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fresh releases

Samples » Kontakt
Tronsonic Kork M500 Micro Presets KONTAKT screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | July 31 2013 | 488 MB
The latest from Tronsonic for Kontakt 5.1.0 (full version) is the Kork M500 micro preset synthesizer. Tronsonic tried to get it as close (both visually and audibly) as possible to the original late 70s preset synth (as used by OMD on many records), and also added a few extra features like polyphony, expression and a tape compression and damage effect. In order to maintain the purity of the waveforms,they chose not to sample to tape (hence the 'tape fx' section), but used valves and a chain of nearly 100 year old interstage transformers to capture the audio.
Samples » Kontakt
Native Instruments Discovery Series Cuba KONTAKT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 24 July 2013 | 2.66 GB
DISCOVERY SERIES: CUBA delivers the warmth of Afro-Cuban music straight to your studio. Cuba’s musical heritage has influenced pop, house, techno, indie, and beyond. Its infectious grooves work in almost any context and have been beautifully captured in this intuitive KOMPLETE Instrument.

CUBA delivers percussive and melodic ensembles, authentic rhythms and harmonic progressions, as well as a built-in sequencer, mixer, and effects – it’s never been easier to add that Latin spice to your tracks.

Reuploaded. Sunny

multi-libraries, Kontakt, instruments, loops
Dargalon Instruments Studio KANGLING The Sound of Death KONTAKT-DISCOVER screenshot
Dargalon Instruments Studio KANGLING The Sound of Death KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 14 JULY 2013 | 989MB

The time is nigh. Eerie sounds of the most enigmatic and scary trumpet – Kangling, make their mark in the digital world of today.Take a trip to the tides of unknown with our latest library, meticulously crafted to provide yet another level of atmosphere in your compositions. Not only do you get the sound of the Kangling itself, but also an impressive collection of different variations based upon the original.
Samples » Kontakt
Dargalon Instruments Studio Destroyed Six Cinematic Detuned Pianos KONTAKT-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 14 JULY 2013 | 318MB
In September 2012 we recorded six detuned pianos, then destroyed them with a crossbow, bow, ax and fire, resulting in an incredibly cinematic sound.Sampled in the perfect Kontakt 5 engine from Native Instruments – giving you a comfortable way to use the library in your compositions.Each instrument has been pre-recorded – to achieve absolutely detuned sound.Our goal was to record a clean sound impulses from crossbow bolts, arrows and air rifles. As a result – integration of these impulses gives a special touch to the overall sound.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » Kontakt
Steven Slate Drums 3.5 EX KONTAKT-ADAGiO screenshot
Team ADAGiO | June 27 2013 | 13.48 GB
Steven Slate Drums EX Contains 10 drumkits including the famous Old Zep kit (an authentic Led Zeppelin model recorded in a stone castle) as well as 5 hybrid kits, which use multiple layers of kicks and snare to acheive highly unique sounds.

This EX drum suite is the most complete virtual drum instrument on the market, conquering all your digital drum needs with an RTAS VST AU and standalone midi plugin, instant presets for all Roland VDrum Modules, hundreds of easy to use midi grooves in our unique SONG form, and five hyrbid presets that combine multiple kicks and snares to create new and unique sounds.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » Kontakt
Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar v2.5.1 KONTAKT screenshot
TEAM VON.G 2013-07-02 | 1.15 GB
The Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar ($299.99) is the world's first pedal steel library to date that is fully playable in realtime. Instead of relying on pre-recorded licks and loops, the Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar uses single-note samples with advanced KSP scripting to put all ten bendable strings of E9th tuning right under your fingers! Programmed with 8-way round-robin samples per note, this amazing instrument is rounded out with multiple amp simulations, full neck position control, two types of release samples, and a host of tweakable/assignable controls for complete flexibility.
Samples » Kontakt
Digital Sound Factory Ensoniq ZR KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 1 July 2013 | 33 MB
Ensoniq was founded in the early '80s by some engineers from Commodore.
Ensoniq's first product, a software drum machine, was aimed at the home computer market.
One of Ensoniq's co founders, was responsible for designing the Commodore 64's three-voice synth chip.
In 1982 he designed a portion of a PC that was similar to the sound synthesizer that ended up in the Amiga.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Push Button Bang Fight Sounds Hand Combat SFX MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 29 June 2013 | 27.4 MB
Get ready to rumble... with Fight Sounds: Hand Combat Sfx

Pushbuttonbang presents the perfect solution for fight scene creation, brawling impact promos, transitions and audio sequences.

Designed for game/app and media production, as well as layering with musical elements to create high octane action impacts and jaw-breaking audio interludes.

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Loopmasters Club Tools Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 25 June 2013 | 949 MB
Back by popular demand Loopmasters Club Tools returns with a fresh set of sonic weapons armed and ready to shoot straight into you club productions. The explosive results from using this pack could be so dramatic that we highly recommend you dig yourself a bunker before launching your tracks into an unsuspecting audience...

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » Kontakt
Ilya Efimov Zhaleika In C KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | June 19 2013 | 48 MB
The ZHALEIKA (Жалейка in Russian, also known as брёлка or bryolka) is a Russian single-reed hornpipe. Many consider it to be the most popular Russian folk wind instrument. The zhaleika is a single-tube reed pipe with a horn added to function as a resonator.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Loopmasters Ray Keith Presents Original Drum and Bass Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 01 June 2013 | 434 MB
Ray Keith follows up his award winning Artist collection with a fresh batch of dark moody Drum & Bass Breaks, Bass and Synth samples ready to shatter sound systems worldwide with the classic Ray Keith signature sound we all love to skank to.

Ray Keith - DJ, Producer, Remixer, Record Label Head Honcho, Radio & TV Presenter and one of the orginal Drum & Bass pioneers, has been on the circuit for at over 15 years. When he teamed up with Loopmasters for his first ever sample pack he was always going to produce some of the darkest samples and breaks on the planet – and this pack won’t disappoint!

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Monster Sounds Heavyweight Trap MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 31 May 2013 | 680 MB
Turn up your bass bins and tape down any of your mum’s valuable ornaments likely to rattle off the mantle piece.

Monster sounds is proud to take you on a journey deep into the hottest musical style at the moment. TRAP is the bastard son of Southern Krunk Rap fused with electronic dance music production.

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Loopmasters Andrea Bertolini Progressive House Tools MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 31 May 2013 | 299 MB
Loopmasters proudly present Andrea Bertolini with a one stop tool box packed full of Progressive House Loops and Sounds ready to drop straight into your Peak Time productions.

Andrea Bertolini is known for his energetic live performances and technical wizardry, regularly playing at major events like the MTV Music 4 Life Party at Street Parade [Zurigo, Swiss] with big names such as Eric Prydz, Tocadisco, X Press 2, Westbam e and Kurd Maverick to crazy parties out in Kazan, Russia.

Reuploaded. Sunny


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