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Windows, Mac OSX
HOFA System Basic WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
WiN = 1.1gb / MAC = 900mb
High quality channel strip, premium reverb and flexible effect kit as true freeware! SYSTEM basic is the freeware version of the popular EQ, dynamic & effect toolbox by HOFA. 21 modules are available which you can use separately or combined. All routing happens automatically, whereby multiband, mid/side and dual mono routings are always on-hand.

21 modules with flexible routing and processing options
150+ presets of the full version can be loaded
AlgoVerb Plate algorithm for more spatial depth in your productions

Features HOFA SYSTEM basic

SYSTEM basic contains all modules that are available in the HOFA SYSTEM plugin with the only exception of MacroPitch. Some modules are fully available (for example all modules for routing) and some have restrictions:

Module Limitations
AlgoVerb only Plate algorithm
CompChan fixed ratio and release
CompSum fixed ratio and release
CompListenMic no limitation
Delay no tempo sync
Distortion no limitation
Expander only threshold can be adjusted
EQ-Parametric only 1 Band
Gate only threshold
Gain no limitation al
PitchMacro not included
PitchMicro no limitation
Meter no limitation
Notepad no limitation
Pan no dual pan S
PinkNoise no limitation
#DualMono no limitation
#Mid/Side no limitation
#Multiband no limitation
#Parallel no limitation
#SubChain no limitation
#Feedback no limitation
Folding Module no limitation

download from free file storage
download from any file hoster with just one Zevera account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with Zevera.


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  Resident 30.01.2014 909
Full version of Hofa System 2 (V.R) is 19,6 MB, this is a gigabyte? I don't get it?

What's the difference and why would this (free) one be so heavy on the size then?
  Member 22.07.2013 26
I don't understand how instal it. I did but the plugins doesn't appears on my Daw.
Some help?

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