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PlugInGuru Absynth 5 Power Pack Vol 1 screenshot
NABS | 21 MB
Plug-in Guru John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl re-invents Absynth 5 into a thundering virtual synth capable of epic bassline wobbles, ferocious synth leads, wild FX, twisted vocalisers and more in this on dancefloor-slaying 183-strong Absynth patch collection.

it has been re-invented by Skippy into an unstoppable mainroom monster of a synth packed with basses, leads, pads, pulses, pianos, bells, drums, vox and wind patches.

Not only is every patch programmed with cutting-edge dance music in mind, the performance sliders have been programmed to allow you to simply customise each patch without having to get deep inside Absynth's powerful underbelly - start moving sliders and tweak the sound to suit.

What's in the collection?

32 Monster Synth Basses > including Wobble basses with fully-controllable LFO rates via the Absynth sliders.

32 Epic Leads > from sweet fusion saw lines to anthemic stacked progressive leads and everything in between.

22 Tempo Synced BPM Patches > From Pads with pulsing elements to techno patches where 1 slider controls the Up Beat pulses while another slider controls the downbeat pulses and SO much more!

32 Lush Pads > ultra-wide, rich and detailed pad patches suited for trance and progressive productions.

11 SFX > everything from twisted transitions to alien drones.

Electric Pianos > from downtempo ambient keys to heavy electric piano through to funky R&B.

4 Bells > bell patches with sliders to create 100s of variants.

3 Tempo Synced Drum Patches > for the synth-based beat freaks.

And more > vox patches, wind patches and 34 FX patches.

Also Includes > 27MB of samples including 28 OSC Pads, vocal moanings and 4 different noise types - Absynth 5 doesn't have a noise generator.

REQUIRES Absynth 5 version 5.10 or higher to work.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/PlugInGuru Absynth 5 Power Pack Vol 1
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  Resident 2.01.2011 9 2704
this is cool but the ASSiGN update to use this suck's has any one even got ASSiGN Absynth 5 5.10 to work right
  guest -- 0
yes big thx !!
  Resident 24.02.2012 698
Thanks Strong Sound, Nice Post. wink

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