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!llmind Chunes from Below WAV screenshot
P2P | 01 July 2020 | 272 MB
"Dark. Textured. Melodic & demonic. Minor chords. Lush layers and ambiance with tasteful and aggressive textures. We keep it analog of course, but bright at the same time. You're going to get those signature Illmind reverbs here. I know I say this every time, but this is one of my favorite sample packs I've made, to date. Stems are included, so you can take some of these solo choir performances and really flip them. You can flip these into hard trap anthems or dirty bass tunes. Chunes from below. There's nothing else quite like this on the market. Here's Johnny (cc The Shining). Enjoy!" - !llmind

•22 Completely original and unique compositions, ready to be looped, chopped & processed to your hearts desire (1.31 GB Total unzipped)
•Audio stems for each sound set are included!
•All sounds are original compositions, entirely created by !llmind
•Gear used: Emu Proteus 2000, Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Korg Micro Preset, Yamaha CS20M, Farifsa Polychrome, Casio FZ-1, Arp Explorer 1 & LIVE ORCHESTRAL PERFORMANCES
•All audio recorded on 1/4" Reel To Reel Tape LYREC PTR-1 aka the "Frida" for warmth
•Comes in stereo WAV 16/44 formatting
•Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)

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  Releaser 21.07.2012 11474 1458

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  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16096
Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare | Rockfile | Clicknupload
  Resident 1.01.2009 2 456
These guys can f*** off...selling wack sample packs and then asking for half the money if you make a beat and sell it to an artist. Greedy motherf*****s

illmind has fell off so hard its embarrassing...
  Member 20.04.2012 1 226
Agree, so greedy. People should boycott these things hard so it doesn't become a trend. If you pay once already for a sample pack, then you shouldn't be paying again later if it shows that the product you bought was actually usable... If it was free to download, and then some royalties split if it gets placement then I wouldn't have a problem with it.
  Member 26.03.2020 1 1
People are reluctant to buy beats when they see they're made on samples with this license.
  Member 15.10.2015 1 467
That's why I love packs with stems...
I only like these packs for the sounds, not the compositions.
Making one-shots from the stems is where it's at.
And for the licensing, really, ... think about it.
There are a lot of producers who just throw drums on top of a loop and feel like they made a banger. For those guys, definitely, go ahead and get that 50/50.
  Member 7.07.2016 1 354
These are weak.
  Member 16.05.2017 21
Man some of yall sound mad greedy. Complaining about splitting publishing on some samples you DLing free rather than buying anyway.

You only split 50/50 on publishing for a MAJOR LABEL release.
If you feel like 29.99 covers someones work on a placement that performs well for you on a major label, you either ignorant, or on one.

Support the producers that are making the samples that help you make fire beats, and worry about the publishing when you actually get a major placement. Not before. smfh

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