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Musictech MTM Vol 107 DVDR TUTORiAL screenshot
Musictech MTM Vol 107 DVDR TUTORiAL
TEAM BSOUNDZ | 07-2012 | 3.06GB

This month's live performance special explores the increasingly popular trend of using controllers to put on a stage stage, including an interview with the King of Controllerism Richie Hawtin. Plus: scoring for the big screen and much more!

In the issue…
Control for Live Performance
Marrying technologies old and new with the traditional aspects of live performance, controllerism is one of the fastest-growing arenas, both in terms of music itself and the kit we use to make it. Hollin Jones reveals how you can get a slice of the action….

Cinematic Sound Design
Modern-day film trailers exploit cutting-edge sound design to create a powerful and engaging viewing experience. Mark Cousins demonstrates the tricks of the trade.

Studio Icons: Yamaha NS-10
Originally designed for domestic hi-fi duties, the NS-10 somehow found its way into top studios – and has stayed there since. John Pickford explains why.

Ten Minute Master
Vector Synthesis

With a number of gestural X-Y controllers being released for Apple’s iPad, is vector synthesis witnessing a revival?

Landmark Productions
Good Vibrations

Recorded at enormous cost over seven months, this 60s classic topped the charts on both sides of the Pond. John Pickford has the story.

This Month’s Workshops
25 Tips For… Mix Processing
There is a multitude of mixing tools and features to be found in every DAW, but how and when should you use them? Liam O’Mullane takes you through the options.
Extreme Vocal Edits
Common in many types of electronic music but finding their way into other genres too, vocal edits are surprisingly easy to create. We show you how.
Logic Pro: Understanding and Exploring Stereo
It’s easy to overlook the stereo qualities of a mix, and Logic has some useful tools for better defining your soundstage. Mark Cousins has the lowdown.
Live 8: Looper Plug-in
Sound-on-sound performances are fairly commonplace these days. Liam O’Mullane shows you the best approach to exploring this artform within Live.

ON THE DVD - 3GB+ of Content!
Stings, Impacts & Atmospheres (886MB)
The art of sound design is a fascinating topic, and the creative possibilities for both original sound sources and special processing techniques are literally endless. This month, our sound experts have slaved away over a massive collection of striking impacts, glitch effect sounds, eerie echoes and raspy atmospheres. Starting with a large selection of found sounds, vocals, guitars, effects and an SH-101 synth, the raw sounds were subjected to some intense processing and granular sampling via Camel Audio’s Alchemy. You’ll find more than140 individual hits to use in your tracks and media projects, plus eight multisampled atmos pads with accompanying Kontakt instruments.

West Coast Construction Kits (266MB)
You’ll find a whole range of instrumental loops in this month’s pack from Equinox Sounds. From funky clav and piano riffs to chugging guitars, strings and horns, each part layers up alongside chunky bass and drum loops to create a big West Coast hip hop sound. There are six construction kits in total, with each containing a full mix plus component parts. All of the loops are provided in WAV and Apple Loops formats and the kits range from 70–150BPM.

Cubase 6 Advanced
Cubase 6 is a refinement of an already feature-packed package. Groove3 and DAW expert Doug Zangar delve deep into its depths to deliver some pro tips in Groove3’s latest tutorial, Cubase 6 Advanced. We’ve got six videos taken from different chapters that explore a range of audio- and MIDI-editing techniques, including working with locators, the Audio Part Editor, the Key Editor, Folder & Group Channel Tracks, the Arranger Track and the Automation Panel.

Loopmasters Drum & Bass Special Collection (183MB)
We’ve teamed up with Loopmasters to hand-pick a special collection of drum and bass samples taken from some of their latest releases. To accompany the interview and review there are clicking beats and menacing synths from the new Friction & Icicle pack. You’ll also find aggressive loops from DJ Cabbie, rolling beats and bass from Lynx, intricate production tricks from Octane & DLR, and beautiful pads and minimal glitch beats from BOP. As an added bonus there are ten carefully crafted bass and synth presets for Massive taken from the Davide Carbone S:amplify and Untold Patchworx preset packs.



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dzieki za netload wink
  Resident 1.11.2010 3 342
Gonbi, I miss you! Cheers
  Resident 1.06.2012 56
rofl thanks a lot but a bitshare or a exhabit links will be usefull, i can't afford more premium accounts.
  Resident 15.12.2010 13 1139
@ LoverBoy,

Is there a magazine only?

With an announced size of 3.06 GB... What a 'damned' Magazine !!! rofl

This is the DVD included within the 'MTM N° 107', but I don't know if
the magazine is included as I don't have downloaded it... ,
but there's much probabilities that 'Yes'. yes

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