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Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Roland JV-1010 SF2 screenshot
SF2 | 980 MB
The Roland JV-1010 Synth Module may look like a weakling, but it kicks sand in the face of a lot of synths twice its size! This half-rackspace killer has the full sound set of the professional JV-1080 and 2080 modules (at slightly reduced quality). With 640 preset and 128 user patches, that's a lot of phat sounds in a skinny package. Plus, all 255 sounds from the Session wave expansion board are included. Pristine stereo grand pianos, acoustic guitars, Juno, Jupiter, TB-303, 18 rhythm sets and tons more - the kinds of sounds that inspire and do justice to your musical ideas, whether recorded or live on-stage.

And if you want to add more muscle, the JV-1010 has an expansion slot for any JV80 Series board (Asian, Orchestral, Hip Hop, Techno, Bass & Drums, Vocal, Country, World, etc.). In total, you can get over a thousand patches out of the box and over 1,200 when expanded - all in a 64-voice polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral unit with dedicated Reverb, Chorus and Multi-effects. Sounds are easy to find, too. JV-1010 Patches are grouped into categories (Piano, Key/Organ, Guitar/Bass, etc.) and banks can be selected with a simple Category/Bank Select knob. The innovative Phrase Preview function plays back the selected tone in a short musical phrase.

Roland has also added some valuable extras: Sound shaping and editing can be accomplished via bundled CD-ROM, which includes sound editing software for Mac and PC, used in conjunction with the JV-1010's rear-panel computer serial-interface. The computer interface and the 1010's General MIDI compatability make this an excellent sound module for use with your computer.

Though these sounds are professional all the way, you don't need to be a pro to recognize the JV-1010 as an extreme value. You don't need to be a pro to use it either. If you have a keyboard with a MIDI out and a cable, you're good to go. You'll never be held back by a lack of good sounds again.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Resident 7.01.2012 1 68
Thank you Strong Sound! mates wink
1st Donator to the Community that is, AudioZ. Go Saint! ;)
  Resident 2.09.2011 1 483
Thanks Strong Sound

and for one link down
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sfz? What do I need to play this? Any download link? :P (I know it's a soundfont... lol)
Demo sounds very nice, doesn't it?
Seriously, what is good for this that doesn't crash Reaper and most important, a good download link so I can play/load this?
The guitars sound very nice, I love the lead...
  Resident 31.10.2011 681
wow pic of the real thing too

i will grab this now - then try to figure out what to play it on

thanks again
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Glad i still own the real thing. :)
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1159
@ ScarletSky,

sfz? What do I need to play this?

Not sfz !... 'SF2' is the format provided within this Roland JV-1010 Library.
sfz is the Proprietary Format of Cakewalk Instruments like Rapture, Dimension,...(the equivalent of .nki for Kontakt, .fxp for HALion, or .exs for Logic EXS24,... ).

For this SF2 Format, known as SoundFont (as you so well stated it in your comment), you simply need a SoundFont Player. There's a lot of them available with more or less options, after it's just a matter of taste if you prefer this one or another one...

As you're talking that you'll to use it within Reaper, the best choice is to find one that is in VSTi Format (as you can also find only 'Standalone' SF Players), then simply install it and launch it as you make with your others favorite VSTi Plug-Ins. Then, just load within it the desired SoundFonts and enjoy ! wink
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Thank you Studio 555, my bad... I always confuse sfz with SF2... dunno why :P

Will this suffice? ---- (nevermind, link doesn't work, looking for another one)
Found it:
Didn't work.
But this worked:

  Resident 11.01.2012 180
Kontakt seems to work ok with them.
  Resident 1.03.2012 144
Many thanks, It's good !
  Resident 14.11.2011 2 345
Yep Kontakt reads SF2 pretty well !
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  Resident 13.08.2010 4 437
kontakt, halion, any soundfont player... mates good sounding synth.
Loves AudioZ. 10/10
  Resident 16.05.2011 44
thanx alot! wink wink [b][/b]
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wink headbang dance rofl
  guest -- 0
Awesome... I almost bought one of these a few years ago. A Reason refill of this would be great too!
  Resident 6.04.2011 261
AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! BTW, is it just me or do all shareflare and letitbit links always say file not found for all US downloaders?
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Which ones are the guitars/bass? I can't find them, and many sound to me the sameISH.
I have used to load these: rgc:audio Sfz and Kontakt
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1159
@ ScarletSky,

You're right and it's one of the big problem of this 'Roland JV-1010' SoundFont Library !
You get only the SF2, but not the 'real' names as those found in the original Hardware JV-1010, and as the Original Library is so big... you can guess all the confusion that this implies !
I own this JV-1010 Hardware Mini-Rack - the 'little' brother of the famous Roland JV-2080 - the same as depicted in the image, and even myself I have got troubles to find the exact correspondance between these SF2 provided and the JV-1010 Patches !
More, as this 'little' monster (JV-1010) contains more than a thousand of patches, you can guess the magnitude of the task !

You can nevertheless differentiate some sounds by hearing. You'll certainly make the difference between a Piano sound, a Guitar sound and a Bass sound,... but as told, the Original Library is so dense that you can find for example 10 Pianos and their variations, then 10 Guitars (and variations),... In fact, it will certainly take you a lot of time to get all well sorted ! In my case, what I've done is to sorted out the sounds that 'sound' very close to the original ones and simply rename it as their JV-1010 Hardware counterparts... but I still have a lot that I left out with their 'raw' SF2 names because of their sonority similarities (--> small variations !).

In case you can't afford the 'original' JV-1010 (Hardware Mini-Rack) for comparing the sounds, another good solution could be to sort out those that you like the more, then rename them by categories, for example, Piano 1, Piano 2, Bass 1, Bass2,... or the way you like. Of course, you'll never get the full Library with their exact names, but at least you'll get a fine selection of those that you prefer. yes wink
  Resident 31.10.2011 681
thanks for the headz up Studio 555

i have a few SF players and a sf2-to-mp3 converter as well
Dance _ while my records spin
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Thanks for this Strong Sound! headbang
  Member 28.03.2012 34
Are u Kidding me ? my Onboard Sounds are better than this
  guest -- 0
have to admit elixter's right this is a really cheap soundset

some sample has been badly trimed or not trimed at all,
all the session board has been sample in mono,
sad cuz some of the sound there are really missing in new school plugin..
hope someone will uprgrade the idea of making a proper jv-101 sound transfer
thx anyway for the link,i'll keep the piano (in mono),such a classic house sound;)
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Thank you Studio 555. Still, all I see is 49 sessions boards, and for example, 20's should be the guitars, right? And all I hear is some keyboardish ahhhs. If I load the 20 and then the 25 session boards, they sound very similar, only the 25th sounds "darker".
But for the life of me, the guitars and basses... can't find them ( I loaded all the 49 session boards there are in this pack).


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