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Arturia Spark v2.4.0 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 09 June 2018 | Win32/64; AAX, VST, SAL | 1.7GB
Premier beat Creation
The total drum production studio you’ve been waiting for is here, with innovative features, intuitive interface, and cutting-edge sounds.

Tired of endlessly auditioning drum samples for your tracks?

Can’t get your beats to pop with the right effects? Drum programming going stale? Spark 2 will change the way you create drums, beats, and rhythms in your music forever.

Spark 2 offers you everything all under one roof, from contemporary drum sounds to sampled and physically modelled acoustic kits, classic drum machine reborn through advanced modelling, loop splicing and triggering, Spark 2 is ready to create the drums you always wanted. Enjoy hundreds of kits, thousands of sounds. Mix, effect, modulate, and reimagine. Give your drums the power, feel, and polished edge that will make your tracks release-ready.

V 2.4.0
Since its release, we have been analysing how Spark 2 responds and reacts on different systems and DAWs, and refining its code to ensure the most stable, reliable experience for every user.

Below is the list of the constant and intermittent issues that have been resolved in the Spark 2.4 update.

Fixed Bugs
No more crash when click output is set on out 16
No more crash when exporting MIDI in Cubase 8.0.40 OSX
No more crash when loading a project if there is a project with the same name
No more crash when closing while controller detection is running
No more crash with 9/8 time signature used in sequencer or when using impossible time signature and resolution state

Distortion Crush 2 doesn’t create anymore offset on audio out
Graphic EQ tooltips now properly displays negative values
No more weird behavior when using fx on master track
Vocal filter LFO on/off now switches correctly
Leslie speed switch is now working correctly
Factory FX presets are not deletable anymore
Analog delay presets are now recalled correctly
Tube distortion works now correctly if sample rate is set to 44100
Phaser dual mode button has now effect on sound
Vocal filter letter placement is now recalled properly

In sequencer view, importing MIDI file by drag and drop is possible if you drag on a step
Sequencer view now switch correctly between 1-32 and 33-64 view when song is active
Resolution improvement when re-importing a MIDI file with drag & drop
User can remove automation made on FX2
User can access "33-64" page in 1/24 resolution
User can access "33-64" page when using 48 steps
When editing on 33-64 sequencer page, global automation tool is now correctly updated on drag
Shift Automation doesn’t reset anymore to its minimum value when deleted

“Lyynk Indus 1” instrument 1, parameter 1 is now correctly mapped to Pitch
"Deep Lab 1" macro knob is now possible to turn with mouse drag
“Lyynk Indus 2” instrument 8 is now working perfectly
"Subdriven_RS" instrument is now working perfectly in “Subdriven” project
User can’t overwrite factory kits anymore
Rename preference improvement for *.wav export size "Two Patterns Length" to "Include audio tail when exporting"
Icons at export on Windows are now correct
User can now properly select the Midi drum map output format
Improvement of the drag and drop export feature
Drag audio sequence from sequencer to DAW doesn’t require anymore the mouse over a non audio track area
Studio One 3 supports now drag & drop wave files into track

"Please select the moose you want to load..." Typo when loading a sample from Windows Explorer had been edited
Sampler now shows correctly the waveform if reverse is on
Reverse button state is now updated when changing instrument
Modular view doesn’t reset anymore zoom and modules position when loading project
User can choose an image when creating a new project or "saving as"
User can disable the master out limiter in the preference panel
When browsing samples, selecting another track doesn’t reset anymore the browser to the first sample
Double click default value is now set on 0db on mixer faders and not anymore on middle position
Tempo is now updated in GUI when tapped
Pad names are now correctly updated when switching from pad 1-8 to 9-16
Verbose Mode is now accessible on SparkLE GUI
Third parameter assignment of instrument 15 & 16 is now correctly displayed
GUI of the slices are now correclty displayed in the REX player
Library doesn’t disappear anymore after closing GUI and reopening it in the DAW
NOISE/HARDTEK packs are now correctly working with all sample rates on Mac
Select+12 shortcut doesn’t change anymore accent and song mode
Step sequencer buttons from controller and GUI now trigger notes in Tune mode
Switching from SparkLE GUI to Spark Creative GUI doesn’t set anymore the BPM knob to its maximum value
It is not possible anymore to interact with modules that are behind other modules in the Modular view
No more error in FL Studio when detaching the window
BPM is now updated when Spark is slave of an external MIDI device
Tempo and shuffle values are not changed anymore when changing kits
Previewing an instrument without loading it doesn’t change anymore the instrument name
The VST *.dll install path is now remembered between installations on PC
Sample browser is not anymore corrupted if instrument was previously a modular instrument
Latch mode works with mouse unless you first use the XY of the controller
In Song view, dragging a new pattern now deselects all previously selected patterns

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  Resident 11.10.2014 270 3247
  Resident 5.12.2012 751 10080
  Member 5.06.2017 17 1775
Arturia Spark v2.4.0 CE-V.R

Support for new soundbanks,plugins and more:
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1392 5289
Support me at:
  Resident 1.10.2013 4713 8621
  Member 29.04.2015 33 970
  Member 26.08.2017 2184
uploadboy link
  Member 22.12.2013 2 321
Amazing drum machine! At last an update! Thanks V.R and DECiBELLE!!
  Resident 16.03.2014 1053
This remind a bit of Maschine: Seems like a a very powerful drum machine but how convenient is it without the hardware controler?
  Resident 27.08.2013 3 188
just as convenient as with, the controller doesnt control much apart from sequencing, 2 settings per sound/track, triggering roll effects and sound and bank select. the software has much more than that, a whole drum synthesis section to create your own drumsounds in several different ways
  Resident 5.05.2011 566
I have the hardware but used the software before I had it. I enjoy the sound engine and it was all fine without the machine itself, but banging on hardware and twiddling knobs is more rewarding to me than using a mouse. I have been having some issues connecting the hard with the soft so I hope that this update fixes that.
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Frank Zappa
  Member 6.04.2018 502
  Member 13.08.2017 58
Custom mode for mapping, cmd+left clk , learn. and the best part it learns forever otherwise kickass as always Arturia nails it.
  Member 17.02.2015 645
Always love trying drum machines out , so cheeers for this one!!

workin fine , win 7 x64 ., , abl10.2
Thanx to Vr ,

Also , " Always a pleasure makevelli"
  Resident 26.07.2016 139
+1 on Makaveli
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there's nothing kind about man.
  Member 9.07.2014 384
If you had to choose between this and Wave Alchemy Revolution, which would you pick?
  Resident 11.02.2011 7 1191
Sonic Charge Microtonic .
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  Member 9.07.2014 384
  Member 17.02.2015 645
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 9.07.2014 384
More patterns and using own samples are good. It's also a lot smaller than Revolution; doesn't require Kontakt. I think I'll give it a shot
  Resident 4.03.2014 170
I'd personally pick Spark over Revolution. Not merely for the fact that Revolution uses tons more resources, but also because I find Spark more creative. Though Revolution takes the cake in terms of realistic emulation.

Also +1 for Microtonic! lol
  Member 1.05.2018 25
I presume you can load in your own samples and make your own kits?
I haven't seen any mention of this in the arturia video
  Member 17.02.2015 645
"The biggest problem i find with drum machines "

"is that once you strip the sampling engine down , your just left with raw samples".

what i mean is ,that a sample based drum mech , is only reallly as goood as the sample library .

unless its got a crazy unique samplin n synth engine onboard.
This tho , honestly , erm , Personally , id rather use Lin plugs rmv ,Sd3 , ,and an ableton drum rack, consisting of choice samples..

Thers alot o situations where i think the actual sampling engine ,and the scope of such , lets the original samples used within its architecture , down! , So im in the habit of extracting the actual drum hitz themselves , and importing em into what i feel like runnning.

Thers not many one stop shop machines out there , this is ok , batttery annihilates it in terms of sound design tho....
Rmv has an awsome linnn drm mech n jomox lib etc,etc ,
Its dated sure!! But it has an awsome Bio synthetic Drm mech onboard..

Im sure one can load up ,ones own sample bank into spark , Just ive not tried.

you can with rp punch ,rmv,geist ,blahh blahh ,etc etc..
  Member 11.02.2014 38
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.02.2015 645
i had to locate it personally ,.

Plus i did have the library custom installed before hand ,
But it dus indeed look as tho lib is include d, as its a 1.7 gig file..

Maybe im wrong , but ive a feeeling perhaps youve simply not located the library.
else the file size dusnt make sense
  Member 8.07.2013 159
The x64 version does not show up in Reaper 64bit!
  Resident 1.03.2014 7 805
For me it works from REAPER 5.90 x64 / Win7 Pro SP1 x64, and Spark 2 as x64 VSTi.

But... when I select "Song" mode (from button) and only during playback, both Spark 2 and REAPER GUIs are highly jerky I mean many lags. All sounds are fine, without any glitch, however. Using i7 4790 @ 3.6GHz 32GB RAM GTX 660 (no issue with other plugins I precise). Standalone works without these lags.

Am I alone to encounter this fact?
Following the white rabbit...
  Member 26.10.2017 9
donde se encuentra la libreria?
  Resident 26.07.2012 140
ok all expansions included
  Resident 16.03.2013 285
Works fine here... During the installation, be shure to include the factory libs and the extensions that will be located in C: \ ProgramData \ Arturia \ Spark (standard folder).
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