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Samples » Kontakt
ROLAND FANTOM X Complete (KONTAKT) screenshot
16 Bit 48kHz Quality

This is probably the most used keyboard on the market today. Used by many professional producers.
This library is highly organized by categories.

ROLAND FANTOM X Complete Contents:
00 Ac.Piano
01 El.Piano
02 Keyboards
03 Bells
04 Mallet
05 Organ
06 Accordion
07 Harmonica
08 Ac.Guitar
09 El.Guitar
10 Dist.Guitar
11 Bass
12 Synth Bass
13 Strings
14 Orchestra
15 Hit&Stab
16 Wind
17 Flute
18 Ac.Brass
19 Synth Brass
20 Sax
21 Hard Lead
22 Soft Lead
23 Techno Synth
24 Pulsating
25 Synth FX
26 Other Synth
27 Bright Pad
28 Soft Pad
29 Vox
30 Plucked
31 Ethnic
32 Fretted
33 Percussion
34 Sound FX
35 Beat&Groove
36 Combination
37 Rhythm Set

Roland Fantom.reg
Roland Fantom_info.nkc
Roland Fantom_info.nkx

download from free file storage
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/ROLAND FANTOM X Complete (KONTAKT)
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Resident 28.02.2013 12 101
Wow this is great thanks! Would it be too much to ask for a bitshare mirror?
  Resident 4.09.2012 430 -27
Wow this is great thanks! Would it be too much to ask for a bitshare mirror?

Bitshare added.
  Resident 18.09.2011 129
Quick question..

What is the Roland Fantom.reg used for?

I'm guessing this is for use with Windows in some way... but will this work with Macs + Kontakt without the reg info?
  Moderator 21.01.2012 481 3601
Thank you Billy.J

What is the Roland Fantom.reg used for?

This is to add the library to your Kontakt lib tab.
  Resident 18.09.2011 129

Ah.. okay.. so it should then work with Macs but you will have to go via the browse files tab to find/use it...

Thanks.... and thank to Billy J for the upload...

  Resident 9.12.2011 3 105

is there .wav files in here . yeah ?

thanks alot for this upload..
Keepin Audioz A Secret Since 2011
  Resident 5.10.2011 1 189
There was one of these a few years ago. Is this the same release?
  Resident 6.05.2010 7 315
There was one of these a few years ago. Is this the same release?

folders are named differently than the old typhoonsounds collection, might be different
  Resident 24.10.2011 6 709
16 Bit 48kHz Quality ?
It is probably not a new bank...
No one make selling banks with those specs today.

At least 24bits/44.1. It is probably an old converted bank.
  Resident 5.10.2011 1 189
Yes. yes It's different I see.
I have and older set with 32 folders and monolith nki's.
Might "upgrade" to this set. No. It's not 24bit, but it will surely sound better than the compressed NKI's. yes I'm certain.

Any one of you brilliant friends know how to get these 3rd party buggers to show in Kontakt's Library Tab on a Mac?
  Resident 7.01.2013 181
Thank's as far as I know there are two "roland fantom" libraries for Kontakt. I quote because it sounds nothing like the hardware. Its a decent library but nothing spectacular. These have been floating around for years on Ebay and torrent sites.
  Resident 15.12.2010 13 1148
@ Newmills,

There was one of these a few years ago. Is this the same release?

yes I think so... You can eventually check this in case that the version uploaded here has also these kind of 'homemade' Wallpapers.
The 'old' Library which you're talking about possess them. yes

This Library and the 'TyphoonSounds Phantom X KONTAKT' are different,
by the provided sounds and by the Wallpapers as well.

The Library uploaded here was originally also available in SoundFont
format (SF2). Maybe this one is simply converted to Kontakt format from
the original SF2 format, but I'm absolutely not sure of this fact !
(--> Wallpapers aren't available within the SF2 format !).

but it will surely sound better than the compressed NKI's. yes I'm certain.

no I don't think so... I mean, taking the same 'Sampling Resolution'
(either 16bit, or 24bit) for a specific Library, the fact to save (create)
some Presets as '.nki' ('Monoliths') don't change the quality of the sound (samples) in any way.
The reason is that Kontakt uses its proprietary lossless compression format for all the samples used during these conversions.
The only difference result in the gain (that can be rather great : ~ 35-45% in some cases) of disk space obtained after that process.
You can easily see this with some 'professional' (commercial) Libraries that you can found here and there and that use large size files ('.nkx'),
where some Libraries announce a size of, for instance, 4GB (thanks to
that compression process), and where the 'real' size can be of ~ 7-8 GB
(if the included samples weren't compressed).

As an example, the recently posted 'Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT' :

System Specifications for LASS Full

Library Size :
16.4 GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 24 GB uncompressed)

@ Bl33d,

I quote because it sounds nothing like the hardware.

I can only be agree with you ! I had the opportunity to try a 'real' Fantom Hardware Keyboard a few years ago in a musical shop... and yes, WOW ! The included factory sounds were really gorgeous yes , but in some sense, the price of this piece of gear is also... somewhat gorgeous ! rofl
So the comparison among the real hardware unit and these software libraries is somewhat hard to hold...
  Resident 24.10.2011 6 709
synth output -> audio chain -> sample
I don't speak about layers, variations and such.

If it don't sound good when you press once a single key...it is a bad synth, a bad patch choice or bad sampling
As it is not a bad synth, presets are stock ones, so you know the answer

And this is exactly what i said when i spoke about 16/48 : it was a bad sign about quality phones

It remembers me Virus sound banks with GM like presets choice : no one buy a Virus to play GM like flute stock preset rofl
  guest -- 0
hey guys would there be any chance that one of you wonderful people out there could possibly upload just.....

Roland Fantom.reg
Roland Fantom_info.nkc
Roland Fantom_info.nkx
Wallpaper.png .....

this would be great as i already have the previous fantom sounds and would love to complete it with just the kontakt info........thanks ever so much.

  Resident 5.10.2011 1 189
axelfender, That was a waste. Horsemen, Studio 555 Thanks for the heads up. wink
Thanks anyway Billy J mates
  Resident 4.09.2012 430 -27
Hi all.
Sorry, I could not answer before.

1. Why is it here? Because it was a request. For this reason the material again on our website.

2. Old stuff. Yes, this is not new stuff. It is not located on the main page.

3. Crap... hmm...
I think that those who use only the programs and plug-in will always say "Samples is rubbish!" .. However, the samples used by many people.

4. Watched, read .. but did not understand why this link here ..

To All great mood. Most importantly we are here! wink
  Resident 5.10.2011 1 189

It's all good bro! yes Thanks anyway!
  Resident 4.09.2012 430 -27
It's all good bro! yes Thanks anyway!

wink mates

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