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TEAM V.R | 15 February 2018 | 12.18 MB
Finally you can work with confidence on the setup you have. Sonarworks Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from your studio speakers and headphones, so you can trust that you hear your mix accurately.

Reference 4 Studio Edition offers the full package of highly powerful software, providing consistent reference sound both in the studio and on the go. Measure your studio with a measurement mic, it takes around 10 minutes. Reference 4 then creates a calibration profile. For headphones select a pre-made profile, and you're ready to go. Calibration can be run in DAW via plugin for lowest latency or via Systemwide for maximum versatility.

Reference 4 Studio Edition includes:

•Speaker measurement software - find out where your monitors need help
•DAW plugin - reference sound combined with zero latency for any musical endeavor
•Systemwide - apply calibration to all outgoing audio

0. run Reference4Setup.exe & install software via Internet connection
1. register with any email
2. activate trial & wait while downloaded the headphone profiles*
3. apply antitrial

Team V.R

* - because the profiles are encrypted for the this hardware ID, they will not be valid for any other computer.

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  Member 29.04.2015 33 972
Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition v4.0.85 Antitrial
(Win32/64; AAX*, RTAS, VST)

  Resident 5.12.2012 756 8944
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1252 4446
  Member 22.01.2017 311 7
  Resident 1.10.2013 4714 8498
.......:::::: UPLOADED / RAPIDGATOR ::::::........
  Member 26.08.2017 2187
uploadboy link
  Resident 16.03.2014 4 73
My favorite Team V.R release! Thank you very much!!!
  Member 27.02.2014 76
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Zevera is a real shit debrider !
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  Member 23.08.2015 43
Pretty much worthless if you dont have their calibration microphone, right?
  Resident 25.09.2013 10 788
Nope. It supports various RTA mics. Like the behringer ecm8000 for example (cheap as all get out).
  Resident 16.11.2013 4 520
And it calibrates many, many headphones too :)
  Resident 16.03.2014 4 73
It can be bought seperatly for about 60 Euro...
  Resident 20.11.2010 867
Thank you.
  Member 21.07.2017 1 75
Team V.R. is killing it. Now we are talking warez :)
  Member 19.03.2014 161
Yes the last headphone one would not work on win7, so that is great, finaly can use my ATH 50s with it.
  Member 16.12.2017 3
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 3.08.2015 32
I think sonically are the same, but some external things change.
  Member 22.05.2017 27
Did you get the vst to authorise?
  Member 25.12.2016 4
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 20.11.2010 867
Working well with all headphones and speakers, windows 7 64 bit.
Thank you very much.
  Resident 11.05.2013 3 133
this wonderful thanks V.R
  Member 27.02.2014 50
Does anyone know whether Reference 4 --via its room measurements-- does not only correct frequency response of the speaker monitors, but also phase response?
In other words: Does Reference 4 (in its speaker calibration mode only, of course) work both in frequency AND time domain?

I know that for instance IK ARC does both, but Reference's manual doesn't confirm the time domain corrections (if I didn't overlook anything in the manual).

Reference is nice for its headphone calibration corrections, and for its systemwide function (=virtual audio driver to use the calibration in any playback software, regardless whether that player is able to load VST plugs or not).
But in case it would NOT control the time domain, too, I'd tend to stick to the ARC system for loudspeaker monitoring...

Thank you to TEAM V.R and Sunny, as well as to those possibly replying here!
  Member 3.08.2015 32
Yes it does. I did thecalibration with their mic and after that I got different time responses from each speaker.

It does both.
  Member 27.02.2014 50
Thanks a lot, Shake_puig, very valuable information!!
  Resident 20.02.2011 917
How is this system compaired to the IK Multimedia ARC2 system?
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Member 27.02.2014 50
1) ARC does calibration only for speakers (by room response measurement), whereas Reference also offers correction curves for the headphone models they have in their database.

Concerning the headphone correction curves, I don't know which target they apply, only that it cannot be the Harman/Kardon curve (otherwise the beyerdynamic T1 correction curve should look different). But that seems rather reassuring for the correction quality, since I once invested the time and work to create an EQ correction curve for the T1, based on the T1 response measurements by InnerFidelity in relation to the Harman target; sound results were terrible, and similar results from a Harman-based correction were reported by Bob Katz, too, on InnerFidelity (who did the same with one or several of his headphone models).
So --provided that headphone response measurements are not too faulty and generally useless-- it seems the Harman target has a fault, though it maybe theoretically "correct" in its comparison of sound arriving at the eardrum from either flat calibrated studio loudspeaker or headphone on the head. Harman/Kardon obviously somehow doesn't describe human sound perception with headphones correctly.
So, that Sonarworks goes a different way (which they don't disclose, of course) is not bad at all.
I still have to test whether the Sonarworks corrections for my HD600 and T1 phones seem to be an improvement, but I know that e.g. Tyll Hertsens was very impressed with the Sonarworks correction system, which he had the chance to listen to, with cheap Marshall headphones (as far as I remember); he reported that those rather bad headphones came astonishingly close to the sound of a HD650 headphone when applying the Sonarworks corrections to the Marshall (astonishingly, given the huge quality difference between those two headphone types).

2) 2nd advantage of Reference is the Systemwide driver. Installing the driver, and choosing it as playback device in whatever music or TV etc. software player you use, you can apply the calibration corrections to playback with any player software, regardless whether it is able to load VST plugins (as JRiver or Foobar, the latter with certain restrictions/problems from its VST additional plugin).
You get the Systemwide driver sitting in between the player software and the hardware output (which is chosen within the Systemwide driver options).

ARC, in contrary to this, only offers a VST plugin, which can be used by VST-able players, as mentioned, or needs a 3rd party driver (similar to the Reference Systemwide driver) as for instance DDMF VirtualAudioStream with its VST Effect Rack.

As far as I have seen, Systemwide seems to work only in 48kHz mode. That's regrettable, a bit, makes internal SRC necessary for every sample rate different from 48k. Would be fine if they could offer sample rates up to, say, 96k or 192k, and especially the 44.1 (and 88.2 and 176.4) variant, too. Preferably with automatic adjustment of the Systemwide driver to the source (=player) sample rate from which it is fed...

Hope this helps a bit.........
  Resident 20.02.2011 917
Thanks audiotube

Yeah that helped a lot ... as I dont use headphones much when I edit/mix I´ve and already have the ARC2 system which Im satisfied with so I guess this isn´t really "my cup of tea"!

Thanks for your head up and infos - appriciated
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Member 22.05.2017 27
Has anyone got the vst plug authorised? If so I will persevere
  Member 3.08.2015 32
Uninstall, clean registry with Ccleaner and try again.

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