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Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection KONTAKT screenshot
Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection KONTAKT
Total Size: 46.07 GB

Big collection of 55 Kontakt libraries from Tonehammer (8Dio and Soundiron).

Collection contains:

Alien Drum (470 MB)

Forgotten Voices: Barbary (842 MB)

Bowed Grand Piano (1.34 GB)

Epic Tom Ensemble (459 MB)

Epic Guitars Vol.1 (668 MB)

Plucked Grand Piano (2.61 GB)

Small Epic Percussion (627 MB)

Forgotten Voices: Terrie (1.19 GB)

Cajon and Bongo (667 MB)

Forgotten Voices: Caite (806 MB)

Epic Toms High & Epic Toms Low (181 MB)

Epic Dhol Ensemble (1.21 GB)

Didgeridoo (257 MB)

Forgotten Voices: Francesca (517 MB)

Propanium (365 MB)

Gnomehammer (633 MB)

Bamblong (466 MB)

Circle Bells (1.99 GB)

Cylindrum 1.0 (271 MB)

Riq Drum (802 MB)

Cathedral Of Junk (249 MB)

Emotional Piano (4.84 GB)

Requiem Light 1.0 (3.23 GB)

Ambius 1 Transmissions (1.79 GB)

Shake Vol.1 (947 MB)

Rust Vol.2 Epic Iron (1.03 GB)

Lakeside Organ (961 MB)

Little Pump Reeds (0.99 GB)

Tabla vol.1 Loops (1.25 GB)

Tabla vol.2 Multi (582 MB)

Zitherette (338 MB)

High School Drum Corps (256 MB)

Old Busted Granny Piano (205 MB)

Waterharp (1.17 GB)

Rust Vol.1 (337 MB)

AntiDrum vol.1 (297 MB)

AntiDrum vol.2 (946 MB)

Frendo (368 MB)

Kalimba (209 MB)

Whaledrum (155 MB)

Bamboo Stick Ensemble (107 MB)

Borosilicate Bells (391 MB)

Songwriting Guitar Vol.2 (1.14 GB)

Glass Marimba (1.01 GB)

Cymbology Vol 1: Bowed (3.64 GB)

Twine Bass (1.01 GB)

Berimbau (707 MB)

Jaw Harp (100 MB)

Wind Chimes (274 MB)

Iron Throne (423 MB)

Clay Drum (54.9 MB)

Overtone Flute (434 MB)

Spirit Flute (286 MB)

Sand Drum (182 MB)

Water Percussion (77.8 MB)


[Uploaded.to, Ryushare, Unibytes]

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  Resident 15.09.2010 1117
ADAGIO Violins? Progressive Metal Guitar? Hybrid Tools?

Most of these above are old Tonehammer stuff.
  Resident 7.01.2012 4 66
Alot of older library's, would be awesome to se the new ones.
Thanks anyways. yes
1st Donator to the Community that is, AudioZ. Go Saint! ;)
  Resident 31.05.2010 1114
Mostly old tonehammer relases
but for newbies this is good atleast they dont have to search around like i had to do..

Mostly old tonehammer relases
but for newbies this is good atleast they dont have to search around the internet on sites like this like i had to do..
  Resident 21.09.2011 18 532
I'd be for Epic Taiko and Epic Taiko Ensemble. And from Cinesamples', Cinesnares and CineCrash would be PERFECT.
Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
  guest -- 0
none of new 8dio stuffs will go around. forget it guys... they're all watermarked
  Resident 3.02.2011 38 479
none of new 8dio stuffs will go around. forget it guys... they're all watermarked

tonehammer stuff were also watermarked...
  Resident 15.09.2011 1522
Can someone explain what "watermarked" means, when we talk about sample banks? There has to be something encoded in the samples? But then it would affect the sound somehow. I don't get it. I know how a watermarked picture looks like and it's pretty obvious. Wouldn't we be able to hear it? If they just put some info in the sample's header, it can be erased... I know just the tool for that. ;)
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 15.09.2010 1117
Who gives a crap if it's watermarked?

Are they going to check every piece of music sold and then go after the producer because they may not have bought it??


Fearmongering is all it is.
  Resident 21.09.2011 18 532
I've had a great article about watermarks in Kontakt libraries, but it seems to be deleted. Basically you are right. These 'watermarks' are chunks inside WAVE or AIFF format that can be safely removed when necessary. This information is not stored in actual waveform, so it won't appear neither in sample waveform, nor in final song.

So, let me explain first how it work
When you purchase some watermarked stuff, you get installer where you put your serial number associated with the purchase. Then the installer mark all samples with ID chunk with your serial in it. This is to prevent massive distribution by identifying the source of potential distribution. That way they can track the library back to original purchaser.

Normally it is easy to remove such information as well as anything from WAVE samples. If they're compressed in NCW, they can be decompressed using Kontakt. However potential problem arises when the watermarked samples are stored inside NKX archive as it is encrypted and thus you don't have access to the WAVEs. Extraction from NKX archive IS possible using latest Kontakt from AiR 4.1.1, however only libraries supported by K4.1.1. The rest of the libraries could be extracted but you'll have to do it file-by-file (fake patch technique I've applied while extracting K4IR). Of course you need to have encryption key to decrypt such archive (they're usually stored in ***_info.nkx)

However the time proved to us and to them that watermarking never work. Even if you track the distribution to the source, it proves nothing. The library could have been stolen, carried out from big studio or accidentaly put on non-encrypted web storage rofl . They're keeping their customers in constant fear and that will have impact on their income and satisfaction of their customers.

I really wanted to buy Adagio Violins and Hollywood strings (from EWQL), however I've changed my mind because of these I-lok 2 protection and the way how these companies treat customers - every buyer is potential threat.

PS: If someone wants it, I could write article about watermarking here on AudioZ. Well with admin's approval: yes
Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
  Resident 25.05.2012 8 364
Ethereal Voice: Thanks for the advice... good information! wink
  Resident 22.11.2009 116
8dio 1928 piano yes thanks..
  guest -- 0
part 3 of the emotional piano won't download for me on uploaded. Any alternate links. The others won't work in my country. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the upload, btw. wink
  guest -- 0
please reupp uploaded links.. i must have this release
  Resident 4.06.2011 158
Thanxs a lot !!!!

  guest -- 0
check uploaded.to links... error links
  Resident 30.01.2011 1 296
Re-up plzzz!!!
  guest -- 0
please extabit!!!
  Resident 1.11.2010 3 343

And what about DNA sound code in waves files? Believe it or not!

  guest -- 0
ThanXs a lot.
Please ADAGIO Violins. wink
  Resident 21.01.2010 412 568
  Resident 10.04.2012 4 130
PLEASE RE-UPPPP :((((((((((
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