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De Wolfe Music Library 14 CD [MP3] screenshot
De Wolfe Music Library 14 CD
Fomat: MP3 | stereo, 16-bit, 44100 kHz, 256 kbps | RAR=1.81 GB

De Wolfe is a comprehensive production music library covering all musical styles. With 85,000 tracks spread over more than 500 CDs and a massive back catalogue of recordings stretching back well over 50 years, de Wolfe remains one of the biggest names in production music.

De Wolfe distributes over 100,000 CDs to customers across the world every year and releases 40 new CDs each year. It's all available for you to search and listen to on this site, where you can audition each CD and every track with full length demos.

DWCD0203 - Classics Five
DWCD0215 - World Music 2
DWCD0216 - The Right Attitude
DWCD0223 - Ultimate Productions
DWCD0225 - Summer Vibrations
DWCD0229 - Grab Bag 1
DWCD0230 - Grab Bag 2
DWCD0236 - World Music 3
DWCD0246 - Final Encounter
DWCD0250 - Sports Unlimited
DWCD0257 - The Inner City
DWCD0286 - Success and Archievement
HRCB014 - Styles 2
RMCD2022 - Hopes and Dreams

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  guest -- 0
  Resident 9.12.2011 3 105
These are good to sample from

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  guest -- 0
I've heard every track of these cds, just AWFUL. I can't understand how someone call your self composer. You really can't use this in any commercial work, everybody will say that the songs remember other songs.

It was incredible, how they just did collages on famous works, using the same harmony and orquestration used by Bach, everyone hears Bach famous Aria on G, but the re-composition made the music worse, simply ridiculous, every ear could say, that's Bach, but not his best.

You'll hear Copland as he in his bad moments. They copied John William using the same trumpeth and drums used in Indiana Jones, but imagine if that music was bad made, sounds like that.
All these tracks are copy of famous music, but the famous music are great to hear, not these.

I can't understand how people lost their lifes doing this, try composed one of your own, just one. Now if you compose to your family movies and to see on sundays, maybe you can lie to them.
  Resident 13.05.2012 92
These are called music libraries, pre made tracks for tv shows or for trailers and stuff like that, you license their music and use them with your stuff. This one must suck a lot, I'd suggest to go listen to some of Two Steps from hell's work, they're a really good trailer music library.
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