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Avid Sibelius Ultimate 2019.5 Build 1469 screenshot
P2P | 05.2019 | 882 MB
Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, educators, and students alike. And with the new Sibelius, you can access the software in more affordable ways than ever.

Compose, arrange, and engrave without limits
Sibelius | Ultimate (formerly Sibelius—learn more) offers an advanced toolset, enabling you to work with an unlimited number of instrument parts and tailor every facet of your score to your needs. Create sophisticated sheet music with an expanded set of notation tools and symbols, customizable notes and instruments, and film scoring workflows. And speed through score refinement with advanced layout, editing, and publishing tools.

Polish your score to perfection
With a full suite of desktop publishing tools and score Inspector, you can control and finesse every score element with ease. Fine-tune lyrics, dynamics, and other text with tracking, leading, scaling, and alignment tools. Use hierarchical styles to change fonts and add emphasis. Add graphics using drag-and-drop. Even create your own house styles and manuscript papers to give your scores a unique look and feel.

Write music quickly and easily
Sibelius | Ultimate features a task-based interface that leads you through the entire score creation process. Enter notes from the onscreen notation, keyboard, or fretboard windows, or from your MIDI keyboard. Add notational elements, dynamics, custom symbols, and text. And easily navigate large, complex scores using the timeline.

Share your work
Easily share an unlimited number of scores online using Sibelius | Cloud Sharing and invite others to view, play, and comment on your music. Expand your storage space with an Avid Cloud Premium Plan. You can also collaborate through MusicXML, print scores, and export your music as MP3, MIDI, or PDF files.

Create beautiful scores fast
Spend more time writing music instead of fixing it. As you write, Magnetic Layout automatically gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions to produce beautiful results, cutting writing time in half. And Dynamic Parts can automatically create and update separate instrumental parts whenever you change your score.

Add comments directly on a score
With the Annotate feature, you can draw freeform directly on a score and communicate edits, instruction, and feedback to collaborators, arrangers, musicians, or students—streamlining collaboration and review. All annotations are grouped intelligently and always remain attached to the bar to which you’ve added them. Plus, they can be switched off, so they don’t appear when printing.

Turn music into scores
Sibelius comes with two companion applications that enable you to turn recorded, performed, printed, and handwritten music into notation. With AudioScore Lite, you can input notes by singing or playing a monophonic instrument through a microphone. With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, you can turn printed, PDF, and JPEG sheet music into editable scores—and even handwrite music.

Practice and perform with your iPad
Got an iPad? Export your score for Avid Scorch, an iOS app that transforms your iPad into an interactive music stand and score library for practice and performance. With Avid Scorch on your iPad, you can view scores and adapt them to your instrument by transposing the music, changing instruments, or even converting to and from guitar tab.
and more...

System requirements:
64-bit Windows 7 (SP1 or later), Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT) or Windows 10
1+ GB of RAM
1 GB hard disk space for Sibelius software only
DVD-ROM drive (only for Media Pack)

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  Resident 11.10.2014 327 3747
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  Member 28.11.2016 403
damnit.. why can't they use the same form of CP on PT as they do on this? :/
  Member 7.02.2018 1
Hey there. Anyone had problems opening the program after the installation? My computer says it is missing a component of the software and needs to reinstall the program...
Thank you for the launch.
  Member 17.09.2017 1
I get an error as well. 0xc0000142 , won't open.
  Resident 8.04.2013 1 143
Try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  Member 9.10.2013 1 76
I can hardly keep up with the updates.
  Member 23.10.2016 1 36
AudioUtopia come back plz
  Member 18.11.2013 602
Wow.!!! Muchas gracias por este aporte. Al ver el Logo de AVID si que me recordó cuando AudioUtopia nos sorprendió con Pro Tools HD.
  Resident 1.03.2014 7 818
This software isn't capable to use an external ASIO interface (despite setting from Audio Engine), it's a joke (or it's a shame) by Avid.
Following the white rabbit...
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1081 10375
It's Avid .... The same company that oblige his clients to have an iLok protected editor for a hardware effect like Eleven Rack.

But , hey, shhhut, dont say it loud, they're industry standard ...
  Resident 1.03.2014 7 818
Very interesting video by ReaperTV (I don't have seen it) and I agree 100% =>
Following the white rabbit...

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