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Freelance Sound Labs - Spectrasonics Keyscape NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol Maschine screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | NKS | 185 MB
This NKS library contains NKS presets for ALL 400+ Keyscape keyboard presets including mapped controls specific to each model preset. This will allow full browsing of the Keyscape instrument from the keyboard along with access to all controls for each instrument directly from the keyboard.

All presets have been converted to NKS files which contains the preset sound information, tagging information and custom controls for every keyboard model. Keyscape Creative library for Omnisphere contains 20 pages of controls.


- Komplete Kontrol Software v2.0+
- Maschine Software 2.6+
- Supports Komplete Keyboards (all versions)
- Supports Maschine Hardware (all versions)
- Works on PC / MAC

Supports 64 Bit
Requires Spectrasonics Keyscape
Requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 (for Keyscape Creative library)

For Omnisphere users you will receive the Keyscape Creative preset browser pack.
This contains 1200+ presets for Omnisphere with full taggng and 20 pages of controller mappings.
These presets should tie in nicely with Omnisphere Preset Browsing for Komplete Kontrol.

NOTE: Need Omnisphere v2.4 and Keyscape for both librarys to work. If you only have Keyscape you will only have access to the Keyscape library presets.

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This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member who wish to remain anonymous.

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  Member 2.12.2014 43
Thx Olymoon
  Member 6.11.2019 18
Someone teach me how to install this please

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