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Best Service Klanghaus 2 v1.0 for Best Service Engine screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 1,18 GB
Unique Instruments - invented and constructed by Ferdinand Foersch
With your KLANGHAUS 2 virtual instrument you have access to a collection of unique instruments, invented and constructed by Ferdinand Foersch. We recorded these instruments with best care and attention and then spent hundreds of hours to map them according to Ferdinand Foersch´s ideas and visions.

The result is a new instrument with lots of surprising sounds, divided into different categories. All rhythmical sequences are midi based and therefore adjust seamlessly to your sequencers speed. Also the midi input for the rhythmical sequences is quantized to “the next beat” for additional timing accuracy.

Klanghaus 2 now expands this collection of tonally playable instruments by adding more than 900 grooves, loops and swells all together editable in almost unlimited creative ways. Restructure or deconstruct loops with arpeggiators and step sequencers, add super fast, preset based modulations and effects to take your creativity beyond sound design. If possible and useful we grouped instruments together, to enable “key-switching” between different playing techniques. Be curious and play around, take your time and let the sounds evolve. Also don’t forget to check out the bonus section for our exemplary and inspiring construction kits.

The Klanghaus 2 interface is designed to be clear and intuitive. You will find basics like volume, pan, and ADSR-curve, but also a variety of effects like reverb, delay, phaser, bit-crusher and many more. And with 8 arpeggiators/step-sequencers and 14 step-modulators per patch you can go pretty wild! Almost every function can be quickly modulated with the custom-designed modulator presets, which gives you endless possibilities of sound-design in no-time!

Best Service Klanghaus 2 v1.0 for Best Service Engine screenshot
As a musician, composer and artist, the producer Ferdinand Foersch has been inventing and constructing new musical instruments, sound sculptures and installations since 1982...

So far, he has developed over a hundred musical instruments (metal drums, string instruments and combinations, sound images, drum- and sound walls and sound machines), building them from a wide range of materials right up to scrap.

These instruments have been presented in concerts, performances and exhibitions all over the world (The Kitchen, N.Y.C., Shanghai Arts Festival, West Africa, numerous European festivals etc.).

A central inspiration in his research and work is the relationship between the acoustic and the visual, between sound and form, hearing and seeing. He developed an inherent unity in diversity through creatively engaging in this interplay. All the sounds you can hear and work with in the KLANGHAUS library come from an original and unique source.

In 1997 he founded the ‘KLANGHAUS‘ in Hamburg, Germany, as an experimental forum for concerts, exhibitions and interdisciplinary performances. After 30 years of building musical instruments he has decided to open the doors further and pass on his sound work as a virtual instrument, resulting in the KLANGHAUS Library powered by the Best Service “Engine” sampler!

Important Notice:

The key for Team R2R keygen is included in the library files.
Use a file "Klanghaus_2.r2rytelc" to generate a respnonse code.

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  Resident 29.09.2012 4 879
Thanks a lot, lets try
Dream Trance
  Resident 30.11.2018 1 170
Many thanks!

I'm curious what to expect with this library.

I just wonder that this library is so small in size
is just as expensive as Eduardo Tarilonte's libraries.
  Resident 30.11.2018 1 170
Ok, I have now tested the library and yes ... hmmm how should you describe it?
Would work well as background music (noises) for a film about a psychopath.

However, at € 259 this is much too expensive compared to Eduardo Tarilonte's libraries and I'm glad I never bought it.

€ 99 would be a reasonable price for this rather strange library.
  Member 26.12.2021 10
We can delete the old one as well as the other best service products? Same as with Titan 2, Era 2, Forest kingdom 3, etc...?
  Resident 6.10.2012 68
quote by Reznamor
quote by barneyDoes Era II include everything in Era I?

Definitely yes and that applies to every upgraded library
for the engine.
25 new instruments have been added to this version.
You no longer need the old version.

Thank you for the extended version of this library!
I can finally listen to the new sounds.

This was mentioned by Reznamor from another post regarding ERA II. I believe this holds true for Klanghaus 2 since I think this is an upgrade. Haven't tested this one yet so I'm hoping someone who did can confirm this.
"I don't know karate, but I know ka-razy." -- James Brown
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 1116
Yes, it contains a folder of all the Klanghaus 1 presets and the great thing is you get to use them in the much better GUI of this Klanghaus 2 (rather than the ugly, all over the place GUI of Klanghaus 1) and get to add fx and change the sounds in much more ways than the old version.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3999
Best Service Stuff is Mostly For Movie Scoring Not Really Making Modern Music Rite ?
  Member 24.03.2013 365
I don't know what people do with most of these huge libraries tbh.
  Member 7.01.2017 29
OooooooooooKkkkkkkkkkk. This lib is good for Amon Tobin music genre i would say but thx for the share, not sure how to place this specific one in jazz music! We have to stay open and curious guys ...
  Member 28.05.2013 53
Classify as potentially useful for "Bebop Krishnacoustic Kraut Fusion"
  Member 15.09.2019 36
something strange happening here: all presets of Klanghaus 1 CAN load with the new GUI of version 2, but as I load any of the new sounds, it crashes Engine^^

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