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Samples » Kontakt
Spitfire Audio Kepler Orchestra KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 05 July 2022 | 37 GB
Discover your new secret weapon for writing cutting-edge film, TV and game scores. Kepler Orchestra makes it easy to evoke movement, speed and atmosphere by creating interlocking orchestral rhythms – from simple to massively complex. Our new Systems Grid does the hard work for you, with repeated notes, doppler effects, swells and shards. Similarly, our Mercury Synth engine expands your sonic universe with warped and space-inspired sounds.

Recorded at AIR Studio One and featuring a chamber-sized orchestra, Kepler Orchestra is inspired by the great American systems composers of the late 20th century: Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams.

A full orchestra made up of 40 strings, 13 woodwinds and 19 brass, recorded as separate ensembles in the crisp, vibrant acoustic of Studio One at the legendary Air Lyndhurst, where we recorded our popular Bernard Herrmann and Studio Orchestra libraries. All 54 of our unique articulations and playing styles, many never before sampled, have been orchestrated by Ben Foskett, produced by Harry Wilson and expertly recorded by renowned engineer Fiona Cruickshank through the famous custom Neve console via legendary Montserrat preamps. With multiple microphone positions (Close, Ambient, Mid & Wide), a Full Mix option created by Fiona Cruickshank, the library is presented in our sophisticated Systems Grid, giving you ultimate controllability and endless inspiration. We have also created 259 Snapshots — a wide selection of starting points with pre-programmed rhythms and sounds that work instantly, for that extra element of surprise and inspiration. Both detailed and epic, and designed to work perfectly alongside our existing orchestral ranges, Kepler Orchestra is for anyone exploring the cutting edge of modern orchestration, looking to create sophisticated scores for film, TV and games.

Works with the NI Kontakt v6.7.0 or higher!

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  Resident 14.08.2012 2 427
Thank you AudioZ
  Contributor 3.05.2011 609 4024
the Comment has been Removed
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1971
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.11.2015 1077
the Comment has been Removed
make music, not walls.
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.01.2019 16 1285
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 18.01.2014 3 547
Thank you very much!
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1610
Just as a warning, this is a real CPU hog and from what I remember it also has a few bugs that were never fixed
  Resident 29.09.2012 5 1010
Waw, I really love these kind of evolving orchestra libraries, thanks a lot
Dream Trance
  Resident 12.11.2014 7 286
Always grateful for SF!
  Member 15.07.2020 12 179
Appreciate whoever brings this in Lite version thanking you in advance!
  Resident 23.02.2014 26 218
Agreed, those are the best
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
Something is wrong,in 6.7.1 Kontakt complains about a missing sample and the dialogue box comes up when switching Warped presets, same trying to batch resave
  Member 11.04.2019 1 133
Not all but some
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
quote by BllyboyNot all but some

Thanks, I guess there's no fix unfortunately, I'll have to delete this one,
  Member 11.04.2019 1 133
Majority of the library works fine, deleting is a tad extreme, but 37gigs is a lot if you're not totally happy I suppose
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
All of it works now 100% thanks to the suggestion by juxtaphon. No more errors.
  Member 19.06.2022 1
I looked into this and found that following these directions made the error go away, but if you look under wrench->insert fx->convolve it still doesn't actually load the IR file.

If you manually point it at Kepler_2018_10_22.nkr in the library's samples folder you it will load the IR and you can hear a lot more echo when the convolution is enabled.
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
interesting and now my ocd is triggered again, thanks for sharing that info.
  Member 29.08.2019 12 161
extracting the latest libraries for the kontakt platform. Then only the libraries with dedicated plugin will remain. THANK YOUU ArkhiZ
Support my Mediafire and MEGA links by creating an account with my invite link:
  Member 27.07.2021 18
HEADS UP. This library is a massive CPU hog because of the engine, not the sample size... But it has some very unique patches. I bounce the sounds I like to disc, then disable that instance of Kontakt. DO NOT leave instances of Kepler active unless you have a powerhouse multiprocessor. And then still maybe disable it anyway!

This and Albion Solstice are two libraries I already regretted buying before they showed up here. Now I reaaaaaaally regret those purchases. A million thank you's to the providers who help us to try before we buy!!!! Hope these make it to other sites before England takes them down.
  Member 6.09.2021 58
  Member 2.11.2021 123
what a great share man! Thanks so much
  Resident 12.11.2009 4 85
Wow!, Amazing!!
Keep On Grooving!!
  Member 27.02.2014 3 190
Katfile is ok !
When everyone thinks the same thing, no one is thinking anymore !
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
am I the only one who actually used it?

** Kontakt complains about missing samples and the dialogue box comes up when switching Warped presets same trying to batch resave
  Member 1.07.2022 3 5
Yes, Batch re-save can be solved.
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
quote by ArkhiZYes, Batch re-save can be solved.

Hi, you are able to go through the first 10 presets in the Warped category without seeing an error?
  Resident 26.11.2015 1077
only the warped presets 05, 09 and 10 complain about a missing impulse response "Old Jet Concrete.wav" but this is easily fixed by ticking the "allow alternative file types" box and then browsing for the sample folder
make music, not walls.
  Resident 18.08.2018 385
quote by juxtaphononly the warped presets 05, 09 and 10 complain about a missing impulse response "Old Jet Concrete.wav" but this is easily fixed by ticking the "allow alternative file types" box and then browsing for the sample folder

I love you. Thank you.

I did that and chose to keep the current folder selection then batch resaved, that worked, no more complaints from Kontakt.
My O.C.D appreciates you.

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