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Sonic Quiver Production Music Library Volumes 01-023 screenshot

Sonic Quiver Production Music Library Volumes 01-023
Fomat: Mp3 | 320 kbps 44100, 0:30 & full track | RAR= 3.56 GB

Sonic Quiver is a production music library created specifically for this purpose. The catalog is an eclectic and vibrant mix of moods & styles. We work with an incredibly talented bunch of composers and producers from around the world, offering music that is both original and useful, with production aesthetics in mind.

Sonic Quiver Production Music Library Volumes 01-023 screenshot


Novafile - Extabit - RG
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/Sonic Quiver Production Music Library Volumes 01-023
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Resident 2.01.2011 9 2620
is this finished songs or is it broken down into separate loops thanks
  Resident 15.12.2010 13 1139
@ Lyric8,

Go this way :

Sonic Quiver All Albums

On the left side, you'll find the 'Full List' of all the albums released by 'Sonic Quiver'. Simply scroll down with your mouse to the end, and you'll find all the first albums (ranked in descending order) : 'SQ001 --> SQ023' available here as download.
Click on the desired, then on the main window you'll get the playlist with
all the songs included in each album. Click on the desired songs and
you'll be able to listen them. wink
By the way, after those I've listen, it seems that the majority are full length songs. yes
  Resident 22.07.2011 1446
I got this from a torrent, it allowed me to choose just the libraries that I needed! One track per song (no broken loops). Some songs are 4.5 minutes long. It's O.K - nothing extraordinary. phones
I got peace not of this world!

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