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Software » Mac OSX
Izotope Ozone Advanced 7 OSX App-0RGan1c screenshot
0RGan1c | Nov 3, 2015 | ~300Mbs

Hello All,

So here is a really amazing product. Only the Application has been cracked, no plugins. I did this, and i wanted to say fuck you to the haters once again. Those that claim 0Rgan1c cant do it. Ones you once called 'friends'. Heres to them.

Ozone 7 Advanced

Essential Mastering Tools Get an Upgrade

Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add rich character with the critically acclaimed music production tools in Ozone Advanced, including the new Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape modules. Audition masters before rendering with the new Codec Preview. Apply Ozone Advanced’s processing to mix busses, too, with individual plug-ins of all ten modules.

Plus, both versions of Ozone include the Maximizer, the Dynamic EQ, the new Vintage Limiter, Export Formats, and more. Use Ozone as a plug-in or as a standalone application.

Vintage Tape [Advanced only]

The Vintage Tape module brings the distinctive richness and warmth of tape saturation to your modern digital recordings with all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of tape. Take advantage of analog tone for masters that sound more musical with added dimension, fatness, and depth. | Learn more about Vintage Tape
Vintage EQ [Advanced only]

With the richness, warmth, and color of Pultec equalizers, Vintage EQ lets you brighten your master, smooth out heavy lows, and add body to your digital recordings. Discrete frequency value selections let you boost and cut separately — but at the same time! — without ending up with a “boomy” master. | Learn more about Vintage EQ
Vintage Compressor [Advanced only]

Vintage Compressor is a single-band compression module for subtle warming and sweetening effects. The program-dependent release tailors release shapes depending on your material to adapt naturally to your music. Thicken the midrange, tighten and round out the lows, let the top sparkle, and get authentic vintage character. | Learn more about Vintage Compressor
Codec Preview [Advanced only]

Get a real-time listen to how your master will sound in various industry-standard codecs with Codec Preview. Preview the sound of a compressed master within your DAW or the Ozone standalone application. Instantly make adjustments to perfect the audio for streaming or online music stores with this easy-to-use tool that improves your workflow. | Learn more about Codec Preview
Vintage Limiter

The "Tube" mode that was part of the Maximizer in Ozone 6.1 has been broken out to its own module, the new Vintage Limiter, and got an upgrade with faster and slower settings. Glue a mix together and add character with the Vintage Limiter’s warmer, analog-sounding final-stage limiting while retaining the ease and precision of digital maximizing. Bring a natural feel to harsh and digital-sounding masters. Get a silky warmth and body and the nostalgic vibe of the classic records you grew up with. | Learn more about Vintage Limiter
Export Formats

Specify the file format for export from a variety of compressed or uncompressed popular choices like MP3, WAV, and AAC. You no longer need to output to .wav and then use a separate MP3 converter. Now you can export your digital formats directly from your source files and add metadata before export, including track name, band name, album name, and more. | Learn more about Export Formats
Upgraded Maximizer with IRC IV

Ozone’s legendary mastering limiter features a new algorithm (IRC IV) with multiband and frequency-specific operation, so that the limiter doesn't have to work as hard. Get even more transparent mixes with less pumping at higher volumes — ideal for when you need to tame the kick drum peaks without causing vocals to pump. The former "Tube" mode of the Maximizer has been expanded to its own new Vintage Limiter module and is backwards compatible with Ozone 6.1 presets.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Ozone Advanced 7 OSX App-0RGan1c
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.
audioz mirror
http:// Peeplink password: o6g0Voy1


  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 4.06.2013 203 647
As a note, I wont do the plugins until the dev has some time to promote this product. But here is a great teaser for you all to see what this product has to offer. Help promote this product and get it noticed!
I am gone
  Resident 25.01.2012 2228
I don't think they have too much trouble getting it noticed.
  Resident 25.01.2012 2228
Another wow! thx.
  Member 16.02.2015 47
jesus that was fast
raccoon was here
  Resident 21.05.2015 3 259
Damn, that was very fast! I like your decision about giving the developers some time to promote their own product. Even though I don't really agree with their decision of going from v6 to v7 all that fast. Could have supported the previous version a little more. But iZotope definitely aren't bad guys in my book, so I'll give them a pass and check if this one is for me if I should stay at an older version.

Not to forget, thanks a lot to anyone involved in making this release possible!
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 382
nice release 0Rgan1c :D to bad that i'm pc

well done and keep it up!
  Member 31.03.2015 3
Brainworx Bx_Console Please...... Thanks!
  Member 19.03.2014 34
Requests like that are considered "bad form" around here, just so you know why you've got a -1 rating going on.

Basically things just come out when they come out, so regardless of how polite and sincere the request may have been to you, a lot of people just consider it to be noise polluting the signal.

It's a common trend, so don't take it personally.
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1436
Oh gosh... I thought we'd already learned these lessons...
Please do not send me requests. This includes reupload requests.
Thank you :)
  Member 5.10.2015 134
good rating :D
  Resident 16.08.2010 17 430
Looks like somebody is on a downvote spree
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1436
Yeah. I never truly understood why people down-vote contributions as if they are of some form of offense to them. I've gotten a few of them and anticipated calling them out in the comments but I usually just shrug it off. I've done it before as an honest mistake because either my browser jumped to the side or because the red seems to stick out more than the green from the navy blue-ish background so I could never know what their problem is without wasting my time. They could be mad because it's mac and they have a PC and that's they're way of being fresh because I guess you can't actually get banned for that. So it could be one of those silent sneaky methods of being disrespectful.
Better yet who really cares, right? I'm happy either way because if it's me with a PC product that gives me hope.
Please do not send me requests. This includes reupload requests.
Thank you :)
  Resident 13.10.2014 114
Thank you :)
...........llıllı х тнanĸѕ ғor all тнe ѕнareѕ х ıllıllı...........
  Resident 5.09.2014 1 150
Thanks man, you're genius.
Hackintosh 2015
  Resident 9.02.2013 4 51
"Now we need Ozone 8 for PC! I know the devs haven't made it but you can crack it before the release? Also, I want the upcoming FabFilter Pro L-2 Right now! Hurry!"
Kids these days ^

Jokes aside, I support your decision to let the devs make some money out of the Plugin version for a while before fully released here. Thank you for doing what you do!
  Member 31.01.2015 34
Wow that was reeeeally fast man! Anyway as much as i get excited i'll keep on with v6.I'll give it some time and eventually have the plugs too.Thanx anyway
  Resident 27.09.2013 17 213
Big Thanks!
EDM is my life.
  Member 12.10.2015 6
You sir, legend! Looking forward for plugins as well!
  Member 10.10.2014 22
Trial version!!!!!
  Resident 4.06.2013 203 647
Nope. Cracked version kiddo.

If you do not read or listen, then the fault is yours. The title says APP, the quote says APP, the directions inside the file says 'APP'.

So in otherwords, yes the PLUGINS are trial as they are not the APP.
I am gone
  Banned 8.11.2014 8 2737
the Comment has been Removed
greetings to the good people & always monster thank you to all release groups and people

and pls :
don't forget to SPAY AND/OR NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!
  Resident 4.09.2014 3 271
Almost hit the 7K in a few hours, lots of visitors.
thanks and nice work 0RGan1c!!!
  Resident 13.02.2014 1 345
everyone needs to be happy about what comes our way...
If it ain't loud? I don't wanna hear it!
  Resident 8.07.2014 287
Wow that was fast 0RGan1c great work mate .
  Member 28.12.2010 7
Thank you
  Resident 22.04.2012 111
Thanks for this! We need to appreciate the gifts we're given...not complain about what else we might want... (just a thought..).
  Resident 11.07.2015 58
man... gonna have to fap to this tonight.
Thanks BuroakenSowend
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 367
Thanks 0RGan1c. Don't let the few skew the appreciation of the many. Now get the rest done you madman! LOL
P.S. I see when the dev gets some time. Nuff said. Thanks again.
  Member 11.09.2014 2
Well that was fast

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