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Army of Ninjas Sylenth1 v2.2.1.1 Bundle WiN (Updated January 2016) screenshot
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v2.2.1.1 (Win x86) and v2.2.1 (Win x64), 70 skins (x86/x64), 1051 soundbanks (fxb) | AudioZ Exclusive | 288.96 MB

Army of Ninjas Sylenth1 v2.2.1.1 Bundle Contains:

-Sylenth1 Installers (includes the iDONTKNOWHO installers x86 and x64)
-Sylenth1 keygen and authorization file
-1051 Soundbanks (all in fxb format with no duplicates)
-70 v2.2.1.1 skins (x86 and x64)

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ by our member Army of Ninjas. Please show him some love

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  Resident 26.03.2014 408
Big Thanks for keeping us updated.
  Resident 29.09.2012 5 1081
I was looking for an updated version of this one, yesterday ....thanx a lot Pirat and AoN
Dream Trance
  Member 7.12.2014 108
  Member 16.01.2014 73
we have it since 2.04.2014
thanks again Army of Ninjas and PiRAT
  Member 7.12.2014 108
I'm talking about it as a warez release
  Resident 6.09.2013 7 113
He's right, the x64 bit version has been floating around for a long time. You're weren't here at the time or you missed when it was uploaded.

Additionally, the AiR keygen works fine with these releases as well and you can create a legit key. I would rather have my own name on there then some team name, which is what you will get if you use their license
  Member 7.12.2014 108
oh, well the more you learn, the more you know.
  Member 30.04.2014 30
me da ase= Thank U
What you are defines who you are and who you are defines your purpose.
  Resident 2.08.2015 693
Thank you AOM!
  Resident 26.03.2014 408
Question it says "Keygen and Auth file" but I'm only seeing the auth file. I'm guessing the mention of a Keygen is a mistake?

  Resident 5.10.2015 172
Yes seems like the keygen is missing, but it is in Army of Ninja previous bundle (which was the one I used so far) for sylenth1 right here : https://audioz.download/samples/presets/66178-download_army-of-ninjas-sylenth1-v2211-bundle-updated-april-2014-ffs.html
  Resident 27.07.2014 3 346
Keygen is not needed. Just copy the license.dat to vst folder and be happy!!!

There is no knowledge that is not power!
  Member 3.12.2015 36
Thank You. You saved my Time. I was importing the liscense.dat from the program and it didn't work. Finally when I copy directly to VST directory,it worked fine.

BIG Thanks
  Resident 24.09.2013 10 780
Yep only includes an auth (with only spaces entered for the name). The keygen is the Team AiR one that has been available for ages.
  Member 16.01.2014 1 467
Sylenth 1 forever,TKS 4 amazing bundles.
"We are all one spark, Sun becoming"
  Resident 7.01.2016 4 349
The definitive edm-best-synth-ever starter pack
  Member 31.03.2015 105
Thanks Army of Ninjas and PiRAT
  Member 11.12.2015 35
1051 soundbanks in one bundle

I'm tempted to quote AZs legendary requester and go ARMY OF NINJAS!!! but I'll try to restrain myself
  Member 28.04.2014 49
Thanks Army for you great work...
  Resident 7.11.2014 11 579
Thanks Army Of Ninja and thanks PiRAT to share with us
We are a lot in my head, but it's me the boss.
  Member 8.03.2014 579
  Member 15.08.2015 520
thanks bro
  Member 23.02.2014 18
THANK YOU Army Of Ninja and of course PIRAT for your hard work,you sure helped out so many people in the world...
  Member 10.01.2016 8
Thank you so much for the re-up! Cannot wait to start playing this all of these sound banks! Your hard work is very much appreciated!
  Resident 14.11.2010 29
WOW...many many thx Guy, I'll try it ASAP !!!
  Resident 31.05.2014 457
Many thanks for this 1
  Member 26.12.2015 28
awesome sound cloud page love your music it rocks. oh and thanks.
  Member 11.11.2014 19 177
Army Of Ninja...this is awesome! thank you
  Member 9.03.2015 106
Thanks......very nice organized
  Member 19.08.2015 35
pleasee uploadrocket link :((((((

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