope somebody can help us...
What version of crossover do you have?
  Member 18.08.2015 2
just missed cashmeres patch. Link expired :(
  Member 14.05.2019 153
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 27.02.2015 2 267
not working authorization ????
  Member 13.06.2019 10
I was able to get all but Voice Leveler and De-Esser Pro to work properly on Mac. When I attempt to load the response file it states that an unknown error occurred (code 1). I've used several different authorization codes and I believe it has locked it from allowing it to accept the response file.

Any ideas?
  Member 2.12.2014 20
PC or mac ?
Did you block the outgoing connection in you're host file?
  Member 13.06.2019 10
Mac. I disabled the outgoing connection site through the terminal along within my browser. Is there another method?

Initially I was able to successfully get all of them authorized but ran into the issue where the auth would retract upon closing the app. It seems as if it locked the license files to both Voice Leveler and De-Esser Pro somewhere within my library. I removed the lock and licence files from the Application Support folders but it automatically regenerates them along with the previous auth code upon my failed attempt to deposit the response files.
  Member 2.12.2014 20
I disable the outgoing connection in the host file.. as they say in the R2R file ... still didn't work.
After closing/open the DAW the plugins need to activate again.
So I been searching for a app that blocks the traffic and works on Catalina ... found one... when looking for traffic it was my DAW that was looking for a connecting ( Logic X )
Block that connection with the app... everything is working know.
A had to patch everything again... the problem I had was that de "De Esser" was the only one that made a outgoing connection.

  Member 16.02.2012 20
No AAX included?
  Member 2.12.2014 20
Vst and Component only
  Member 20.08.2014 2 16
Weird that they say that AXX work in legit Protools when its not there... and ifyou go to the official site to download the demo and get axx from the version there is a new one

# ERA-Bundle Release Notes
## Version 4.1.01 - 2019/10/15
### New
- Nothing new
### Fixed
- Internal licenser fix
### Known issues
- Nothing new

wonder if the internal licenser fix is for the crack or if it is for the problem when autorizing

EDIT: tried downloading the demo and using the aax, no way, keygen doesn't even work. don't know what it is that about aax working in legit protools but... No way now to license the plugin again... tried eliminating everything accussonus related but no way to fix it...
  Member 7.05.2012 55
The demo installers Mac don't work (they've been updated). Can anyone help out?
  Member 14.04.2019 10 10
De-Esser pro crash on Ableton 10.1.3 . after some seconds. (vst and au)

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