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Software, Windows, Mac OSX

Youlean Loudness Meter is your ultimate free VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin for loudness measurement.

Smart Loudness Memory

Smart Loudness Memory will speed up your workflow by saving all data with DAW session and recalling it after you reload the session.


International standards compliance.
Resizable interface.
Histogram and distribution display.
Multi channel support.
Smart Loudness Memory.
International standards compliance

ITU-R BS.1770-4
EBU R128
EBU R128 S1
AGCOM 219/09/CSP
Channel support

5.1 DTS
5.1 ITU
5.1 Film

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uploadboy link
  Member 4.04.2017 1 11
It can't be version 2 if it's version 1.9.7!
  Member 5.04.2017 7
1.9 is a beta for 2.0, the guy is a big FL user and follows their numbering convention where .9 versions are betas for the next major.
  Member 15.11.2013 116
quote by GabeIt can't be version 2 if it's version 1.9.7!

Why can't it be Mark II, Version 1.9.7?
What if it is YLM III v 4.2.1 one day, should it be named YLM IV then?
  Member 4.04.2017 1 11
I get what you're saying, but there's no Mk II involved here. It's simply going to be version 2 of the same plugin (once it's released), and yes it will closely resemble the current release, but it takes some mental gymnastics to pre-preemptively number something while also retaining the previous number! In the words of the developer: "V2 version is around the corner!"
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Gabe, how about FL Studio 20.0.0 build xxxx, which is also named as FL 12.9.6 Beta or so?????? which is which there?
1.9.7 is a pre-2.0 stage, beta for full final release.
V2 BETA, means it is almost 2.0, everything is done, just small fixes, beta testing, many small stuff in plan etc.
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Since 1.0.5 stable release:

V1.9.7 โ€“ BETA โ€“ May 7, 2018
Fixed hold max values not resetting after a mouse click
Added AAX plugin type for macOS and Windows
Stability improvements

V1.9.6 โ€“ BETA โ€“ May 2, 2018
Fixed VST3 not working in Studio One
Fixed VST3 not working in vMix
Fixed bug when moving color splits will freeze vMix

V1.9.5 โ€“ BETA โ€“ May 2, 2018
PRO โ€“ Added settings for PLR graph, alerts, optimizations
PRO โ€“ Added pdf export option
Fixed PLR-I measurement error after project reload
Optimized binary size
Reduced CPU usage by ~30%
Minor GUI tweaks

v1.9.4 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Apr 1, 2018
Fixed forced mono audio
Fixed some crashes

v1.9.3 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Apr 1, 2018
Fixed broken v1.9.2 build that will crash sometimes

v1.9.2 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Mar 31, 2018
PRO โ€“ Added loudness target knob
Added check if a plug-in interface can fit the monitor screen
Added buttons to reset window size and scaling
Added loudness range display
Fixed crash when switching to 22050 Hz sample rate
Minor GUI bug fixes

v1.9.1 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Feb 28, 2018
Fixed Time Code behavior when โ€œAuto Resetโ€ feature is turned on
Minor small bug fixes

v1.9.0 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Feb 7, 2018
Added smooth color transition option
Added PLR-Short Term and PLR-Integrated readouts
Added second color split
Added true peak graph display
Added Getting Started window
Added true peak graph display
Extended range of true peak threshold to -30 dB
Optimized graphics for macOS retina and Windows HiDPI mode
Optimized graphics performance
Fixed preset recalling
Fixed most of the resizing problems on macOS
Better compatibility with macOS High Sierra using AU format
GUI design improvements
Stability improvements

v1.5.0 โ€“ BETA โ€“ Jun 4, 2017
Added GUI scaling. Activate by ctrl+drag on resizing handle
Added view modes
Added continuous mode
Added fine control for true peak threshold
Fixed crashes in Cubase โ€“ VST3 version
A lot of stability improvements
Minor graphical glitches fixes
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***It is outdated. Download the latest (v1.9.9-now) from the official website***
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