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Ableton Live 11 Suite v11.0 macOS screenshot
macOS | 23 February 2021 | 2.5 GB
Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

What’s new in Live 11
Create your perfect take
Take recording and comping

Live organizes multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes. Pick the best moments of each performance and combine them to create your perfect take. Or approach sound design in a new way by splicing together random samples from your library.

Linked-track editing
Link two or more tracks to edit their content simultaneously. This makes editing multi-tracked instruments or performances with multiple musicians easy and fast whilst keeping everything in time across tracks. This feature also works for MIDI tracks.

Add more feeling to your music
Use your MPE-capable controller

Plug in your MPE-capable controller and immediately add bends, slides and pressure for each individual note in a chord. Add subtle expression variations, morph between chords and create evolving sonic textures.

What is MPE?
MPE stands for MIDI Polyphonic Expression. This way of using MIDI allows MPE-capable devices to control multiple parameters of every note in real time for more expressive instrumental performances.

Experiment with new devices
Hybrid Reverb

Hybrid Reverb combines convolution and algorithmic reverbs. Place your sounds in any space, from accurate real-life environments to those that defy physical reality. Use the algorithmic side to add control and modulate the reverb tail, run it in parallel or in series with the convolution side, or play Hybrid Reverb like an instrument for real-time sound design.

Spectral Resonator
Breaks the spectrum of an incoming audio signal into partials, then stretches, shifts and blurs the result by a frequency or a note in subtle or radical ways. The MIDI sidechain input also allows musicians to process material in key and even play the device as if it were a polyphonic instrument.

Spectral Time
Transforms sound into partials and feeds them into a frequency-based delay, resulting in metallic echoes, frequency-shifted and reverb-like effects. The Freeze function captures and holds a slice of audio – either free-running or in time with the beat – for stuttered, glitched and washed-out effects.

Create jittery glitch effects, delayed digital shimmers and outlandish vibrato with this Max for Live pitch shifting device created in collaboration with Robert Henke and inspired by the Publison DHM 89 – an early digital effects processor. It’s a flexible tool to add character to sounds in the studio, or for in-the-moment experimentation onstage.

Inspired by Nature
Six playful instruments and effects created in collaboration with Dillon Bastan that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration.

Do more on stage
Tempo Following

Live listens to and adjusts its tempo based on incoming audio in real time, making it a dynamic part of the band instead of the tempo source that everyone has to follow. When you DJ, you can even turn Live into a tempo-synced FX box.

Macro Snapshots
Store the state of your Macros for later recall – perfect for creating instant variations to your sounds or builds and drops during performance.

Rack improvements
Configure your Racks to have between 1 and 16 Macros. Randomize the state of your Macros with the randomization button. Map this control to MIDI and perform drastic changes in real time to surprise your audience and yourself.

Be unpredictable
Note chance

Set the probability that a note or drum hit will occur and let Live generate surprising variations to your patterns that change over time.

Velocity chance
Define ranges for velocity probability for subtle, humanized variations in the dynamics of your patterns.

Do more with Follow Actions
Follow Actions can now be linked to the clip length, making it faster to create interesting sequences of clips. Scene Follow Actions let you create evolving arrangements. You can also set Follow Actions to jump to specific clips and enable and disable Follow Actions globally.

Work with new sounds
New instruments

Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio, these three Instrument Packs bring the dynamic chamber ensemble textures to any production.

Live 11.0 Release Notes

Tested, working on maOS Catalina & Big Sur

Ableton Live 11 Suite v11.0 macOS screenshot

You can use Authorize.auz which You used to active version 10 (same computer)
Then read Install Note in my pack

download from free file storage
click to show download links

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/Ableton Live 11 Suite v11.0 macOS
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Member 21.07.2019 242 1192
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 4.07.2013 3 80
Is the Authorise.auz part of the download?
Or do I need to source it elsewhere...
If so .... where?
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 532
GonBi wtf is wrong with you!!! I told you not to share this!!! This clearly requires R2R Keygen which you shouldn't be posting as your release!!!!
Live life loud
  Contributor 29.06.2010 1077 1331
You can download and check.
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 532
That isn't going to work and you know this. You know that you need the R2R Keygen to make this work and clearly from the pic you are on PC wtf.
Live life loud
  Member 23.09.2016 10
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 16.03.2014 1298
Watch your language dude.
  Contributor 29.06.2010 1077 1331
ah, I have PC and MAC
In the installation guide, I also instruct to use keygen.
  Member 16.02.2015 69
I have PC + OpenCore bootloader for macOS 11.2.1 (20D74) and I see Ableton Live Suite 11.0 works fine with KeyGen_R2R_2020
Thank you.
  Member 21.07.2019 242 1192
It's working bro, chill...
  Member 23.02.2014 3
works fine but ozone 9 nectar 3 and addictive drums keys problem
  Member 11.08.2016 152
For the Mac communities sake I hope this doesn't tick off R2R chum.
  Resident 26.07.2012 369
Well It will OF Vourse du to their mentallities (yes I m a little fed up with them lately)
We have to be eternally gratefull they dictate our way of conduct Ront wgine for release dont aks look fo Soothe §that I dont hive a flyin F*** about)
I m an old fish the Young musicians wanr the 4 softwares that you all know VUT R2R as someone else said here KEEPS them internal and the WORST IMSHO is that they say they defeated them 5unless they lie?à
What is the problem sayin you want this or that ? THat is the fame that is normal Sharing is GOD Not the teams tho Gump Who defeated elicenser for Air & H2O is ansWAS a GOD Peace to his soul
So yes R2R must be pissed up that Gonbi posted that release I was too in a first time THEN I thought deeper and I Changed my mind THANK YOU Gonbi For your revolution against tin Soldiers Revolutionaries You Do something for the Mac People (I m both PC & Win) And that is the BEST way to act SHARE
Note to R2R I bought Reason 11 suite I bought Falcon & C Pro 11 and the FANTASTIC Reaper 6 that I encouraged Youngsters to buy or install SO I dont need the stiff But I was A teen Before and I understand their bitterness
Rock N Roll WILL NEVER DIE !! But we will
  Member 29.09.2016 94
It works on bigsur. Just follow the directions. the version "ableton keygen" works. You must follow the directions. especially the text edit part.
  Member 20.08.2020 2
as excited as i am, probably gonna be patient 4 dat r2r release
  Member 21.07.2019 242 1192
The old r2r patch already works for 11.
  Member 30.11.2020 9 197
mon the biff!
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Member 2.01.2021 1 35
i'm not a mac user, but gonbi wtf is wrong with you??!! ahahahahah this is amazing ahahhahaahha
  Member 29.06.2015 5
It is not working on Mac Os 10.14.6. Message says: It cannot be opened. Even after Batchmod. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 532
Tip is GonBi shouldn't have shared this as it is not a proper release and it requires R2R Keygen which GonBi clearly is not a part of.
Live life loud
  Member 3.07.2020 31
yeah, OP just went to Ableton's CDN link and downloaded the Mac OS version and reuploaded here i guess.
you'll never know.
  Member 21.07.2019 242 1192
Nope, you're wrong (again) it's working and legit
  Member 12.09.2011 8
does it say damaged and can't be opened?
  Member 16.02.2015 69
quote by br_junglistIt is not working on Mac Os 10.14.6. Message says: It cannot be opened. Even after Batchmod. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks

I use for fix permissions in Terminal:
xattr -cr /Applications/Ableton\ Live\ 11\ Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/Live
sudo codesign -f -s - /Applications/Ableton\ Live\ 11\ Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/Live
  Member 16.02.2015 69
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 24.03.2015 98
quote by SignalFlow562GonBi wtf is wrong with you!!! I told you not to share this!!! This clearly requires R2R Keygen which you shouldn't be posting as your release!!!!

Thank you for your effort ... Keep up the good work ....

Ps for SignalFlow562

At least somebody share , not like R2R who keep stuff internal ...

Thks Again GonBi
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 532
This release requires R2R Keygen to work. Keep in mind that GonBi clearly made the release look like it's his and also was instructed not to share in respect to R2R
Live life loud
  Resident 6.02.2016 9 293
" GonBi clearly made the release look like it's his "

literally all his/hers shares are like that
High Sierra Hackintosh (i7-5820K @4.3GHz, ASUS X99-S, HDSPe AIO)
  Member 8.03.2018 37
So y'all have secret files ya'll share between each other, and don't share with everyone else? That sucks..
  Resident 26.07.2012 369

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