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Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A is the official continuation of the Berlin Woodwinds main library (although you can own the expansion without having the full Berlin Woodwinds library!). You will get three wonderful, deep-sampled instruments to extend your current woodwind collection with some new colours: Contra Bassoon, Bass Clarinet and Eb Clarinet.

Everything is recorded at the same stage, the Teldex Studio in Berlin with top musicians from the renowned orchestras there.

Berlin Woodwinds has True Legato (interval sampling) for all instruments and sections! To achieve the highest level of realism and detail, we have recorded every interval up to an octave. That means you will hear the natural transitions from one note to another. Every true legato patch is sampled with three dynamic layers!

Add key noises
We have recorded the instruments' key noises of every note. You can add the key noises to your legato playing with a dedicated knob on the BWW GUI.

- Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage
- Bass Clarinet
- Eb Clarinet
- Contra Bassoon
- True Legato for all 3 instruments
- Improved Legato Script
- Real Double and Triple Tongue
- Powerful 8 way RR Staccatos
- 13,4 GB of samples (7 GB compressed)
- 24Bit / 48KHz Patches

IMPORTANT: You need the Kontakt 5.5.1 full version sampler to run this library!

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  Member 8.11.2018 27
Can you delete the previous version or you have to keep them both?
  Releaser 22.10.2007 594 256
that's not a previous version - these are different products
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1151
First of all thank you very much!!

Second, I think what he meant was this 2013 rlease

and regarding the other (new/fresh) OT release this one here from 2015

And I am pretty sure (at least regarding the size) that this new version replaces the "old" one.
  Releaser 22.10.2007 594 256
v2.0 was released 3 months after that post - in may 2015. And after another one year in april-june 2016 was released this v2.1 (last update - capsule to v2.5).
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1151
I didn't say anything to the contrary. ;) I thought that you thought that "Maoky" (first post) confused EXP A with EXP C which were both released here today by you.

The new releases from today are both new(er) versions of the 2013 (EXP A) and 2015 (EXP C).

The older versions can be replaced by those new ones you released today.

The newest version (v.2.5) of EXP C was not released (here) yet.

  Member 16.02.2019 7
There is no v2.5 os Berlin Woodwinds Exp C.
2.5 is the capsule version.
2.1 is the actual instruments version
  Member 28.10.2015 204
So simply overwrite files if required.
  Member 16.02.2019 7
Thank you very much Talula.
Long awaited update.

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