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Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Best Service Hallelujah AKAi [NRG] screenshot
AKAi [NRG] | 310.59 MB
A totally fascinating 'world' vocal library, recorded in many countries and cultures.

It features Dance and Pop choirs, Gregorian and Monk choirs, New York Gospel choir from Harlem, Background choirs, Classic soloists, Raggamuffin Toastin', choir of Nuns, Vocal lines & hooks, Baritone, Tenor & Bass soloists, complete unison choir, multisamples, Ahhs, Ohhs, Homms, chords, extraordinary vocal artists, and a wild assortment of rare vocal material - all of it original and fresh.

"This is one quality CD... everything is lovingly recorded, meticulously detailed and potentially usable. Best Service have expended a lot of effort on this, and it shows" (Future Music, UK).

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  Member 18.03.2016 65
the voices are real good i have the original cd from the 80's it cost 99.00
  Member 15.06.2013 247
Thx for this but how can i load this in Logic Pro X ? I already converted it to an .iso file but then ?
  Member 30.04.2015 8 26
You have to use programs like Extreme Sample Converter or CDXtract to convert them.
  Member 15.06.2013 247
Can someone extract the AKAI files please ? I tried it with power ISO on Win and Anyto ISO on OSX but it no luck. Would be nice if someone can make this available for us OSX Guys
TIA !!
  Member 7.04.2018 5
uploadboy link pls
  Member 31.01.2015 56
Someone uploaded a Kontakt version years ago, but it looks like the links are all dead:
  Member 18.03.2016 65
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 929 8506
You have to know that every direct link that's posted into AudioZ put our site in danger, so please, it is very important that you use use peeplink.
Don't post links directly here.
  Member 18.03.2016 65
sorry will do first time
  Member 18.03.2016 65

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