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Arturia Pigments v1.1.2.539 CE-V.R screenshot
V.R | 03.2019 | 85 MB
Pigments gives you the finest elements ever found in a software instrument, letting you create pioneering, exciting, and deeply personal sounds. Laying everything out before you, Pigments lets you fully express your creativity in a way that’s never been seen before in a software instrument.

Arturia promises that while Pigments can sound like other synths, no other synth can sound like Pigments. It is truly a 21st century instrument that will become the go-to choice for all producers, sound designers, and synth-fans alike thanks to its extraordinary features and tempting price. Pigments has some colorful tricks up its sleeve. In fact, it can do things other Synthesizers simply cannot do.

These include:
Scale quantized pitch modulations to build complex melodic sequences
Continuous unison controls that can be modulated, with classic and chord modes
Extensive waveshaping options for the wavetable oscillator, with great aliasing control
The usual modulation sources and some more unconventional ones like the Turing and Binary random generators
Powerful gate/retrig handling for modulators. Perfect to inspire unusual rhythmic sequences or self-generating patches
Polyrhythmic sequencer with a strong emphasis on randomness, with scale control to remain musical

Two engines in parallel: the best of both worlds
Virtual Analog triple oscillator engine
Complex Wavetable engine with morphing and import

Twin filters: dozens to choose from
Classic filters from V Collection instruments
Modern filters like surgeon and comb
Continuous series/parallel routing

Powerful effects section: an all-in-one solution
13 stunning effects, including wavefolder, overdrive, parametric EQ, and delay
Insert or Send routing options with drag and drop for easy switching
All the essential parameters can be modulated

Advanced modulation system: modulate anything with anything
Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based
Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random sources
4 assignable Macros to control multiple parameters at once

Visual interface: understand your sound
Graphical representation of the most important modules
Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive

Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator: get creative
Create complex, custom and evolving sequences or arps

Extensive factory preset library: learn from the masters
Hundreds of presets from awesome artists and experienced sound designers, including Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner Highlighted “notes” to show which parameters are recommended to tweak.

Win64; AAX, VST3, VSTi, SAL

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  Resident 11.10.2014 307 3446
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  Resident 30.03.2018 66 573
Zippyshare Link:
  Resident 1.10.2013 4704 8619
Rapidgator / Uploaded

  Contributor 2.11.2014 1391 5774
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Support me at:
  Member 5.06.2017 17 1798
Support for new soundbanks,plugins and more:
  Member 5.11.2018 23
thanks for the Zippyshare links, much easier and faster than the others
  Member 28.08.2012 57
  Resident 5.12.2012 751 10679
Uploaded | Rockfile | Rapidgator | Douploads
  Member 9.03.2019 6
NOT time-bombed this time, though standalone doesn't even launch for me. Only the VST is working.
Kudos anyway.
  Member 17.10.2013 298
Standalone launches fine on windows 10 64. But it constantly asks for activation. FAIL.
  Resident 18.10.2017 4 230
Vst3 works great here too. Thx for the quick update + for removing the timebomb V.R. & Mordi
  Member 14.05.2014 46 563
What's new?
  Resident 31.05.2010 1544
i wait for R2R version but good try VR
  Member 28.04.2012 29
Maybe we need some new rule ?
Try before make mirrors.

Just to say

  Member 4.09.2016 2 47
VST3 works as expected. Thanks to V.R & Mordi!
  Resident 27.02.2015 1 59
I tried to install all the versions but after changing 2 presets a mute starts and it doesn't play anymore, until I try to re-launch it again .. I think it will be a bug? verified on win 10 64bit, I thought that this version would have gone well, and instead this also doesn't work :( I hope they solve this problem! :(
  Member 17.10.2013 298
vst works fine on windows 10. no issues.
  Resident 27.02.2015 1 59
strange because to me all the versions have the same problem :(
  Member 7.03.2014 3 98
If you can't create a playlist or mark presets as fav start standalone or DAW as admin!

If i doesn't start as admin no way to create a playlist or mark a preset as fav.

Like these other releases before..
  Member 3.12.2013 60
this one no time bomb for me.. so far it works.. but this release uses a lot more CPU than before.. like triple it counts.

Win 7 x64 - VST3 - Studio One 4
  Member 5.11.2012 1 115
Is there another workaround then running your DAW as admin to workaround the user preset problem?? (Newly saved user presets are invisible in non admin mode)
(FL Studio behave a bit strange when in admin mode, that's why)

It was the same problem in version 1.0

  Member 20.12.2018 6
Can someone please explain why people who provide cracked software insert these time bomb programmes? Im a little confused as to the whole concept & exactly what the consequences are of having such a programme installed on my Mac.

  Resident 19.11.2013 1 1536
quote by hir4_78why people who provide cracked software insert these time bomb programmes?

The crackers don't insert time bombs, what would be the point cracking software so it works without authorization, then inserting time bombs so it doesn't work anymore.
The developers insert the time bombs, the crackers try to find them and remove them, so in other words, the cracking teams are software bomb squads, among many other things.
  Member 6.09.2016 51
It works some days, but now, it's a demo version ( I can't save ). I'll check if vst 2 or 3 plugin version I used . ( win 7 x64 )

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