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Software, Mac OSX
Roland Cloud JUPITER-8 v1.1.1 [U2B] macOS-TRAZOR screenshot
TRAZOR | Jun 19 2022 | 28.1 MB
Released in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most celebrated and sought-after polysynths of all time. This meticulous plug-in reproduction is accurate down to the circuit level, while also enhancing the original spec with modern features.

Plug In Your Own JUPITER-8
The JUPITER-8 Software Synthesizer is a detailed recreation of the original, capable of the same rich pads, tectonic basses, and evocative leads as its hardware counterpart. Featuring eight-voice polyphony, 16 individual analog oscillators, and two or four-pole resonant filters, the virtual JUPITER-8 is a wildly customizable composition tool. From cross modulation to oscillator sync, the synth’s expansive effects parameters reward deep exploration. Newly added modern features include:
• Onboard reverb and tempo-syncing delay.
• Tempo-syncing LFO that locks to your project.
• Extended oscillator range.
• Condition knob adjusts the sound of the JUPITER-8—clean and pristine to warm and broken in.

NOTE: Universal 2 Binary AudioUnit only.

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  Member 6.11.2020 13
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 30.05.2020 154
TRAZOR my brother thank you for all...Please Arturia FX :)
  Member 16.10.2021 2 29
All Arturia effects were just released earlier this week.
  Member 1.06.2018 26
Thanks! Why "AudioUnit only"? Seems like it installs VST3 as well, and it seems to be working fine. Is this because I'm on Intel?
  Member 27.11.2016 55
VST3 are 64bit intel. AU are 64bit intel and apple silicon u2b.

Roland's decision and a really stupid one.
  Member 1.06.2018 26
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 23.10.2010 370
Trazor... you/ya'll are amazing and greatly appreciated.
  Member 24.12.2020 1 37
thank you so much trazor, and fuck subscriptions btw :)
macOS 12.4 Monterey
M1 Max Apple Silicon 64GB RAM 32-Core GPU
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 749
Doesn't work on Sierra, too bad...

Even site says 10.14 usually the earlier versions of Roland plugs was fine in Sierra but not this time: Crashed Authorization (ChMod & Deep Codesigner done).

> Edit: Finally work on Sierra
 - ElMoreno plays LogicX on Mac - 
  Member 25.07.2021 12
Operating System:
macOS 10.14
macOS 10.15
macOS 11
  Member 27.10.2021 39
Time for a new mac bro, you're behind the times
  Member 25.02.2014 255
No thanks. I have old hardware that would not work (correctly) with new computers.
I am using a Mac - 10.11.6. and 10.14.6
  Member 16.07.2014 221
Made my day with these RC updates - thank you!
  Member 9.12.2014 245
working perfectly on Monterey 12.04/Logic 10.7.4 (M1) – thank you TRAZOR, great share again!
  Member 28.01.2021 202
the two synths cause some crackling. chorus is fine. intel i7. logic 10.5.
  Member 24.12.2020 1 37
not actually a crack issue, the plugins are just incredibly CPU intensive. Roland's simulation Logic seems to prioritise lots of inefficient true to original algorythms instead of efficiency, or they have turned up internal oversampling way too high, who knows.

I need to set the buffer size pretty high on my machine too
macOS 12.4 Monterey
M1 Max Apple Silicon 64GB RAM 32-Core GPU
  Member 28.01.2021 202
It's not my MacBook, Logic, or Trazor problem. Other Roland Cloud AU's run the same way. The first Korg Wavestate version did the same thing, and they put out a fixed legit version in a day or 2. But the cause isn't the issue. I'd want to be aware of such a report before trying something. It's not even that big. I tested, and now another downloader can read first and decide to try. No big deal, it's why we try before buy. The Chorus FX plugin is great. :)
  Member 15.08.2016 292
I had this issue (CPU spikes) with the last versions. I am on M1. But this version fixed the issue for me. All good now with low CPU usage. may be different for Intel machines.
  Member 18.08.2020 66
Have you tried the 'optimize for lower cpu' option in the plugin's menu?
Also reduce the amount of voices from 8 to 4 in Jupiter 8.
I can use these synths on a 2012 MBP running Mojave without clicking this way and there's hardly a difference in quality.
  Member 8.01.2022 10
quote by Dotti2ShottiAll Arturia effects were just released earlier this week.

Yes but they don’t work on M1 as native plugins.
  Member 16.06.2020 31
  Member 18.08.2020 66
I'm so glad Roland include 'optimize for lower cpu' in their menus or I'd be screwed on my old MBP. Can't tell the difference anyway.
Thanks again TRAZOR
  Member 7.08.2018 227
Fixed the CPU spiking on M1
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 517
Here's a couple of helpful tips.

Tip 1: for Apple Silicon/M1/M2 Native VST3 Users:
You don't need to run these under Rosetta!
Use Blue Cat's Patchwork/Synth VST3 plugin in your DAW running Natively and load the Roland AU's. Viola! Congratulations! That's it. Now you're running Roland Cloud Synths in your VST based DAW, like Cubase, natively. Kick rocks Rosetta.

Tip 2: For better organization: Create these three custom folders in the preset directory. ~Documents>Blue Cat's Audio>Blue Cat's Patchwork>Presets>Roland Cloud Legendary Series, Roland Cloud ZENOLOGY Pro, Roland Cloud Aira Series. Load the plugins then save them as Presets via Blue Cat's Main File Directory (*Important* this is the drop-down on the upper right, between the arrows, not the glossy one with plugins) to their appropriate folders.
TRUST ME, you'll appreciate doing this when you're finished.

Trazor! You already know. Sweet! No more crackling cpu spikes! Big thanks buddy!

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