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Producers Choice - Luger's Revenge [WAV] screenshot
Producers Choice - Luger's Revenge
18.09.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV | 54MB

Luger's Revenge
Lex Luger Inspired Drum Kit

19 year old megastar producer worth estimated $10million - all made from FL studio with a laptop computer!
Lex Luger proves that with hard work and dedication, all you need to succeed is a cheap laptop, some great samples and a creative mind.

Introducing Luger's Revenge - a HQ drum sample collection based on the award winning Lex Luger sound. The AUTHENTIC sound of BET 'Producer of the Year' - Lex Luger

Another Quality Kit Release
The quality you come to expect from us. No ripped, low quality garbage. This kit contains only the highest quality, banging sounds that are 100% professional grade, and are at a commercial loudness level.

Handcrafted by our professional sound design team with just the right amount of reverb, compression and other processing by high end audio gear - all so these sounds sit perfectly in the mix.

We studied Lex Luger's production style in detail, and perfectly handcrafted his sharp snares, heavy distorted 808's and punchy kicks. Throw in a handful of crisp stabs, FX and risers and you have the perfect kit for trap production.

If you love the sound of Lex Luger - grab this kit, get inspired and make the next radio smash.

What you're about to get:

• 37 Expert Crafted, LOUD, Lex Style 808's
• 47 Awesome Lex Luger Style Kicks
• 61 Killer Lex Luger Style Snares
• 24 Lex Luger Style Claps
• 23 Lex Luger Style Hi-Hat's & Cymbal Hits
• 9 Lex Luger Style Percussions
• 24 Lex Luger Style Sound Effects - Including the Lex Luger Signature Synth Riser!


Lex Luger Drum Kit Demo by hip-hop-drum-samples

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Producers Choice Lugers Revenge WAV | 54.00 MB



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