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Futurephonic Rhythmizer 2.1 for Ableton Live AMXD screenshot
AMXD | AudioZ Exclusive | 4.88 MB
Your new ultimate MIDI manipulator.
Rhythmizer 2.0 (now updated to 2.1) is the groundbreaking new Max4Live device from touring artist Raffael Willi (Jumpstreet) which combines the powerful rhythmic potential of Rhythmizer One with an incredible new range of melodic possibilities.

It couldn't be easier to use this little monster - drop it before any synth or drum rack in Live and draw one note of MIDI. Rhythmizer 2.1 takes care of the rest. The Groove section allows you to select the probability of four different note lengths, from 1/32 all the way to 1/1 notes.

Please note this is a kick-ass Max for Live device that works only with Live 10/11 Suite. It is not a VST (just yet) and will not work with other DAWs. Thanks!

Thinking on a new scale.
One of the most exciting new additions is the Scale Mode - a host of scales and modes including chromatic and octaves. Rhythmizer uses your single note to know what key to stick to. Easy.

Feeling more experimental? You’ll love the wild new Bend Mode, a MIDI pitch bender with LFO control for epic slides and glides. It sends out the MIDI, you tell your synth the pitch bend range.

Max Control.
We wanted to make some upgrades to the gate and velocity sections, but also keep things simple. You'll find updated, basic random controls at first glance, but hit that LFO button and you get both gating and velocity LFO sections within. Your synth won't know what hit it!

Just released - Updated 2.1
Good news: we just released Update 2.1! This adds some serious new features: -

Looping Loop any subdivision instantly - map it to a key for push button looping!
Shuffle Amount Ram it up for defined shuffle, or keep it low for subtle humanisation
Mapping button Map the device's random velocity information to any Live knob or control, similar to the native Live mappable LFO effect
Scales We just added every scale included in Live 11. Test out some new flavours!

Seeing is believing.
Honestly, we could talk all day about this guy but you probably want to see it in action:

A touch of colour.
After months of development, we pushed ourselves to dream up one last bit of icing on the cake. The answer? Seven beautifully designed colour skins. From slick Mono, through Warmth, Amethyst and Fusion and others, match your studio vibe with a splash of colour.

Just draw in one note and let Rhythmizer 2.1 produce an infinite array of rhythmic and melodic possibilities.

Sounds amazing, what do I get inside?
Rhythmizer 2.1 custom Max4Live device
Seven Colour Options
Comprehensive Readme
Customer-stamped PDF

Must own Ableton Live 10 Suite (or Live Standard if you have the Max Upgrade) - v10.1.8 or later

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ by our member who wishes to remain anonymous.

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  Resident 1.08.2011 14 338
You can do this with stock ableton plugins. Thanx anyway for this cool share ^^
  Resident 18.03.2012 23 107
true but with maybe 200-300 more clicking around. and with this tool you don't feel bad if it sounds shit until you find the right sound
  Member 28.12.2013 1 34
Thanks PiRAT. Looks like a nice new toy.
  Member 25.05.2020 3 56
  Member 27.02.2020 8 14
ableton 10.1.8? i guess theres only 10.1.4?
  Member 13.08.2017 86
Thank you So much for this PiRAT. you're so cool!

folks If you Like this amxd please do support the developers
I LOVE SAiNT | Olymoon | PiRAT | ViP Team | Team R2R | team VR
  Member 19.02.2019 58
Thanks for share looks cool, I have tried running this using Live 11, it's super unresponsive I can toggle a wheel and it takes 6 seconds to move. There is also no sound coming through, all i have done is open a synth like sylenth and then drop this bad boy onto that midi channel.

My install process was to drag this onto a midi track and then save it. It now appears with all the skins in max4live devices. Any ideas guys?

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