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Apple Logic Pro X v10.5.0 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | May 2020 | 997 MB
Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed.

Powerful Interface
• Consolidate and control multiple tracks or create rich, layered instruments with Track Stacks
• Smart Controls allow you to manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters with a single move
• Support for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro provides convenient controls for creating, editing and navigating your songs
• Autosave keeps your work safe and sound

Professional Music Production
• Record and edit MIDI or audio using a comprehensive set of editors and tools
• Keep takes organized with take folders and build comps quickly with Quick Swipe Comping
• Track Alternatives let you create and switch between different playlists of regions and edits on a track
• Render any combination of effect plug-ins to a selection of audio using Selection-based Processing
• Fix out-of-tune vocals and change the melodies of recorded audio with Flex Pitch
• Manipulate the timing and tempo of any recording with ease using Flex Time
• Comprehensive mix and plug-in parameter automation can be part of a region or track
• Create and mix music from anywhere in the room using Logic Remote on iPad or iPhone
• Produce simple lead sheets or orchestral scores with built-in Score editor

Drum Production
• Create authentic acoustic, electronic, or hip hop drum tracks using Drummer, a virtual session player and beat producer
• Choose among 28 distinct drummers that can take your direction and perform millions of unique grooves
• Build your own acoustic drum kits with Drum Kit Designer using a collection of deeply sampled drums
• Customize the sound of your electronic beats using Drum Machine Designer

Keyboards and Synths
• Get inspired by collection of synths that provide analog, wavetable, FM, additive, granular, spectral, and modeling synthesis
• Quickly find sounds or create unique new ones with Alchemy, the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer
• Play or create a wide variety of rich sampled instruments with the EXS24 Sampler
• Instantly turn a simple chord into a rich performance with the Arpeggiator
• Transform simple ideas into elaborate performances using nine MIDI plug-ins
• Play faithful models of classic organs, keyboards, and vintage synths

Guitar and Bass Gear
• Build your own guitar or bass rig with Amp Designer using vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and mics
• Design a custom Pedalboard from a collection of delay, distortion, and modulation stompboxes
• Access the Tuner with just a click to quickly get in tune
Creative and Production Effects
• Play your sounds through realistic acoustic spaces using Space Designer convolution reverb
• Use a range of multi-tap, vintage tape, and stereo delays
• Add movement to your tracks with a variety of modulation effects

Sound Library
• Over 2800 instrument and effect Patches
• 1000 meticulously sampled instruments
• More than 7000 Apple Loops in wide range of genres

• Expand your instrument and effects library with third-party Audio Units-compatible plug-ins
• Share to GarageBand option allows you to remotely add new tracks to your Logic project from your iPhone or iPad via iCloud
• Import and export XML to support Final Cut Pro X workflows
• Export and share your songs directly to SoundCloud
• Open projects from Logic 5 or later

Compatibility: macOS 10.14.6 or later 64-bit

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the Comment has been Removed
  Member 28.08.2016 1 3
The bottom four links on deuces' peeplink are for Feelings.rar not the Logic dmg!
  Member 5.12.2014 56 289

The Impaler
  Member 8.11.2019 132
exactly! To all those that constantly down vote Ibeny and TNT Up' should be ashamed. cuz now all of a sudden Ibeny and TNT is your hero

wake up Mac people ----TNT is pretty much all we got these days
(except for a couple of lone wolfs)
  Member 30.05.2019 27
  Member 5.09.2013 2 92
Thanks TNT! that was incredibly quick!
  Resident 19.10.2015 1 44
Is there any trick to make it work on High Sierra?
  Member 2.11.2017 1 19

Doesn't work on High Sierra... I will go to bed and cry now. Good night.
  Member 23.02.2020 7
it is compatible with mac high sierra 10.13.6?
  Member 10.07.2018 2 15
Is not compatible, also Apple change the compatibility on this last update and you needed to upgrade to Mojave o Catalina.
  Member 6.02.2016 9 258
no, it's clearly written in requirements 10.14.6 is minimum MacOS version
High Sierra Hackintosh (i7-5820K @4.3GHz, ASUS X99-S, HDSPe AIO)
  Member 10.10.2019 12
could anybody say what plugins/ programs are not working with mojave ? what are the reasons to stay with high sierra? thanks
  Resident 2.12.2019 156
Everything still works on Mojave, just don‘t go on Catalina.
Catalina users use:
sudo xattr -r -d
to dequarantine plugins to open them.
  Member 17.04.2012 208
Everything works on catalina ... just stop to say catalina isn't good if you don't try... I'm on catalina and I have no problem at all
  Resident 2.12.2019 156
yes everything still works on Catalina too if you dequarantine patched plugins
Catalina users use:
sudo xattr -r -d
to dequarantine plugins to open them.
  Resident 7.07.2013 62
No. I have both systems installed on different drives. Catalina dropped support for 32bit apps so any plugins running on it will not be seen. I can't get the Kuassa Matchlock 1.0.6 to work on Catalina whereas it works flawlessly on Mojave.
For the same reason you can't run Wine Windows emulator because it relies on that 32bit support. If on Catalina, you have to use VirtualBox and do a full Windows installation inside of it even if you only need to run Windows based key-generators. A big con! So I still do all my audio work on Mojave.
  Resident 27.09.2013 346
32lives requires version 2 for Mojave, which I have yet to see..
I just recently upgraded from Mavericks to High Sierra, and I'm not excited enough to upgrade...

Also it requires 10.14.6 version of Mojave, and, yes, you will need a Metal compatible video card for Mojave
  Resident 6.09.2012 517
No, you don't. Just disable it in terminal:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ useMetal -boolean no
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ useIOP -boolean no
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 453
Cool tip. Have a current Mac, never know when I might have a machine that'll need it.
Thanks for that nugget.
  Resident 21.06.2011 3 517
Upgrade to Mojave, if you can. I stayed on Sierra forever and finally caved in when I got a newer MBP. Just make sure all your plugs and apps are Mojave-compatible beforehand. There isn't a huge amount of difference, beyond having to codesign a few things that were working fine before the upgrade and maybe having to re-register a few items (in my case, it was a lot of software, almost as bad as jumping to a new hard drive. I think Mojave either moves a lot of stuff around in the System folder or wipes it out altogether). And enjoy your 32-bit software, because Mojave is the last OS that can use it.
  Member 5.04.2019 66
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.04.2012 208
in the same time in 2021 it's logic for me to stop working with 32 bit software ... all manufacturer have their 64 bit version .. in fact to update on catalina people which buy their software doesn't have problem... only people using crack software doesn't like catalina....
  Resident 7.07.2013 62
Which practically means all of the folks on this website. Why are you here?
  Resident 9.05.2014 1 499
I've bought and paid for 100% of every piece of software I use and make money from with my job.

PT Ultimate subscribed, RX Advanced, Waves Platinum (don't use it anymore), Sylenth, Fabfilter mixer bundle, SoundToys (full suite), Plugin Alliance BX series consoles.

I'm actually considering buying Logic X but haven't upgraded my OS yet because it's a PITA, even for legit users.

I'm still here
In 2010 I gave up women and Booze. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life.
  Member 10.07.2014 281
Very Fast! Thank You!!
  Member 14.05.2019 148
Only works on Mojave 10.14.6 or above. Apple Bastards

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