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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Mastering The Mix Bundle v1.4m WIN/MAC [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | November, 24 | AudioZ Exclusive | WiN/MAC | 636 MB
RESO - Dynamic Resonance Suppressor

Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. RESO helps you identify which specific frequencies are causing problems. It also guides you on how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without making your mix sound thin. QUICKLY IDENTIFY AND RESOLVE RESONANCES IN YOUR AUDIO.

Overview: RESO is a dynamic resonance suppressor that helps you quickly identify and resolve resonances in your audio.

Problem Solved: Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. Our plugin RESO helps you quickly identify and resolve resonances. The smart features help you get the best possible sound by dynamically fixing the problematic resonances without making your music sound thin.

Get Started: Load up an instance of RESO on any channel and listen closely for resonances. The display, frequency sweep, and ‘calculate targets’ features will help you identify resonant frequencies. Double click anywhere within the main window to create a node. Position the node where you want the resonance suppression to start. The Q is automatically optimized for the frequency of the node. You can scroll to adjust the Q to suit your preference.

Highlight 1: The Calculate Targets feature will analyze your audio, find the resonant frequencies, and give you ‘Target Nodes’ showing how much reduction is suggested to transparently resolve the resonance.

Highlight 2: RESOs super-transparent mastering-grade filters allow you to clean up resonances without affecting your transients and phase


V1.0.1: Build Nov 18, 2021

This update includes:

Add mouse wheel settings for slow Q changes(fixes windows mice issue and some mac mice)
Node borders circle colours fixed
Hover over node and frequency/threshold snap to correct values (before it was vague)
Wavelab filter sweep fixed
Cubase, Studio One node settings correctly implemented on session open.
Drag multi select relative threshold positions maintained
Colour options.

Installer for Apple Silicon Processor M1 is coming.

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ


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  Resident 15.08.2012 851
pt12 AudioUtopia, win10 latest: aax does not show up.
  Member 2.08.2019 368
AAX work fine mate

  Member 29.02.2020 2 12
Why does it say "iNTEL | WIN" on the main page ? Does that mean works only for Intel Windows and not AMD!
  Resident 15.08.2012 851
he comes from a mac universe where INTEL indicates non-Silicon
windows installers are included, aax not working, didnt test vst2 3 sa
  Member 29.02.2020 2 12
Got it , Thx Dude
  Member 14.09.2013 3 254
there is nothing in this post that make us assume that AAX are cracked nor even possible to know for vst 2 or vst 3

so it's like use at your own risk
  Resident 30.12.2013 176
No AAX on mac.. downloaded just to check if it has AAX.. im not installing them since i own all of them.
Don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over!
  Resident 15.08.2012 851
there is no indication of anything in the nfo? or lack thereof?
there are aax included for replacement, so thats the indication, right?
  Member 24.11.2021 8
More from MORiA, Thanks dude!!!!
  Member 14.12.2019 2 206
  Member 14.11.2013 63
Thanks a bunch MORiA
  Member 18.05.2020 8 33
Huh? What is different from the previous version?
  Member 29.08.2020 66
The entire write up above is literally about RESO
  Member 18.05.2020 8 33
I mean...this version was released in Audioz before as far as I remember. So, why is it released twice?
  Member 11.08.2021 3
Nice plugins! RESO version 1.0.1
  Member 1.02.2012 46
The AAX works...... IN DEMO MODE !!!!
  Member 2.08.2019 368

do you guys actually know how to replace fles?
there is no siiver spoon feeding here .. time for you to learn
you are not newbie you have been here since 2012

  Resident 19.04.2012 213
why force people to download both mac and win versions?
you should separate them as 2 different files like others do
  Member 14.11.2013 63
Honestly? It's a 636MB download. Just delete the OSX shit if you don't need it
  Member 17.02.2014 7 527
Exactly. It's not only 36 Mb. Tele's question seems to me quite legitimate, considering that as usual the releaser always separate Win and Mac packages link
  Resident 19.04.2012 213
maybe cause getting it as free DL will take you much more time and bandwidth
  Resident 28.06.2013 571
don't download it then. sheesh. nobody is forcing you to steal every file that is uploaded here.
  Member 21.01.2021 99
It came as FREE. Just download it and enjoy, guys.
  Member 17.02.2014 7 527
The term "Free" is a commonplace language whose meaning, today more than yesterday, escapes the most hasty and distracted consumers...
  Member 28.01.2014 15
Anyone else having a problem launching the installer from Mojave?

I keep getting the error can't be opened. Tried several extractors and even did a codesign and chmod +x on the installer, but no dice :(
  Member 29.08.2013 1 209
Same here on Monterey
  Member 24.02.2019 9
You need to batchmod it to have write permissions.
  Member 24.12.2019 6

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