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Software, Windows
Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.0.3 PORTABLE WiN x64 x86 - GUI Mod screenshot
MAJESTIC | 31 December 2018 | 56MB
This modification for Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.0.3 PORTABLE WiN x64 x86, will change the GUI from displaying "Kontakt Portable", and revert it back to the official "Kontakt".

To effectuate the change, drag the "Kontakt" folder into the location of your 6.0.3 Portable "Kontakt" folder, and replace the corresponding files when prompted to.



Visual Instructions:
Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.0.3 PORTABLE WiN x64 x86 - GUI Mod screenshot

Kontakt Portable, both the plugin and the standalone, have a habit of crashing upon the first launch after a major change has been made to its settings. If this happens, don't worry. Just relaunch, and it should work fine.

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  Resident 22.01.2014 103
Thank you kind sir!
  Member 27.05.2014 96
Majestic,you are the best.Big thanks.
  Member 29.05.2015 292
I would like to know if I can install kontakt 6.0.3 portable directly from kontakt 5.7.3 Or if I have to install kontakt 6.0.0 first? thank you
  Member 2.03.2014 5
This post is for the PORTABLE version. There is no need to install anything. You just download the file and extract it to some folder. Inside your DAW you have to specify the additional VST location. I assume you could have your 5.7.3 version installed and in addition extract and use the 6.0.3 portable version.
  Resident 2.10.2013 273
I prefer the "BEFORE" version. I don't know why the change, I like to have the "Portable" mention in the GUI, this way I can easily identify which version I have instantiated.

But thanks anyway
  Member 1.11.2018 18
It's nice to have the GUI fix if you're making any YouTube videos. At least that's what I use it for.
  Resident 7.02.2009 1 284
This can be done with the tool Resource Hacker, one former member of ASex showed how. still is useful to have it more easy .
[2009] Sorry for my English. I'm working on it
[2017] I'm beginning to improve. Hell yeah, I'm a fast learner :D
  Resident 30.03.2018 63 558
Yes, I explained it on the previous one for 6.0.2
quote by MajesticThe Kontakt Portable (x86 or x64).dll's were untouched; which is clearly the case, as they are not included in the files.

The .exe (portable file), and .vst (which contains the plugin's resources) were altered, as they are the only files included.

The .vst file in this release is NOT to be confused with Steinberg's VST (Virtual Studio Technology), which is usually in the form of a .dll. The VST.dll usually contains the plugin's resources, however, in the case of Kontakt Portable, it doesn't, which is obvious as the .dll is only 232KB. The larger ~65MB Kontakt.vst, is what contains the plugin's resources.

This .vst is a file created in Microsoft Visio and stands for ViSio Template.

Altering the resources of the .exe and the .vst was pretty simple. Just open them in a resource editor (I used Resource Tuner by Heaventools), find the offending file(s) within, in this case is it was a .png which contained the image of the "Kontakt Portable" logo. Then swap it with one obtained from a non-portable version of Kontakt. Voila

Hope that helped. Cheers
  Resident 30.03.2018 63 558
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 6.02.2017 59
TY Majestic....this works great.....
  Releaser 25.05.2013 12 418
Lol, did this with all the portable Kontakt versions before.
If I would've known it's that admired, I probably would've posted it too.
  Member 24.02.2019 9
the Comment has been Removed

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