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Windows, Mac OSX
DMG Audio Track Range v1.1.1 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2017.11.21 | NUMBER : R2R-6430/6431 | SiZE : 18.7 MB/17.1 MB

* TrackComp v1.02
* TrackControl v1.00
* TrackDS v1.00
* TrackGate v1.00
* TrackLimit v1.00
* TrackMeter v1.00

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  Member 27.08.2017 69
Incredible developer. See how his plugins are on v1.0 because they were bug free. TrackComp is tricky plugin to develop thats why it needed updates.
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 1441
1.01 -> 1.02
Fix GR metering in mono instances
Fix "manual" sidechain listen mode
Fix very obscure crash loading in Logic X
Make slider behaviour smoother
Remove spurious DC bias in 76D mode (resolves issues with excessive distortion)
Report correct version number in Cubase VST2
Fix ProTools crash when selecting Ext sidechain but none is routed
Jumpstart resource loading to prevent weirdness in ProTools
Alt-mousewheel on snap-to sliders will cycle through values.
Extend E-Channel release time, and mark hardware ranges.
Flatten low-end response for 76D (assume higher input impedance on interface)
Jumpstart 2A GR to minimise pops when switching models
Manual edits
Improve 2A attack behaviour
Support VST3 GR meter in Studio One
The worst one
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3125
For Me There is No Signal Going Through The Plugins They Open But No Meters are Working How Do You Register These ( i Run The Command Be Double Clicking The Generated Command Then it Says License OK But Still not Registered
  Resident 10.01.2009 12
Check OSX version plz! DL 2 times from UL and Rockfile - both files with errors.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3125
How Do You Register These on Mac ( i Run The Command Be Double Clicking The Generated Command Then it Says License OK But Still not Registered Help Thanks
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3125
Ok Since No One New How Or Did Not Wan't To Share How To Register These ( In Mac ) i Had To Go Though a Lot Of Trial and Error But To Help Some One Here is How i Did It Create The .command File For the Plugin You Want to Register With Keygen ( And in the Keygen Before You Save it Rite Click and Save so you Can Search in Finder To Find it ) Then Find it i Drag and Drop to a Folder on My Desk Top When you Have All The .command File's for the Plugins You Want Then You Have to Use (Permissions Reset ) to Reset Permissions When You Do That To All Then Rite Click Open With / Terminal Then it is Regesterd
  Resident 11.02.2012 281
i confirm that is the way to do it.
osx 10.11.6
Thank you sir.
  Member 18.11.2017 11
trackcomp 1.0.2. crash Reaper 5.52.x86,vstplugin analyzer crash,BC Patchwork standalone crash!

v.1.0.1. fork fine,and other plugins fork fine
  Resident 7.09.2017 84 135
Dave Pensado brought me here. ".. my new favorite plugins" he said.
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2203
Thank you so much for releasing this R2R! DMG audio really makes some great plugins! I'm especially interested in this TrackComp and TrackGate.

"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 11.05.2014 -1 23
TrackComp crashing Live 10 in High Sierra

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