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Samples » Kontakt
Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit KONTAKT screenshot
Orchestral innovation inspired by a legend
Spitfire’s first dry scoring stage ensemble, inspired by the eclectic genius of Bernard Herrmann. Renowned for his groundbreaking scores including Citizen Kane, Psycho, Vertigo and Taxi Driver, his legacy continues to inspire the work of composers today.

We’ve worked exclusively with Bernard Herrmann’s estate to curate and assemble a unique set of studio orchestra ensembles, informed directly by the composer’s legendary orchestration aesthetic. Recorded at Studio One, AIR Studios by renowned engineer Simon Rhodes (Avatar, Spectre, Harry Potter, There Will Be Blood), we’ve captured players performing as Herrmann would have chosen – boisterous, lively and upfront, with patches featuring selected groups, unusual instrumental combinations, chords, effects and much more. Fire up this versatile toolkit for lively and distinctive scoring.


The overview panel

Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit KONTAKT screenshot
This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

General controls panel

Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit KONTAKT screenshot
This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.

The Ostinatum

Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit KONTAKT screenshot
In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.

Mercury synth

Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit KONTAKT screenshot
Included in the “advanced” folder are over 30 synth patches inspired by Herrmann’s use of sythesisers in combination with orchestral material. These can be controlled using our Mercury Synth GUI. It is an ingenious user interface that allows you to have instant fun without having to roll up your sleeves and go under the Kontakt hood. All of the controls are assignable to your control surface giving you the immediate ability to make our sounds your own.

Tech Specs

Mac system requirements
~Mac OS X 10.10 to OS 12
~Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
~Machine must be connected to the internet during install

PC system requirements
~Windows 7 or later (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit)
~Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
~Machine must be connected to the internet during install

File size
~186742 samples
~146.6 GB download size
~293.20 GB disk space required during install

Kontakt player
~Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher

Reuploaded 🏴‍☠️. PiRAT

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  Member 24.11.2021 52
WOW!!! Thanks for this!!!
  Member 7.04.2013 13 103
Yeaahhhh!! Thanks!!
  Member 23.04.2020 87
This is amazing!! Thank you!!
  Resident 10.10.2013 12 177
Philos, you are my hero! I had been waiting for it for years.
God bless you!
Thanks a lot
  Member 13.04.2019 5 80
Holy Cow! Thanks a lot! I'm off to by a new hard drive .
  Member 5.01.2014 1 678
Wow !!!. This is amazing.

Thank you.

  Member 16.11.2013 15 197
The race is now on. Can all this be downloaded before the links are removed

Thanks for the release Philos!
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1412
Thanks PhIlos,
This looks Great
Cant wait to download and give it a good try
  Member 30.04.2021 8 59
I truly need it if only I have space enough. qwq
  Resident 23.01.2012 9 117
Thanks for sharing, but One big question, what's different between this and the old 2018 toolkit (which was shared before) that is roughly the same size? Is this the updated version?
  Resident 16.03.2014 1547
This has never been released before: You must be confusing this with a different library.
  Resident 23.01.2012 9 117
No, It was released before, I have it in my Archive in the Audioz section !!! that's weird I know !!! maybe it was released somewhere else like a private torrent and I misplaced it in the archive

  Resident 16.03.2014 1547
I also checked on *** I dont spam the site *** and can't find it there as well and I'm not aware of other private tracker dedicated to pro audio stuff.
  Resident 23.01.2012 9 117
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1412
There has been several Spitfire Composer Tool Kits here on Audioz but definitely NOT this one, I have been here a long time and if it had been here I would already have it
I checked I didn't have it before downloading it.
So it is definitely a NEW share (It was released a few years ago to buy but not shared here before, I am 100% sure on that)
Thanks again for the share Philos
  Member 9.09.2021 114
OH MY GOD. I was looking for it.. yesterday:D
  Resident 16.03.2014 1547
OMG It's finally here.
  Member 21.03.2020 4
downloading rn, let's see if it's worth it :D
  Resident 23.12.2013 109
Machine must be connected to the internet during install ?
  Member 9.09.2021 114
this is direct qoute from product page, it isnt for this release.
  Member 1.12.2021 11
only waiting for bbcso and abbey road
mad respect <3
  Member 3.01.2023 53
I think BBC SO and newer Spitfire Audio libraries runs on their proprietary Playback engine instead of Kontakt so not likely to be released unless the engine itself is cracked
  Member 23.10.2013 7
dead links galore. Shame, that. Thanks for trying!
  Member 3.04.2023 28
it´s still on torrent sites, guys.
  Member 5.10.2015 1
Some links are dead to me. Where can I find the torrent link? I am a newbie.
  Member 31.03.2021 6 69
Spitfire stuffs are amazing, thanks very much for this one
  Member 26.02.2022 3 31
Oh yeah, that's the stuff
Thanks Philos!!
  Resident 25.11.2015 1209
TTTYYY Phios! been wanting to try this one out for ages! if anyone hasn't checked it out, andy blaney's 'benny' using this lib is just amazing:

andy blaney - 'benny'

and really looking forward to any potential 'lite' version of this that might appear(we all know we can delete all but the close mics files anyway ;)
make music, not walls.
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1412
There are some nice sounds/instruments in this library but one thing that disappointed me was some of the mixed instruments - for example -
Trumpet and xylophone
It's a nice-sounding Trumpet, but you have a xylophone in the background. But there's no Trumpet on its own. I did turn down/off one of the mics which made it so you could hardly hear the xylophone, but it had an effect on the Trumpet sound a bit too.
  Resident 13.08.2020 5 157
If you felt so inclined, you could load the samples into a spectral editor and remove the xylophone frequencies. It would be a painstaking job, but it's possible.

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