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Software, Mac OSX
Devious Machines - Pitch Monster 1.2.1 [MacOS] NOT FULL CRACKED screenshot
MORiA | VST | VST3 | AudioUnit | AAX | 9 MB
Underneath Pitch Monster’s streamlined exterior lurks an absolute beast, capable of 64 voices of sound-warping insanity. Transform a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody; turn a mono synth into an orchestra, or your own familiar speaking voice into the rumbling vibrations of Thor, God of Thunder.
With its granular, formant and robo-tastic vocoder engines, Pitch Monster goes far beyond ordinary pitch shifting. Realtime MIDI control, low latency and 8-voice polyphony mean that it can be played like an instrument. Pitch and time spread and randomisation functions turn ordinary sounds into the fantastical, whilst extreme formant shifting can not only alter the gender of a voice, but mutate it into an entirely different species!
Just don’t turn the knobs too far. You don’t want to get it over-excited.
Harmonise with up to 8 voices of polyphony
Huge 6-octave range
Dial in 8 voices of unison for a 64 voice stack
Granular, formant-shifting and vocoder engines
Realtime MIDI control
Programmable chord memories, with hundreds of presets
Dual high + low pass filters for fine tonal control
Wide mode for BIG stereo effects
Responsive, low-latency DSP engine.
Formant mode is tailored for vocals but also works with other clean monophonic audio.
If you think of the voice as a series of pulse from your vocal chords through the resonanting chambers of your neck and head then this mode lets you control the speed of the pulses and the size of your neck and head independently.
Chord mode lets you select up to eight notes on the on-screen keyboard to form a chord. This mode can be used to harmonize or add higher or lower energy to a sound. With eight chord memory slots, you can save and recall chords for live performance.
Build chords for your track in MIDI learn mode, or copy and paste chords between slots and edit them. You can even copy chords to other instances of the plugin.
This is NOT FULL CRACKED version
Noise bursts after some minutes
So you can bounce the region, to use it

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  Resident 8.03.2015 13 404
Wow ¡¡¡ Thank you Moria ¡
  Member 4.07.2015 272
THAT is cool!!! THX!
  Resident 6.11.2012 424
I can´t open de dmg file, thanks anyway
  Member 6.03.2016 24
dosent work
  Resident 7.10.2011 705
quote by juan carlos crovettodosent work

May I respectfully say your comment is useless. If you are going to make a claim like this please tell us the procedure you followed and your computers specs and operating system.
You will find the community here will try and help you if they understand your issue.
We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play, then we move like tigers on vaseline
  Member 6.03.2016 24
I totally agree with you, I apologize and next time I will do so
  Member 10.10.2019 27
Thank you very much, Moria!
I'm on OS 10.9.5 and it works -
but with the litte workflow hinderance that the demo window is still popping up with every opening, saying you've got "3635 days left".
@ Moria: is there a way to get rid of this window?
  Member 9.12.2015 2 183
so this is another release that is a basically a demo?
  Member 8.04.2014 97
quote by indigenousso this is another release that is a basically a demo?

A demo u can use for 3635 days. You think you're still using it after 3635 days?
  Member 8.04.2014 97
  Member 10.04.2014 1 83
HELL YEAH! thank you :)
  Member 28.04.2019 267
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.08.2016 43
white noise every now and then
Big McThankies from McSpankies
  Member 28.04.2019 267
the Comment has been Removed
  Releaser 26.10.2018 79 451
quote by Cube63If you hear a white noise, it's the "texture"

100 % Thank you Cube63!
  Member 2.09.2016 580
i dont test yet but if the noise is in trial it will be there. Just only trial reset. But i love this because in this way i have one more noise layer

My sudo is dead
  Member 28.04.2019 267
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 10.10.2019 27
I was too hasty saying that it works, because it is definitely still in demo mode with the noise coming up every now and then -
only that the demo period is, well, quite prolonged.
You can achieve the same with the original demo, you just have to delete the "product.inf"-file (user/librabry/application support/devious machines/pitchmonster) every time the demo runs out.
  Resident 6.11.2012 424
I´m on ElCapitan 10.11.6 and i can´t open the "PitchMonster 1.2.1 Mac.dmg" file, any thoughts?
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 429
Have you tried right click and then open?
Live life loud
  Resident 6.11.2012 424
yes and nothing, also pacifist and batchmode but i can´t open.
I downloaded two times with diferents servers but nothing hapen
  Resident 9.06.2013 5 636
not cracked release
white noise comes out from time to time
  Member 7.02.2015 4 114
Some nice presets.

But the patch doesn't work. White noise every five minutes or so.
  Resident 30.11.2008 11 172
Why do they allow the publication of this type of releases that do not work?
  Member 17.04.2018 1 27
guys just bounce the audio when there isnt any noise coming...

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