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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer

Windows, Mac OSX

ISOL8 is an advanced mix monitoring plug-in with a 5 band filter and volume dim function.


5 adjustable frequency bands.
Solo/mute function for each band individually.
Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter design.
24/48dB/Oct filter slope.
Multiple filter channel modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side).
Multiple monitor modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side).
Adjustable output level.
Loudness dim function.
Large and easy to use GUI.
64-bit internal processing.

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nice design this, not sure i would use it, but i might like knocking off the low end now and again.
  Member 20.12.2015 4 24
If you already have The latest "PluginAlliance bundle" by R2R there's a BX_Saturator; both V2 and V1 let you solo the HM, LM, LS & HS with the plus of saturate each of those.
  Member 21.07.2014 8 33
had a bad day, but that video really calmed me down. nice plugin by the way. thanks.

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