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DrumDog XL Kick Drums 2 WAV screenshot DrumDog XL Kick Drums 2 WAV | 5 MB
The second installment in Drumdog's best selling XL Kick Drums has arrived in the form of 100 solidly shaped, low-end melters.

With every hit recorded at 24-bit for maximum sonic clarity, the sounds are formed by carefully blending the transient portion of live kicks and synth fx with the low-end boom and punch of classic dance kicks and passing the end result through an array of analogue compression and summing. The result will inspire any rhythmic track irrespective of genre.

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  Resident 12.12.2011 2 463
soooooooo ...dd_xl kick drums 2 (34).wav is from Kick Free Revolution Vol.2 ...they just modified and layered kicks all day ...and then resell them ...i can do this too :D just like in the first cd from vengeance ...many many samples where chopped from tracks ...they had the name imbedded into id2 tags and id3 lol ...a bunch of morons in this industry ...i bet no one is able to produce real drums, kicks, percs and so on ...they layer till bleed with some additional hardware and then resell ... anyway i appreciate your upload, so thank you!
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  Resident 24.10.2011 5 733
This is usual...

In the same vein, you can find countless drumboxes collections witch contain free internet samples...and they pretend to have sampled over 100 of them.
But when you listen to the samples, you realize quality is not consistent, and in fact there are a bunch of crappy samples just resampled to 24bits/44.1kHz.

If you want free and original kicks, start with "wave alchemy" free club kicks 1 and 2.
Killer ones.

And "Hard & Trance Kicks"
This file contains over 75 mb of club kicks, distort kicks, hard kicks, trance kicks, reverb kicks and punchy kicks.

I think this is this one :
Download Link

With those ones, you cover around 90% needs ;)

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