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sound effects, loops
Ghosthack - 13 Free Vinyl Crackles WAV [free] screenshot
Wav sample pack - 7 mb
A lot of producers use crackle sounds in their productions to create a special form of atmosphere, they combine it with reverb, delay or flanger and implement them deep in their mix. Famous examples are producers like Burial, Boards of Canada, Odesza, Clams Casino, old Trip Hop Bands like Portishead and many more.
I'm also a big fan of crackle sounds in my tracks and love to experiment with them. If you're into producing deep and calm music, give it a try!

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as much as i wish plugins could really nail vinyl crackles.. i have yet to find a plugin (that doesn't just use samples) do vinyl crackles as good as the real thing. so thanks for this! it's just what my track was needing today :)
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