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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Complete v5.0.1 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2RAudiority Echoes T7E v1.0.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RSample Magic Boost Pro v1.0.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2RPreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3.5.2 Incl Patch and Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2RDmitry Sches Thorn v1.0.4 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2RAbleton Live Suite v9.7.5 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2RAIR Music Technology Boom v1.2.11-R2R



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fresh releases

Samples » loops
Speedsound PsySeeD Progressive Dark WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 10 JANUARY 2016 | 778MB
'PsySeeD Progressive Dark' is an awesome Psychedelic sample library that includes a fantastic selection of never-heard-before synth effects and sounds for Progressive and Psy productions. Download the sample pack now and get more than 1GB of samples and loops in high quality WAV format.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Speedsound Ant Alien Captain Monkey For ABLETON LiVE TEMPLATE-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 10 JANUARY 2016 | 208MB
'Ant-Alien Captain Monkey' returns with an amazing Progressive Psy-Trance Offbeat project for Ableton Live 9.1.10 users. This new project features insane bass lines, progressive melodies, vocals and psychedelic synths. The project contains a mix of audio and MIDI allowing the user to delve into the inner workings of a Psy-Progressive production.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Artisan Audio - Deep House Stabs Organ Pads and Strings WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC 10 January 2016 | 588 MB
Beautiful, emotive and soulful; every inch of this collection is laced with the kind of warmth and feeling that can only be achieved from live players on analogue gear. Artisan Audio has compiled a pack of all the melodic essentials for creating amazing, deep, emotive House Music and Downtempo. Focusing on the key elements of chords, stabs, pads, strings and organs with over 200 wav loops and corresponding MIDI this pack is in a class of its own. All you need to do is fire up some crisp percussion and add some low end warmth and you have yourself a timeless, organic house anthem. We've got a range of styles on offer from both stabbing strings and plucks to full bowed goodness. Throbbing organ stabs and long sustained chords, everything is hear for your production pleasure. Keyed by the fingers of expert players on a collection of gear to give the highest level of authenticity possible.

Reuploaded. Fantastic

loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Fox Samples - Progressive Gods WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC 09 January 2016 | 245 MB
‘PROGRESSIVE GODS’ from Fox Samples is a hot new product containing nothing but the hottest elements of progressive house and electro. This pack delivers 7 massive construction kits. With a combination of melodic chord progressions and addictive drops, this product has it all!
Samples » Kontakt
ARIA Sounds Surdos And Snares KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 10 JANUARY 2016 | 2.40GB
The latest installment in our percussion section boasts over 6GB of sample data, with maxed out (127) dynamic layers for full realism, and an extremely controllable sound and soundscape with various techniques. Epic Drums VST Library for Kontakt 4 (Full Version) and above - consisting of an ensemble of eight separately playable, differently pitched toms.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Freaky Loops - Cinetools Dramatic Pianos WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC 09 January 2016 | 291 MB
Freaky Loops is back with a new boutique imprint focusing on just cinematic productions. Cinetools: Dramatic Pianos” kicks off this brand new series of high quality professional cinematic tools aimed at trailer and soundtrack composers and producers looking to add a cinematic vibe to their productions.

Reuploaded. Fantastic

Samples » loops
Tecknical Records - Javi Del Valle Tech Groove Vol. 1 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC 08 January 2016 | 157 MB
Javi Del Valle - Dj/producer (Spain)

Beginning his DJ's in 2007, winning a contest of djs and since then operated in infinity of private partys and clubs: Pacha (Mallorca), BCM, Lunita (Mallorca) ... Shared cabin with different artists: Ben Sims, Kiko Navarro, Marco Casale,Joseph Capriati,Adam Beyer...


Samples » loops
Big Fish Audio Mahadhi African Rhythms ACID WAV REX AIFF screenshot
Mahadhi ya Afrika! In Africa, traditional music is not written down, but handed down from generation to generation. You'll feel that tradition as you dance to the rhythms of Africa with this collection of live percussion loops. Traditional instruments include the agogo, bembe, conga, djembe, ekwe, shekere, kalimba, talking drum, saworo, shaweru and more. Authenticity is the key to this journey that takes you to the heart of Africa. If you want to experience this culture in it's purest form, Mahadhi puts the rhythms of Africa at your fingertips.
Samples » multi-libraries
Big Fish Audio John Cage Prepared Piano MULTIFORMAT screenshot
2012 | KROCK | 1.6 GB
WAW | NI Kontakt | SX24 |Halion |MacFive

The original prepared piano and the only samples ever to be authorized by the estate of world-renown composer, John Cage. This particular collection of sounds was created for use in his magnum opus composition, Sonatas & Interludes (February 1946-March 1948). Using his original materials and following the precise instructions found at the head of his published score, various "mutes" were inserted between the strings of the keys, then each note pristinely recorded and programmed to bring you the instrument as Cage himself both envisioned and performed.
Samples » loops
Big Fish Audio Brush Artistry ACID WAV-P2P screenshot
2011 | P2P | ACID WAV | 610 MB
Brush Artistry is a collection of classic and contemporary drum loops and samples that feature the wonderful sound of brushes! This beautifully recorded library contains a full variety of organic brush patterns, including traditional swing, be-bop swing, ballad swing, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba and country, as well as modern six-eight, folk, funk and latin styles. Each brush style is recorded at multiple tempos and includes full kit loops, intros, fills, endings and "snare only" tracks. The unique "snare only" track for each style and tempo can be used with the included drum kit samples (or use your own!) for endless brush track possibilities. This DVD-ROM collection contains over 750 loops and samples, each in ACIDized WAV, REX, and Apple Loop AIFF formats.
Samples » loops
Vipzone House Guitarz WAV-P2P screenshot
P2P | WAV | 500 MB
We would like to present you new samplepack from the House Producer Serie - House Guitar Loops. The House Guitars contains over 400 MB of professional house guitar loops in WAV Format. These loops are fully compatible with our pumping pads from pack Superchords Vol. 2 - which you may hear in a demo - so you can easy start to build your own complex house tracks. You can easy transpose, stretch or slice guitar loops in your favourite sequencer, making them fit to many of your arrangements!
Samples » loops
Best Service Hardstyle Samples Vol 1 WAV REFILL screenshot
COBALT | 2012 | 680 MB | WAV | REFILL
Hardstyle Samples Vol 1 from Best Service is a sample library for producers of Hard Style, Hard Trance and Jump Style. All the sounds are drawn from the private archive of Blutonium Records, produced by DJ Neo and Blutonium Boy. The collection includes Hard Style bass lines, hard synthesizers and leads, drum loops (142 BPM,) fade-in FX, heavy single drum sounds, special movie and scary FX, percussion and much more. The samples come in acidized WAV and REX 2 formats and Reason 2 users can load the multi-sampled synthesizers into Reason's NN-XT module.
Samples » loops
Sample Factory Pimp Tight Diva Vocals Vol.1 screenshot
2010 | DYNAMICS | WAV | 180 MB
The Sample Factory is Proud to present “Pimp Tight Diva Vocals” Packed full of Vocal Ad-libs, Hooks, Phrases and harmony Stacks for R&B, Hip Hop and Dance. This very popular and highly professional vocal sample Cd features Some of the top Female singers in the Industry. Quality vocal samples are hard to find, but here you get them Pimp Tight!
Put that magic icing on the cake for your next music production.Pimp Tight vocals are a must for any Sample Cd collection . All Samples are set up as 1 to 4 bar loops and every sample is REX, AIF and Acid wave compliant!!!" Set your Tracks on Fire get Pimp Tight Diva Vocal’s!!!
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Sound Creations Splendid Grand Piano SOUNDFONT SF2-P2P screenshot
2010 | P2P | SOUNDFONT SF2 | 255 MB
After a lot of research and trial and error I have been able to bring the fantastic Splendid Grand Akai samples together into a collection of SoundFonts for use in SoundBlaster Live! cards as well as compatible softsynths (LiveSynth, VSampler, etc.)
These samples are truly wonderful additions to anyone's sound library as they provide a wide array of different high quality piano samples in various file sizes to fit into your production needs. Format sf2, 16bit, 44kHz. This piano was first offered as an Akia Format only. Then later, the company created a soundfont which is One of the largest banks (Grand 256meg) in the format SoundFont2 collection.
Samples » loops
Soundscan The Dark Side of Trip-Hop WAV-P2P screenshot
P2P | WAV | 600 MB
'Soundscan 35: The Dark Side of Trip-Hop' showcases the original work of a true member of the Trip Hop scene that goes real deep into the dark side! Available in ACID/WAV, AIFF, EXS24, Halion, REX2 and Mach Five formats. From the darkest part of the European Trip Hop scene comes this Soundscan volume set to stun you with style. The Construction Kits available here are right on the money, including expert loops at home on any specialized label release, along with ambient noises and other loops specifically created to enhance your Trip Hop experience.
Samples » loops
Prime Loops Minimal Synthesis WAV-P2P screenshot
2012 | P2P | WAV | 160 MB
"Minimal Synthesis" is a futuristic micro-slice of pristine minimal synth loops bursting with crystal clear synthetic ingredients. The minimal sound is a landmark in dance music's evolution - A distinct contemporary style providing pure sound innovation for the next generation of DJs and music producers. Found within this intricately hand-crafted release are over 100 seamless synthesised loops, from obscure twisted synths to rustic ambient chords, beautifully glitchy rhythmical synthetics to pulsating chemically defused leads, distilled and detailed FX licks to beautifully concise sonic melodics - "Minimal Synthesis" take you a step further with a deep pool of highly evolved synthesised tools providing high definition minimal production tools for advanced experimentation.
Samples » loops
Platinum Loops Cinematic Guitars Vol.1 ACID WAV REX AIFF-P2P screenshot
2011 | P2P | ACID WAV REX AIFF | 300 MB
Create a real essence of the movies with these spectacularly atmospheric guitar loops. These ambient guitar textures are almost hypnotic, with melodic layers of harmony and extensive use of heavy digital delay and lush reverb's.
From dark and moody to light and positive, the one thing these guitar loops have in common is that true "soundtrack" quality that will inspire your productions. We've included mixed layers as well as each individual guitar part so that you can remix the intricate layers to suite your needs. Use the flash player below to hear some of the layered up loops in their full cinematic glory. Tempos range from 70 to 140 bpm.
Samples » loops
Sony Creative Software Blip The Glitch Electronica Standard WAV-P2P screenshot
2012 | P2P| WAV | 500 MB
Sound sculptor j.frede and IDM programmer Carlos Archuleta present the Blip: Glitch Electronica library, an astounding collection of meticulously produced audio assets designed specifically for the production of glitch electronica music. Every essential component of the glitch electronica sub-genre is represented on this library. Work with crackling snaps, dubby echoes, isolationist beds and atmospheres, pure sine waves, electroacoustic events, the sounds of systemic failure, field recordings and more, organized to provide maximum flexibility for creating original music in ACID® software, and all other software and hardware tools that support the .wav file format. Glitch electronica is a complex aesthetic that utilizes minimal means to invoke stark emotional perspectives.
Samples » loops
Sony Creative Software Infinite Soul Vol.2 WAV-P2P screenshot
2009 | P2P | WAV | 270 MB
Sony - Infinite Soul 2Count on MAC MONEY for the best in R&B construction kits. Infinite Soul Volume II is perfect for variety, balance, and fidelity and provides an unbeatable rhythm section for holding down your lyrics, raps, and jams. Volume II also contains complementary ACID starter projects made by the MAC MONEY team.
Samples » loops
Sony Creative Software Infinite Soul Vol.1 WAV-P2P (REUPLOAD) screenshot
2009 | P2P | WAV | 280 MB
Sony - Infinite Soul 1Infinite Soul Volume ICount on MAC MONEY for the best in R&B construction kits. Infinite Soul Volume I is perfect for variety, balance, and fidelity and provides an unbeatable rhythm section for holding down your lyrics, raps, and jams. Volume I also contains complementary ACID starter projects made by the MAC MONEY team.

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