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Software, Windows, Mac OSX

April 2022 | CONTENT MAC / WIN | 4 GB
RAPID comes with a great variety of production ready sounds. Each preset designed and handcrafted for playability and creativity in mind, passed through careful quality control. All macros are linked to allow an easy control of the most striking sound aspect.
With version 1.8.5. the new effects Chorus X and Vintagizer have been added.

Since version 1.8.0. a new bonus sound package Granular Elements is now included for free.

Since version 1.7.0. the additional plugin RAPID FX is included. This allows the use as an effect unit on DAW mixer, insert and send channels and opens up a whole new dimension of sound processing possibilities.

Each of the 8 synthesis layer can be controlled separately and consist of the following elements.


Morphable Wavetables.
Multi-Samples with Velocity and/or Round Robin.
Up to 8x Unison voices.
Bass and Treble control per waveform.
Tube Distortion and Asymmetric Clip.
Phase Modulation and Ring Modulation.
Phase & Ring Modulation from other Oscillators.
Phase Bend, Phase Double and Phase Mirror.
Phase Feedback Modulation.
Hard Synchronization and Sync Bend.
Formant Shift and Phase Overlap.
Organic Drift and Pulse-Width Modulator.
Chaos Phase and Noise Generator with smooth Brown/White/Pink fading.
Granular Synthesis

Up to 100 true stereo grains.
Morphable grain envelope shapes.
Grain lengths from 10 milliseconds up to 1 second.
Chaos randomizer for grain position, rate, length volume and detune.
Can also use stereo Multi-Samples as granular source.
Free bonus library Granular Elements included.
Filter & Insert

6, 12, 24 dB Lowpass and Highpass.
12, 24 dB Pro-Lowpass.
12, 24 dB Bandpass and Peak.
24 dB Multi-Bandpass and Multi-Peak.
12 dB Notch and Multi-Notch.
Acid, Analog, Legacy and Vintage Lowpass
Xtreme Lowpass I and II.
Formant, Vowel, Bitcrusher and Sample and Hold.
Feedback-Comb and Time-Lag.
Parallel and Serial Low/High-Pass combination.
Tube Distortion, Overdrive and Tone-Fuzz.
Exciter and Attack Booster.

4x ADSR envelopes with adjustable slopes.
4x LFOs with dual waveform and phase bending for complex shapes.
4x Sequences with up to 32 steps, with loop and one-shot mode.
Different trigger modes for various use-cases.

32-Step pattern steps with adjustable lengths.
Up, down, random, queue and chord pattern mode.
Octave and shuffle control.
Import/Export external MIDI files.

Legato mode with note glide.
MIDI channel filtering.
Key-range per layer.
Input note filter.
Reorder of insert and filter processing.

Reverb with 8 spatial models for different sizes.
Delay with smooth delay time modulation.
Dual Delay with Cross-Feedback and Ping-Pong mode.
Tonal Delay with tunable delay times.
Chamber for very short reverb acoustics.
Smooth Tube Distortion with dynamic EQ Boost.
Bit-Crusher, Rate-Reduction with jitter.
2-Band Waveshaper with adjustable crossover.
4-Band Saturator with 16 different insert types.
Phaser, Flanger, Chorus with precise modulation depth control.
Ensemble Chorus.
Multi-Stage dual Chorus X.
3-Band-Equalizer with low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf and bell filter.
Talker Filter 6 vocal formant modes and internal crusher.
Dynamic Compressor with Digital and Analog mode.
Syncable Sidechain leveler with different shapes.
32-step stereo Trancegate with Shuffle-Rhytmn control.
Send Router, for parallel mixing with other layers.
Tapestop with adjustable slope, start and stop time.
Glitch for pitch shift, stutter and time jumps, controllable by sequences.
Vintagizer Retro and Lo-Fi emulation.

8-Channel Mixer.
3-Band Dynamic Compressor with different reaction models.
Output Limiter with automatic makeup gain.
Quick Modifier for simultaneous control of Volume and Filter Envelope for all layers.
User Libraries:

Single- & Multi-Cycle Wavetable import.
Single- & Multi-Sample import with Velocity & Round Robin.
Resynthesis Algorithm for new Multi-Sample generation.
Archive & Installation of self contained library bundles.

Drag & Drop Modulation.
Preset Files for Modulator, Effect or Arpeggiator pattern.
Copy & Paste Modulators, Patterns or complete layers.
3-Macro Controllers.

Resizeable HD graphics with 16:9 resolution (1280 x 720 px).
4K Ready and scalable up to 300% (3840 x 2160 px).
Ten unique UI Themes.
Plugin Types

Rapid Synthesizer
Rapid FX

Future updates included
Factory Size

2,0 GB

Internet Download

660+ Sound Presets
250+ Modulator Presets
250+ Arpeggiator Presets
510+ Effect Presets
110+ Rapid FX Presets

250+ Wavetables
190+ Multi-Samples
370+ Oneshot Drum Samples (44.1 kHz, Stereo, 16-bit WAV)

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Resident 30.12.2013 276
This is a good Synth.. i got a license free directly from them since it was beta. is nice to see people interested on it.
Don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over!
  Resident 29.01.2015 607
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.07.2012 565
curious ... afraid it s another sophisticated rompler
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2223 15037
Search for videos about it on YouTube, it's very far from any rompler.
It's an advanced synthesiser, it's also the one that actually offer the best granular synthesis.
  Member 29.08.2019 12 173
I think it's a good synthesizer and I think it can compete with spire or dune 2, although I'm not convinced by all its low-pass filters, I feel that sometimes it cuts too much.
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  Moderator 21.01.2012 2223 15037
It's much more than Spire or Dune.
There are 8 layers with 3 osc each and the best granular engine actually on the market. Plus, all the envelopes, LFOs, 2 Filters and a long etc .. for each layer.
It's a beast of a synth.
  Resident 9.05.2014 8 708
No, it is like an advanced version of Serum or Throne. At least for me.
Я ни русский, ни славянен, а турок говорящий по-русски
  Member 19.03.2022 9
ive got a question....whats the point of have this stuff....if is not unlocked yet?? is rapid free?
  Resident 5.08.2014 291
Since you have to buy it to get this version, they supply it here so people with the right skills can unlock it. So this is not the demo, it's the version you get when you buy it .
  Member 19.03.2022 9
can we use this stuff with the rapid demo??
  Member 12.11.2021 18 231
Just install, and copy in the programdata/parawave folder the content of the "rapid" folder in the "rapid demo" folder!
I already use the progressive house and the supernova packs this way! The links still work!
Unfortunately not the links for the factory content and the granular elements
I already wrote a request for a reupload of the rapidinstaller, but no reaction so far...
A reupload would be great!
  Resident 4.06.2022 14 393
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 28.01.2019 14
the Comment has been Removed
  Contributor 3.05.2011 639 4361

you really need the factory content installed to even open rapid properly, well done parawave.
so 4GB is wasted ...
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Banned 10.09.2021 154
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1378
I have the V1.8.5.0 (PROGRAM & SOUNDBANK) files available if anyone wants to attempt to crack them or get them to R2R.
Apparently, the Soundfiles are harder to crack than the program.
  Member 28.08.2018 47
Would love to have this ;)
  Member 9.02.2018 2
Would anyone crack this thing up?
I'll be more than thankful!

  Resident 19.09.2008 8 339
install the demo and put the factory content an desired expansions to demo folder ) use Rapid for 20 minutes ) profit
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter

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